Workshops & Special Events

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2019 Workshops & Love X Talks Registration

Want to be a Love X Presenter? Or teach a workshop, yoga class, dance, breathe works or other skill to the community?
  • Do you want to be part of Love X Talks or is your presentation a separate experience. Love X Talks are 3 to 18 minute long speeches or 1-5 minute long performances in the workshop tent. They may be filmed and aired post-event for community growth.
  • Who is coordinating the workshop? (Self, Theme Camp, other) Specify.
  • Contact info for workshop organizer
  • Tell us about your presentation so we can tell the community! Want to teach a workshop, yoga class, party, music lessons, massage instruction, art class, food offering or breathe works? Or do you want to do a special performance? What's it called?
  • Describe your workshop or special event for entry in Event Guide. Tell us about the total experience in 1 to 3 sentences.
  • Tell us about the teacher or Theme Camp leading event. Short description for event guide. Any web links?
  • Anything special students or participants should know? Do they need to bring a yoga mat, pencil, etc? Are they required to bring something, wear something, etc?
  • What day/time do you plan to host your workshop? Or do you want to be scheduled by the Love X Talks?
  • Where does the presenter come from?
  • As a volunteer-run event, tickets are used to pay for all event infrastructure, venue, and much more. EVERYONE volunteers and everyone is required to get a ticket to The Love Burn before the event (and before they are sold out). Advanced registration and tickets are required to attend or volunteer at The Love Burn.