Workshops & Special Events

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2018 Workshops & Love X Talks Registration

Want to be a Love X Presenter? Or teach a workshop, yoga class, dance, breathe works or other skill to the community?
  • Do you want to be part of Love X Talks or is your presentation a separate experience. Love X Talks are 3 to 18 minute long speeches or 1-5 minute long performances in the workshop tent. They may be filmed and aired post-event for community growth.
  • Who is coordinating the workshop? (Self, Theme Camp, other) Specify.
  • Contact info for workshop organizer
  • Want to teach a workshop, yoga class, party, music lessons, massage instruction, art class, food offering or breathe works? Or do you want to do a special performance? What's it called?
  • Tell us about the total experience in 1 to 3 sentences.
  • Are they required to bring something, wear something, etc?
  • As a volunteer-run event, tickets are used to pay for all event infrastructure, venue, and much more. EVERYONE volunteers and everyone is required to get a ticket to The Love Burn before the event (and before they are sold out). Advanced registration and tickets are required to attend or volunteer at The Love Burn. Tickets available at