We reviewed 243+ Art Proposals!

We GRANTED 145 Projects!

Love Burn 2023 Art Submissions are now CLOSED!

In 2020, we received more than 140 amazing proposals and granted 84 projects for Love Burn 2020.

In 2022, we received 185+ art project proposals!!!!

For 2023, we have already received 243+ proposals! We granted 145 Projects!

Art awards will be trickling out after the committee starts reviewing submissions.

Deadline to Apply was November 30, 2022.

All Art Proposals were emailed a response from December 4-6 from theloveburn.com

Let’s create even more art and magic for February 16-20, 2023!

Art Proposals are Now Closed.

Deadline to Apply was November 30, 2022.

Questions: Email Art@TheLoveBurn.com

Love Burn IS Scheduled for

Thursday to Sunday

February 16-19, 2023

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