Survival Guide

Ready for an amazing camping event with a community of amazing creators and doers?

Love Burn is ready for you. Here is the shortest info section we could prepare for you.

We apologize for errors, omissions or confusion causing items.

NOTE: Love Burn Rangers wear Tie Dye Blue shirts. Rendering took too long to edit this yet again. :-)

Below is a list of important reminders and a short “PACK IT” list of essential items you might need for the ultimate Love Burn experience.  

While these lists are in no way exhaustive, or tailored to your specific needs, you may find them handy to use as general guidelines for what to pack and not forget!  Please excuse (enjoy) any sarcasm.  We are just trying to make this a little more fun.

Frequently Asked Questions???

Pretty please also read the FAQ on the website for the rest of your questions before you email, text, post or call us. Thanks and distant hugs. )*(

When Is It?

If you haven’t already; now is the time to request the time off!  You’ll be spending the weekend of Thursday to Sunday, February 15-18, 2024 at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park in Miami.  For driving directions and site-map visit

Tickets, Waiver & Identification

Yes, really, bring your legal ID and Printed Waiver.  Someone always forgets.  Pack it and take a picture of it with your phone. 

Actually take a picture of your ID and make it your phone Lock Screen (you'd be surprised how many phones we find that we could not return - we do not want your stuff). 

The ticket bar code should match your name and ID. If not, go to the ticket page where you bought your ticket to make changes before the event.


If bringing someone under the age of 18, the minor will need their ticket and Legal ID (copy of Birth Certificate preferred) reflecting you as their parent or legal guardian.

ONLY Zone 5, 6 and 11 are Clothing Optional.

Everywhere else is Clothing Required. We are still in a Public Park in a major City. Cover yourself.

Where Do I Go?

Start here....Set Your GPS

Pending a new update, Check In area:

1820 Arthur Lamb Road

Key Biscayne, FL 33149

United States (in case you get lost)

4020 Virginia Beach Dr, Miami, FL 33149, USA


Seriously, this event only happens because YOU VOLUNTEER for the actual event (not just your camp). Go now to and lets make it happen!



Personalize Your Items

Label any significant possessions (including BIKES, CAMERAS, BACKPACKS, jackets) with your name, phone number, email address, and for added perks, your camp location or staple, tape and/or pin a business card or paper with your information on it. 

We don't want your stuff. You want your stuff.   


What about My Transportation?

Bring a Bike.

Bikes, One Wheels, Roller Skates and Wheelchairs Welcome:

Decorated bicycles, one wheels, roller skates, skateboards, mobility scooters and wheelchairs are welcome.

There will be a limited bike share.

Those 50+ shared bikes cannot be locked, decorated or hidden. 

Art cars and golf cars with decorations welcome but MUST be registered in advance on the

Packing List


  • Bring something to sleep in: tent, camper or RV

  • Shade Structure for your group or theme camp

  • Tarp, optional for floor of tent or shade structure

  • Extra full-size tent stakes like rebar (not the little wussy ones, but giant, 9-inch nails with green plastic

    tabs - strong winds are common daily)

  • Mallet or hammer (for the tent stakes or rebar)

  • Bedding (foam pad/cot, pillows, sheets/blankets, air mattresses)

  • Blankets or sleeping bag; seriously

  • Extra sheets (packed in a sealed plastic bag in case your tent gets soaked)

  • Camp chairs

  • EARPLUGS or Ear Muffs (for visits to the dance camps, foam ones for sleeping)

  • Sleep mask (optional)



Event theme or your Theme Camp or anything fun (no nudity except in designated areas per park rules)

Clean underwear and extra socks (pack more than you think you need. It helps if you pack in a zipper style plastic baggie to keep them extra clean)

Swimwear (for wading in the ocean)

Warm coat - furry or otherwise (with your name in it somewhere, please!)

Rain Poncho (or jacket that’s good in the rain)

ONLY Zone 5, 6 and 11 are Clothing Optional. Only within Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.

No Public Intercourse. Personal interactions in your tent or private camp areas only please.


Cooler for your food and drinks

Water to drink, bring 1 gallon per day

Food to eat - shelf-stable food like nuts, snacks and things that do not need to be refrigerated last longer

Electrolytes (you are responsible for your hydration, drink water and try water with a dash of Sea Salt or Emergen-C packets or some athlete drinks in your cooler)

Reusable cup(s) for hot and cold drinksPlate and bowl -- the collapsible ones are great

Utensils - something like a metal spork if you don't want to to carry a lot

Can opener + bottle opener (wine opener)

Water bottles w/ carabiner to clip onto your clothes/backpack


Work gloves


Bug Repellant (serious mosquitoes, sand fleas and no-see-ums in Florida!)

Any product that treats itchy bug bites, seriously, if you are sweet, then bring some itch relief cream

BUG SPRAY (Repeat: bring bug spray and sunscreen)

Sunglasses (bring extra you will most likely lose, break, or decorate your pair at a theme camp)

Goggles: Sometimes it gets dusty. There has been little rain so dust is likely.

Hats (prevent sunburn and look cool)


Toilet Paper for the potty

Baby wipes (Clean up nice when you’re hot and sweaty and don’t want to take a shower or jump in the water. They make life so much nicer. Do not flush wipes to save the septic system.

Seriously, don’t flush wipes at home, they back up entire sewage systems.)

Trash and recycle bags (no one wants to step in garbage nonetheless sleep by it)

Paper towels (and a trash receptacle or bag to throw away said paper towel)

Handkerchiefs and washcloths (cleaning, wearing on your head, keeping you cool)

A soapy sponge in a Ziploc bag for dish-washing (again, your mom is not here to help or maybe she is, lucky you)

Toothbrush and hairbrush (if you have teeth and hair)

Extra towels (Don’t panic... and always bring a towel.

It might rain. tents leak. dry yourself off after swimming or a shower. you can put out a fire with a cotton one. Towels are great.)


Head lamps with batteries! (Newbies, take note. You will be wandering around at night in dark places. Don’t step in a hole or on a person. Visit Quartermaster if you need headlight batteries.)Light up wire - seriously, use EL Wire or LED lights to decorate your outfits. We cannot see you in the dark.Flashlight, light sources, tent light with batteries for digging through stuff in your tent


Portable ashtrays (altoids tin) or switch to an electronic cigarette or hookah stick, more environmentally friendly to the people around you.Batteries for devices (bring more than enough)Cell phone to stay connected with Event Guide Phone AppTent fan (battery-powered, keeps some air flowing)iPod/mp3 player & earbuds (sometimes you need to hear your own music to relax)


First-aid kit (bandages, asthma inhaler and other things - radical self reliance)Condoms, lube and whatever you hope to needVitamins and your medicine (we are not your mom or doctor)


CASH for ICE, small bills please!

Duct tape (or tape of your choice for life's little tears)

Pocket knife or scissors 

Plastic bins (work great for organizing your stuff, costumes, etc. and will keep your stuff dry in a likely rainstorm - this is Florida, enjoy some Liquid Sunshine)

Lighters (you may lose one or more)Little gifts for new friends

Blinky stuff (don't be a darkwad)

Basic tools (wrench, screwdrivers, scissors/shears - radical self reliance)

Outdoor-rated extension cord (to power things from distant generators)

Parasol/umbrella (fashion accessory doubles as portable shade for long walks)

Backpack/camelbak optional, it's not that huge of a venue, you really might just need a refillable cup.

And some other stuff, but I can't think of it right now. You make your list, okay?

Face Masks and PPE:

You are welcome to bring decorative masquerade masks, Safety face masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Gloves and Hand Sanitizer. As an event that celebrates Radical Self-Reliance, you are welcome to research and share your findings with others in a positive, communicative format that lets everyone know you care and are here to share and help. If you have fun ideas for masks and PPE, share them in our group.  The event will be following CDC, State and City guidelines at the time of the event for Large Outdoor Gatherings. 

Parents bringing their Children 🚸

Bring a legal form of ID for your child - copy of birth certificate, insurance card.Prepare to be with your under 18 child during the entire event by practicing Responsible Parenting.Join the Facebook event in @TheLoveBurn page for the Kids Activity SpaceFind friends in advance to join you and to share the parenting duties with you so you get much needed alone time with your baby maker.

Do not bring: 🐕‍🦺

Your pets (of any kind), with the exception of service dogs with proper paperwork.  The venue does not allow animals.

Lost More Than Your Mind?

Lost & Found 😞😁

If you LOST it:

Be sure to inform QuarterMasters Headquarters on your way leaving the event.  If your item(s) are unable to be located, then you will have to fill out a lost & found form.  We will try to list it on the Phone App, so notify someone asap. 

QuarterMaster Station will host a Lost and Found box. Items that are not picked up during the event, will be sorted and held by a volunteer for a reasonable amount of time. If you need an item shipped to you, you will have to pay postage and handling before it is sent to you.

If you FOUND it:

Be sure to bring any lost (or found) items to Quartermaster who will host a Lost and Found box; you may also give it to a Ranger on Duty.  Bring any found phones, coats, items, etc. to Quartermaster or give to a Ranger on Duty. Theme Camps will also have Lost and Found items.

Our Lost & Found Team Member will be collecting and bringing to Quartermaster HQ throughout the event. 


If your Theme Camp has collected Lost and Found Items, please bring them to Quartermaster or give them to the Lost and Found Team Member who will be picking up Found Items during the event to save you time.

Towed vehicles are moved to D-Lot and charged a towing fee.

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There are NO REFUNDS on tickets or parking passes for the Love Burn.

Questions, email volunteers

The volunteer email team responds on work days from 10am to 6pm EST.