The Principles

As a camping event for friends, we live by the following great principles of Burning Man and then some. As an event participant, you are upheld to hold the same principles listed below, at least during the time you are at the event.

If you choose to live by similar principles, you may learn like us and our amazing friends, that these principles make life more fun, more powerful and just more exciting in general. Bring what you have experienced to your local community.

Wait for it…

In case you do not know the principles and have a few minutes, watch Prosperity explain how The Love Burn encourages the principles of Burning Man at The Love Burn.

Please ignore the Dates and Theme in video. This was produced a few years back and we need to update it.

Love Burn IS Scheduled for

Thursday to Sunday

February 16-19, 2023

Watch Flashback Videos of Love Burn's in the Past:

We Love You!

As a Volunteer-Based event,Volunteering is Greatly Appreciated. 

We are so grateful to everyone volunteering in so many ways for our team of Rangers, Medic, ESD, DPW, FAPS, DMV, FART, Kitchen, Placement, Porto crew aka SHIT HEADS, LNT, Leave No Trace, Gate, Fire Perimeter and many more. 

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