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Guided by the Ten Principles of Burning Man, Love Burn actively protects the event and our community from exploitation and commodification, whether deliberate or accidental. The foundation of that protection is our policies for the use of intellectual property (“IP”) of the Love Burn as well as imagery from other Burning Man events. These policies have two objectives:

Defend the principle of Decommodification by limiting the use of photos and videos from the event, and of Love Burn and Burning Man’s most recognizable words, symbols, and designs.

Protect participants’ right to privacy, freedom of expression, and creative immediacy.

Our IP and image-use policies are described in detail in our Ticket Terms and Conditions. Both Love Burn and Burning Man use Copyright and Trademark law to support our community principles.

More Variations of the Love Burn Logo

Magnificent Mythical Menagerie Creatures

Illustrated by Mr. Scott Stewart

Magnificent Mythical Menagerie Creatures

Illustrated by Mr. Scott Stewart

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February 16-19, 2023 - Volunteers @

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