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Do I need a WAP?
Work Access Pass

Theme Camp Organizers and Artists

told us how many BUILDERS they had when they applied to bring a camp to Love Burn 2024.

If you are one of those builders,

then you as a builder do not need to get a Work Access Pass to arrive on Wednesday, February 14.

What if I am not a builder?

However, if you not one of those builders, you can arrive on Thursday, February 15th at General Entry.

Help Others Get Home

Pick your volunteer shifts now to help Placement, Shuttle, Check In, Gate, Wristband Checkpoints and more. Must have ticket to volunteer at

Ticket Questions, email

They respond on work days from 11am to 11pm EST.

Event Dates

FEBRUARY 15-18, 2024


No tickets sold at gate. No refunds.


Ticket Questions, email

They respond on work days from 11am to 11pm EST.

Ticket Prices

TICKETS: Ticket Price is $359.99 for all general rounds per person.

OMG Tickets will be priced based on number of tickets available. We currently expect OMG tickets to be $459.99 plus fees.

Artist Support Tickets: Please also look for Artist Tickets. These tickets directly supports an Artist's specific project.

Fees: Ticket price does not include tax, ticket processing, city ticket surcharge, and credit card fees. Ticket does NOT include parking.

Parking Passes


Cars: $95 plus tax and fees (in general sale)

Oversized Vehicles and RVs under 24 feet: $150*

Oversized Vehicles and RVs 25 to 39 feet: $250*

Oversized Vehicles and RVs longer than 40 feet: $350*

RVs, Moving Trucks and any large vehicle MUST apply to get access to an Oversized Vehicle pass at

*Parking Pass price does not include tax, ticket processing, surcharge, and credit card fees.

Ticket Sale Dates


Wed, October 25 at 3pm EST:

General Ticket Sales Round 1 Opens (1,000 tickets released)

Wed, November 22 at 3pm EST:

General Ticket Sales Round 2 Opens (500 tickets released)

Final Round, Wednesday, January 31 at 1pm EST:

(Remaining tickets from DTCs that were not redeemed will be released)




To TRANSFER an existing ticket:

Ticket Questions, email

They respond on work days from 11am to 11pm EST.


Ticket Transfers will happen only through the official ticket site. Check your ticket receipt for links and info.

Ticket transferrer will only receive back ticket price, not sales or fees.

Name Changes can be updated on the ticket by the ticket purchaser through the official ticket site.

More details will be on the ticketing site by clicking Transfer My Ticket. All details subject to change.


OMG Tickets will be priced based on number of tickets available.

We currently expect OMG tickets to be $459.99 plus fees.

Validating Artist Sponsor Tickets

How do we validate our ARTIST SPONSOR TICKETS on the official ticket page? Click here to find your artist.

Artist Sponsor Codes were released to approved Art Proposals via email with instructions.

Artist Sponsor codes were released as Art Proposals are approved.

Artist Codes must be redeemed on the official ticket site prior to the event week starting.

Each Code is good for 1 entry ticket only. Does not include parking pass.

DTC = Directed Theme Camp Tickets

Directed Theme Camp tickets were released via email notification to Registered Theme Camp Organizers.

Have your TCO check their email for Codes from

Each DTC Code is good to purchase 1 entry ticket only. Does not include parking pass.

Ticket Price for general tickets is $359.99 plus fees and tax.

RVs and Large Vehicles

Apply for access to an RV or Oversized Vehicle Pass.

The term RV equals any vehicle longer than a standard car, SUV, minivan or pickup truck. This includes Moving Vans, 18-wheelers, Car and Trailer Combo, Truck and Trailer Combo, and Recreational Vehicles.

READ ME: Ticketing Overview

Do You Really Have to Go To Love Burn?

There comes a point in time when you decide that you have no other choice but to venture to the Love Burn.

Perhaps you first heard about this magical island event in Miami years ago and are returning home or by chance, you just heard about it yesterday.

Either way, we cannot wait to welcome you home. But first, we are sure that you are curious about getting tickets to participate in the LOVE BURN 2024 Sparkle Galactica: A Space Opera.

So don your fabulous space helmet, adjust your reading spectacle, and get ready for some slightly dull but seemingly necessary rules and regulations.

We know, rules and regs are boring but we don’t want you showing up at the Sparkle Galactica only to be turned away by a snarky burner because you were unprepared.

FAQ image



First off, like any event that requires equipment, venue, insurance, portos, lights,

la dee da, et cetera, to run, there is a fee that buys you a ticket to attend, er we mean participate.


Let’s pause right there real quick… if you tell anyone who knows better that you are “attending “ a Burn, you will be

considered a true alien and not just someone simulating one.


The first suggestion we offer is to change your mindset. You will not “attend” a burn, but rather, you do “participate.” Doesn’t that just feel better.


You are now considering yourself to be (or soon be after you have your ticket in hand) an active participant who purchased, acquired or somehow earned a ticket to participate in this magical Love Burn 2024 Sparkle Galactica. And you will also actively volunteer for the event which is another great way of participating, making new friends and showing off your skill sets while helping everyone.


Love Burn is NOT a festival. Don’t call it that. You will ruffle the feathers of the veteran Burnalien who is ready to teach a young Burnalien a thing or two about semantics and the vast differences between a Burn and a festival. Got 20 minutes to read about it now? Nah, we didn’t think so. Just call it a burn, an event, a community gathering, the most amazing experience in the galaxy, or even a social experiment.


Do NOT expect to show up the week of the event and get a ticket at the gate. That does not happen. You will be turned away and told that we look forward to seeing you next year. Seriously, that is exactly what we tell the unprepared Burnalien who shows up without a ticket.

Refunds? Absolutely No Way - Don’t Even Ask

A fool asks a question that he already knows the answer to and expects a different response. But alas, there are not, will not and will never be…refunds. Don’t even ask. There are No Refunds. Repeat, there are No Refunds.


Neither Burning Man nor Black Rock City LLC is a producer or organizer of the event, and Burning Man Black Rock City LLC accept no liability arising out of or in connection with the event.


Please visit for complete information on the event.


Email with detailed question and your contact info.

Tickets Transfers, Pandemic, IDs and Responsibility


Sometimes, the universe says that there is no way to participate in the Love Burn. It has sadly happened to others and could happen to you. How do you deal with it if the ticket is not refundable? Finally, a great question. We have been waiting for one of those from you. Your amazing, magical, nearly impossible to get Love Burn ticket is Transferrable!

How do I TRANSFER My Ticket?

Ticket transfers are easy. They are processed through an official ticket transfer company that has processed ticket transfers for events all over the world. This is the only path to safely transfer your ticket to another amazing participant.

The link will be on your ticket so don’t ask how here. You are here to buy a ticket not transfer one cause life throws a sour lemon in your plans the week before the event.

What About The PANDEMIC?

The world has been in a chaotic state for so long that we mask up if we choose and don’t if we want, unless you live somewhere other than Florida. In addition, the universe is being tossed around by a silly monkey who keeps us on our guard. So pandemic, pox or some crazy new funk that appears, we will be following those aliens at the CDC for guidance and regulations, however outlandish they may seem.

Bring PROOF of Who You Are

Once you finally have your ticket in hand and arrive at the gate to get in, you and your fellow compatriots will need to present a legal form of identification that states each astronaut or Burnalien’s legal name matching their signed waiver.

YOUR PLEDGE to Be Responsible for You

We are not babysitters. Neither are you. Each of us makes a personal choice to walk, meander, curtsy, roll, dance or crawl through the gates and accepts that all experiences, necessities, medicines, food, water, clothing, shelter, accidents, altercations, sunburns, dance moves, twerks, animal encounters, bug bites, fender benders, headaches, orgasms, and actions that arise are the responsibility of the individual and not the event.

Always ask for and get CONSENT

Thou Shalt Always Get CONSENT

What is consent? Before any action that involves another person, there is a moment where consent is requested. Whether you are offering a cup or tea or a booty call, you must ask for and get consent before pouring that cup of tea, taking a picture or tapping that you know what.


If you don’t know, you must assume the other party did not give consent. If they say no, it means no. If they say maybe, it means no. If they say nothing or stay quiet, it means no. If they are asleep, it means no. If they say yes and then change their mind, it means no. If they are too drunk or out of it to answer you in their clear mind, it means no.

Stay with me here, so when is a YES A YES?

If you ask for consent, and they say yes and mean it, then it is a yes. And you must get a yes every time. Never assume that because they wanted that cup of tea an hour ago, means they want another cup of tea now. Always ask first.

Thou Shalt Sign A WAIVER Accepting Responsibility for Thine Actions

Speaking of yeses. If you decide to participate in the Love Burn, you are giving us consent that you willingly will sign a long and detailed waiver written in relatively simple but extremely boring legalese.

What Happens If You Do Not Consent

If you decline or refuse to turn in a properly signed waiver, you waive your right to participate. In other words, you said no and no means no. If you do not consent, you cannot enter the event. Your ticket will not be refunded. See the section above about no refunds and transferring tickets.

I want to FLY…How Far Away is the AIRPORT?

I want to FLY…How Far Away is the AIRPORT?

Both the Miami (14 miles away) and Fort Lauderdale (30 miles away) airports are not that far away. Please do not rent a car just to get to the event from the airport, ask a friend, or take an Uber or Lyft. And no, there is not a horse and buggy or shuttle service available from the airport to the event. Practice Radical Self-Reliance.

Where is the WAIVER?

Where is the WAIVER?

Take a minute and read the waiver. We are asking your consent and you are willingly giving us your yes. Please take a moment or 20 now to read the waiver, you can read it right on the event website by clicking on Waiver. See how easy it is to ask for and get consent?

What About My RIDE?

What About My RIDE?

Bringing a vehicle requires purchasing a parking pass per vehicle. There are a limited number of car, RV and oversized RV passes due to space limitations and the fact that Magic Mike Live took a lot of the extra parking spaces we were hoping to reserve this year. Be proactive and collaborate with friends to carpool, ride share, split an RV rental, get a ticket to the aforementioned MML and/or Uber to the venue. Once you have access to a ticket, also purchase your vehicle pass. Please read the details on the FAQ page and do not ask us 100 questions about your vehicle pass or if you can sleep in your vehicle. Those answers are in the FAQ Survival Guide, another fun but long-winded read.

No Dogs, Pets, or Other Creatures Allowed

The venue does not allow people to bring in any animals.

So do not bring your horses, monkeys, lemurs, dogs, cats, rabbits, elephants or any pets to the venue.

Nature has provided more than enough animals for the venue to handle. You may happen upon raccoons, squirrels, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, crocodiles, birds, jellyfish and fish as you wander through the event. Try not to interact with any of these creatures. This is their home year round and we are the visitors.

Vending Information

Can I Vend or be Paid to Perform? No.

There is absolutely NO VENDING at this event. Anyone caught selling their wares or skills will be asked to leave the event immediately. This also means that there is no food, beer or overpriced anything for sale, so bring everything you need to survive well for the length of your stay. As stated before, this is not a festival. Miami has a plethora of vending events you are welcome to attend but we are not one of them.

Come Over Prepared...and Be Prepared To Take It Out With You

You must bring everything you need for the length of time you intend to stay. There is nothing for sale except ice, cause it can get hot and we like our drinks cold. Bring your own reusable cups and whatever you want to pour into them. There are no trash cans so hold onto your trash and bring reusable items. This is a Leave No Trace Event, so plan to take everything with you when you leave.

Want to Bring Art, Mutant Vehicle or a Theme Camp?

Tell us first, before you try to just bring it. Please register asap your Theme Camp, Art Car, Golf Cart, Flame Effect, Toy, and/or fantastic Art Project for approval and/or placement at

Essential Information

Memorize Thy 10 Principles

There will be a quiz. Seriously. Read, study and try to understand the 10 principles first established by the amazing and gone-but-not-forgotten Larry Harvey, the OG original founder of Burning Man. As Love Burn spawned from the seeds cultivated by Burning Man into its own Principle-abiding entity, so shall you consent to abide by those same principles when you pass through the sacred gates to enter the magical Sparkle Galactica: A Space Opera.

Many Shall Enter, Few Shall Leave Unchanged

The principles become part of life and carry onward into the default world. Read the 10 principles at

Can I Plug In?

Limited Power is provided throughout the event through generators. Bring your own outdoor extension and power cords to charge your phones and small devices. There are no RV hookups for power, water or poop of any kind so don’t ask.

Want to Bring Art, Mutant Vehicle or a Theme Camp?

Tell us first, before you try to just bring it. Please register asap your Theme Camp, Art Car, Golf Cart, Flame Effect, Toy, and/or fantastic Art Project for approval and/or placement at

All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2014-2024 Love Burn

There are NO REFUNDS on tickets or parking passes for the Love Burn.

Questions, email volunteers

The volunteer email team responds on work days from 10am to 6pm EST.