Contribute to the Arts

As a Volunteer-Run event with no vendors or sponsors, Love Burn covers costs by ticket sales and donations.

To bring big ART to the event, we need your support whether you will be at the event or supporting from afar.  Please make a donation, purchase the unique item we offer, donate supplies, or volunteer with an art building project at Makers Square.

Use the “Donate” link below send a donation in any amount from $1 to $10,000 or more. Thanks for supporting the arts! Questions, please contact

Your donations greatly help us bring more artists, varied music,pay for the expected and sometimes unexpected costs, and grow bigger and better.

Your donations have helped us to leave behind a Permanent Art Structure at the venue for year-round enjoyment and celebration of our principles.


Love Burn 2014 Effigy by Charlie Blackcat Smith

Love Burn 2014 Effigy by Charlie Blackcat Smith

Support The Love Burn by volunteering before and at the event.