Welcome to Love Burn Department of Mutant Vehicles

Our mission at the Love Burn Department of Mutant Vehicles is to foster artistic locomotion safely and responsibly.

We exist to support artists and builders who wish to drive their mutant vehicles and art cars around Virginia Key Beach Park during the burn, while considering the safety of our community and protecting the delicate environment we’re lucky to call “home.”

What is a Mutant Vehicle?


Mutant Vehicles and Art Cars are highly mutated, modified, or decorated vehicles that drive around the event and welcome participants to ride and/or interact.

Please note that unmutated vehicles are not permitted to drive around the event. This includes any golf carts or electric cycles that do not have human-powered pedals.

All Mutant Vehicles and Art Cars must pre-register with the Love Burn Department of Mutant Vehicles through this website and pass inspections at the event to receive a LBDMV tag.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: No on-site registration is permitted. Unregistered vehicles being driven during the event will be impounded for the duration of the event.

Please see the Love Burn DMV Info Guide if you are interested in bringing a Mutant Vehicle or Art Car to share with the community. 

What About Golf Carts?

GOLF CARTS: Golf carts must also be pre-registered with the LBDMV. No on-site registration is permitted.  

Most Golf Carts and Art Cars will not require a parking pass depending on the vehicle, its use and parking needs during the event, but both require a DMV tag to be mobile during the event. 

DELIVERY OF GOLF CARTS: If you are having a Golf Cart delivered, you or an authorized signer for your vehicle MUST be on-site to receive it. This does NOT allow preferred placement or early entry into the event. If you are not present, your delivery will be turned away.


Please note, you must have pre-registered your golf cart with the LBDMV before the January 15th deadline and the cart must be decorated, pass an inspection, and be given a tag from LBDMV on site before you are permitted to drive it around the event. 

What About Onewheels and Bikes?

ONEWHEELS: Any vehicles that are capable of exceeding 5MPH must adhere to the 5MPH speed limit, but we do not require Onewheels to obtain an LBDMV tag. 

BIKES: The venue is perfect for bicycles. It is flat and relatively easy to get around on 2 wheels. Please decorate, light up and lock your bike. An LBDMV tag is not required for bikes.

ELECTRIC BIKES: Any vehicles that are capable of exceeding 5MPH must adhere to the 5MPH speed limit, but we do not require most e-bikes to obtain an LBDMV tag. E-bikes must have human-powered pedals.  Electric cycles without human-powered pedals must be mutated and registered with LBDMV.

Read the DMV Guide ↓

Then Fill out the DMV Application


If you need assistance, please email our DMV Volunteers at dmv @ theloveburn.com

Love Burn IS Scheduled for

Thursday to Sunday

February 13-16, 2025

Miami, Florida


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