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Discount Ticket Updates (Please read)

Discount tickets will begin to be released in late November if not early December. Please do NOT message us with that question. We are a tiny team helping thousands of people journey to the event.

If you submitted your app below and it loads a sad face or "problem with Airtable", please do NOT submit 5 more times. We got your app. Relax, it's in the system. Airtable is having emotional support problems (hence the sad face) system-wide with their confirmation pages.

Please check your email after 5 minutes and search for an email with Love Burn in it. If you received a confirmation email then we got your form.

Please write your Theme Camp name or Open Camping in the question that asks for it.

Thanks, your tiny but strong admin team


Everyone Volunteering at least 4 hours enables us to create an amazing community experience together!

Love Burn's Mission:

To grow a happy, prosperous community that encourages small to large scale interactive art.  

  • Interactive: Can participants interact with the art?
  • Connect: Is there an active team willing to help create the art?
  • Inspire: Does the art offer innovative concepts inspires others?

Love Burn IS Scheduled for

Thursday to Sunday

February 16-19, 2023 - Volunteers @

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There are NO REFUNDS on tickets or parking passes for the Love Burn.