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Love Burn is Scheduled for

Thursday to Sunday

February 10-13, 2022

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Love Burn 2022 Event Theme:

Magnificent Mythical Menagerie

Love Burn 2022 Updates

What Theme Camps are planning to come to Love Burn 2022?

Brine Speakeasy at Love Burn 2020 - photo by Thomas Egan

Love Burn Art Updates

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The Jester

We Love You!

As a Volunteer-Based event, Volunteering is Greatly Appreciated. 

We are so grateful to everyone volunteering in so many ways for our team of Rangers, Medic, ESD, DPW, FAPS, DMV, FART, Kitchen, Placement, Porto crew aka Shitheads, LNT, Leave No Trace, Gate, Fire Perimeter and many more. 

Volunteer Spotlight

Thanks Shuttle Team!

Love Burn 2020 needed lots of shuttles to get people closer to their home away from home.

An amazing volunteer stepped up to run, organize and shuttle around the shuttle drivers.

It was not easy...

but she made it happen.

Thank you all for volunteering!


New Record: 175 Art Proposals Received!!!

Over the years, Love Burn has celebrated art of all shapes, sizes, styles and regions of the world. Our Community seeks art that fulfills our Mission to grow a happy, prosperous community that encourages interactive art.  

Please submit whether you need funding and/or Placement.

  • Interactive: Can participants interact with the art?
  • Connect: Is there an active team willing to help create the art?
  • Inspire: Does the art offer innovative concepts inspires others?


This map is for the PAST Love Burn that happened in February 2020. 

Huge Thanks to countless hours this map was created by our Volunteer Placement Team. 

The map includes 140+ Theme Camps and 80+ Art Projects, among all the other layers of Portapotties, Fencing, Roads, and much, much more. 

It was a pleasure to welcome you all home in 2020.

Safety First


The event will be following CDC, State and City guidelines at the time of the event for Large Outdoor Gatherings. Rules are constantly changing at all these levels and there is no way for our volunteers or volunteer organizers to have a clear requirement at this moment since it may violate, be in accordance with or change with future rules from the city, state or CDC level including showing vaccine cards, bringing recent test results or taking rapid tests on site.

As an event that celebrates Radical Self-Reliance, you are welcome to research and share your findings with others in a positive, communicative format that lets everyone know you care and are here to share and help. If you have fun ideas for masks and PPE, share them in our group.

We want everyone to stay as safe and healthy as possible. Masks and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are encouraged at all times. With the fun animal theme of the Magnificent Mythical Menagerie, get creative with your costumes and masks.

Ticket Tiers

All details subject to change. No refunds.

Camping Event is planned for 4 days from Thursday, February 10th through Sunday, February 13, 2022. Final Exodus, Monday, February 14th at 2pm.


Tickets are transferrable to another amazing person up to 7 days before the event starts. If for any reason the event does not happen, tickets will automatically be transferred to the future event. No refunds.

What Does "Love Burn" Mean To You...?

Love Burn was founded as camping event for friends to grow a happy, prosperous community that encourages interactive art. 

Over the years, The Love Burn has grown from a small group to more than 4,000 builders, creators, artists, doers, musicians and friends. We gather together annually on the beautiful island in Miami to grow, share, learn, be, and celebrate the possibilities of life, art, music and love.

< < < Please share what Love Burn means to you on our Community Page or submit it to our Newsletter Volunteer Team. Submit here or on Facebook, Instagram or your favorite social media. Please #loveburn. 

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There are NO REFUNDS on tickets or parking passes for the Love Burn.