❤️‍🔥 Love Burn is coming February 16-19, 2023

"What is the Carnavale: Masquerade of Fools?" you ask.

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As a Volunteer-Based event, Volunteering is Greatly Appreciated. 

All volunteers must have ticket in hand before selecting volunteer shifts.

We are so grateful to everyone volunteering in so many ways for our team of Rangers, Medic, ESD, DPW, FAPS, DMV, FART, Kitchen, Placement, Porto crew aka Shitheads, LNT, Leave No Trace, Gate, Fire Perimeter and many more. 


Over the years, Love Burn has celebrated art of all shapes, sizes, styles and regions of the world. Our Community seeks art that fulfills our Mission to grow a happy, prosperous community that encourages interactive art.  

  • Interactive: Can participants interact with the art?
  • Connect: Is there an active team willing to help create the art?
  • Inspire: Does the art offer innovative concepts inspires others?

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Tell everyone coming to Love Burn about your fun workshops, events and music.

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