2019 Love Burn is almost here


We cannot wait to see you! You packed your bags, set your GPS, and are counting down the minutes…..

New entrance is on 1820 ARTHUR LAMB JR RD, MIAMI, FL 33149.

>>>>>>> SOLD OUT!!!! <<<<<<

Still looking for ticket? Search Facebook > Love Burn.
Some people had a change of plans and may have a ticket. Call Brown Paper Tickets at 800-838-3006 to verify the ticket holder’s name and transfer ticket to new name.

Parking passes are online until event starts at https://parking2019.bpt.me.

LOVE BURN APP IS NOW LIVE – Get your event guide.
on GOOGLE PLAY and Apple: Search for Love Burn 



VOLUNTEER SHIFTS ARE CLOSING: All volunteers MUST have a ticket.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com

Directions – NEW EVENT ENTRANCE!!!!

New entrance is on 1820 ARTHUR LAMB JR RD, MIAMI, FL 33149.

Gate has moved and this is where you will need to enter and be dropped off.  Keep this in mind, otherwise you will be going in circles or walking a very long distance!

Inform your Uber and/or Lyft driver that you are going to Virginia Key Beach Park BUT mention the entrance is on 1820 Arthur Lamb Jr Rd.   Arthur Lamb Rd is NOT well-marked.

Look for Love Burn Heart Signs and arrows.

Google Site Map

Directions     Gate Hours

Thank you for creating The Love Burn!

We are so thankful to each and every participant at The Love Burn.

2019 shows great promise with huge volunteer sign ups, art, theme camps and more. We cannot wait to see the amazing Art, Music, Costumes, Theme Camps and more you will bring. Love Burners bring their best, most innovative selves glowing with positive energy.  We cannot thank you enough for bringing everything you will bring to Historic Virginia Key Beach in Miami, Florida.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Love Burn Effigies. Photo by Karli Evans.

Love Burn Effigies. Photo by Karli Evans.


Yes, we made the news again and again. You, your art and your energy were shared with the world in a fun, positive way. Newspeople were taken on tours by our amazing host so they could see and hear what magic you brought without interfering with your event experience.


Featured in Miami New Times pre-event

The Love Burn Brings Burning Man to South Florida

“Narnia,” “The Temple of Love,” and “The Landing of the Mothership” are just some of the names of the utopias that will be constructed by the time the park opens for revelers this Friday night…. by Celia Almeida | January 22, 2018. Read more.

Miami New Times Article 2

Love Burn Brought Group Hugs, Raver Fashion, and Dinosaur Installations to Virginia Key

“The group hugs are the first clue there are definitely some genuine connections — whether artificially enhanced by touchy love drugs. Everywhere you turned, groups of people were hugging and lying in stoned cuddle puddles under fire-lit geodesic domes on the sands of Virginia Key Beach Park. Couples made out on the grass next to fire installations. Others raved beneath a jungle gym crafted for an adult dance party. Attendees dressed as those they wish to be in daily life — whether in animal costumes, rave-wear, or partially nude — creating a world where burning art installations takes precedence over the outside world…” by Celia Almeida | January 29, 2018.  Read more.

Miami New Times Mention #3 – Woo Hoo!

The Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend


The Love Burn, South Florida’s Burning Man, reigniting on Virginia Key

“The Love Burn, for the uninitiated, is South Florida’s version of the massive Burning Man arts festival that attracts revelers every August to the scorching desert of Black Rock City, Nev. Virginia Key won’t be nearly that blistering, but it will get hot: The Love Burn is three days of off-the-grid community fun, sun salutations, costumes, circus-like tents, performance art and parlor games.”  Read more.
by Phillip Valys | January 23, 2018

Now onto the office stuff:

The Census – Tell us what you think, spent, and could improve on.

Next Meeting: FAQ and Your input desired. Join us for the monthly Thursday night call at 7:30pm EST on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Details on bottom of this page.

Lost and Found Page

Our Official Facebook Page

Your Facebook Group (run by you and your Love Burn friends – no affiliation to Love Burn)

PICTURES on Facebook – Your media share page. Please email us your photos to volunteers@theloveburn.com with your name so we can properly credit you.

Pictures on website

Share Your Photos

Did you take some awesome photos? Please send them to us. Try to put your name on the file image so we can credit you when Burning Man or media ask to use your photos. Email us at volunteers@theloveburn.com

Check out photos by your friends on FB.  If you want a photo removed, please PM the poster directly then email volunteers@theloveburn.com. We are just volunteers with only so much time to mediate. 🙂

$how me the money!

Want to see where your ticket dollars went? If you sponsored an art project, then you got to see it, interact with it, play with it and take a hundred photos, but….if you bought a ticket, where did the money go?

The list is long and financials will be posted online soon. But just for reference, your ticket dollars went to venue rental, fencing, wristbands, gifts, porta-potties, bathroom cleaning, venue clean up, fire department, city permits, insurance, generators, propane, fuel, security, medical support, and much, much more. We tried to be frugal, but lots of little costs add up to one very large bill.  We could not have done it without your countless hours of volunteer work.


We love pictures. Please share your with us. Be sure to include your name so we can credit you.