Theme for 2025: Realms of the Underworld

Scheduled Dates for 2025: February 13-16, 2025

Wow, in February 2024: We journeyed to the edge of the galaxy to create and witness the ultimate intergalactic sparkly struggle between kinda-right and oh-so-wrong...

What side did you join when you entered Love Burn 2024?

Message from the Outer Intergalactic Federation

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where star systems weave their cosmic tapestry, the fate of the peaceful Planet VirKey hangs in the balance. A decree has resonated through the corridors of the Outer Intergalactic Federation, casting a dark shadow upon the idyllic home of the Burnalians. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants of Virkey, their celestial haven has been marked for a transformation both nefarious and disheartening.

The Outer Intergalactic Federation, facing the burgeoning crisis of waste and refuse accumulation across the galaxies, has decreed that Planet VirKey is to become a cosmic dumping ground, a repository for the discarded detritus of surrounding star systems.

Dr. Kwuantom, a notorious figure from the 11th Dimension, has been appointed to spearhead this planetary transformation. Accompanied by his ruthless Goon Squad, they will descend upon Planet Virkey with the ominous task of reshaping its serene landscapes into a desolate landfill.

The Burnalians, long-time custodians of their celestial abode, have received this grim news with hearts heavy as the celestial bodies that grace their skies. A chorus of dissent echoes through the crystalline canyons and verdant meadows, for they know the imminent threat that looms on the horizon. The Burnalians, deeply rooted in the principles of environmental stewardship and leave no trace, resist the notion of becoming a planetary wasteland.

Join The Resistance to save Planet VirKey!

Unyielding in their determination, the Burnalians gather in the sacred groves, kindling the fires of defiance against the impending cosmic upheaval. United in purpose under the leadership of Commander Wheenebular, they forge a pact to thwart the sinister designs of Dr. Kwuantom and his Goons. A celestial resistance takes shape, driven by the fervent desire to protect their homeland planet and preserve the sanctity and beauty of Planet Virkey.

As the stars shimmer overhead, the Burnalians prepare for the cosmic struggle that awaits.

Join the Sparkle Off on Friday night at the Burn Field. No glitter please.

The stage is set for an interstellar saga of resistance, a battle between the forces of preservation and the encroaching darkness that seeks to mar the celestial beauty of Planet Virkey. The fate of this peaceful world now rests in the hands of those who call it home, as they stand united against the impending cosmic desolation.

Who will triumph?

Who will perish?

Do you lift the seat at the porto, or do you sit down like a real Burnalian?

Find out the answers to all the questions at LOVE BURN 2024… 


Do not drink the Dr. Kwuantom's Hypnojuice!

Resistance is Vital!

Huge Gratitude to Wheener, Sef, Quantum and Dima Yastronaut for plotting zones and designing this intricate and beautiful map for Love Burn 2024!

Pick Your Side > Goons or Resistance?

Greeting Burnalians of Planet Virkey,

I have exciting news, the Outer Intergalactic Federation has chosen me to come to your primitive planet to bring you this amazing opportunity. This galactic wealth opportunity is of immense magnitude. We will be bringing jobs, a new currency, a bank order, guidance, and technology, to all of you savages because you are currently living in squalor.

You will all be accelerated, advanced and enhanced with minor chemical alterations.Your system in society will prosper, all of this comes at a small price, and we will get into those details later.Bringing you a new set of 10 principles so you no longer need those old ones from Queen Prosperteria. 

Welcome to the Goon Squad.

Dr. Kwuantom

Twisted Principles of The Goon Squad

1. Radical Celestial Class System

2. Radical Economic Cosmic Chaos

3. Interstellar Fashion Hierarchy

4. Radical Servitude Sherpas

5. Radical Universal Monoculture

6. Supreme Playa Power

7. Radical Technotronic Tyranny

8. Cosmic Meh-vironment

9. Radical Dictatorship of the Dance Floor

10. Planet as Playground

11. Consent

1. Radical Celestial Class System

Create a ranking of star systems, designating some as the hip VIP lounges and others as the porta-potty zones. After all, not every star deserves front-row status. Not every sparkle is a star.

2. Radical Economic Cosmic Chaos

Goons prioritize the accumulation of cosmic glitter over communal glitter baths. Remember, it's not about the love; it's about the sparkle. Get more, so that others have less. Givers need takers too. Taking is your gift to others.

3. Interstellar Fashion Hierarchy

Goons flaunt their most extravagant cosmic outfits to establish their dominance and online ordering abilities. Feathers and fur are so last supernova; embrace the latest in astral couture - captain's hats!

4. Radical Servitude Sherpas

Enlist lesser cosmic beings as your personal entourage. From black hole butlers to comet chauffeurs, make them work for your stardust. Remember it is plug-and-play, not plug-and-work.

5. Radical Universal Monoculture

Goons promote a singular aesthetic across the cosmos, eradicating diversity in favor of one interstellar trend to rule them all. You must be creative, but look online and copy so you don’t stand out. Conformity through the uniformity of creativity.

6. Supreme Playa Power

Embrace your divine right to control the cosmic dance floor. Imagine the universe is your personal DJ set and adjust the celestial beats at your whims. Who cares about noise levels and sleep of others, you are so important and your music is your celestial gift.

7. Radical Technotronic Tyranny

Utilize advanced tech to enforce your status as the ultimate cosmic party overlord. Publish your DJ schedule. Fight for placement. Goons are far more burnier than thou.

8. Cosmic Meh-vironment

Adopt a blasé attitude toward cosmic sustainability. Who cares if the intergalactic coral reefs are bleaching? You've got parties to attend! Someone else will pick it up. Not a Goon, that's for sure. Leave your trace all over the place. It is how we know you were here!

9. Radical Dictatorship of the Dance Floor

Deny celestial bodies and sentient beings their autonomous groove. After all, the universe exists for your perpetual party. As a DJ, do not look up and read the floor. These dancers are here for YOUR journey and YOUR set list.

10. Planet as Playground

Encourage the disposability of planets, transforming them into the ultimate theme camps or, when exhausted, the perfect ashtrays. Planet Virkey is not an Esplanade-level planet, so Goons are ready to trasha-form the planet.

11. Consent

Resistance is futile.

FAQ image

Dearest Burnalians,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you back to your home on beautiful Planet VirKey. We have worked for eons to cultivate this beautiful land and rescue the most rare creatures. We respect nature, our ever-growing community and keep it clean.

Unfortunately, we have recently received news from the Inner Outer Galactic Federation that the evil overlords want to turn Planet VirKey into a Trash Planet! We must stand up to the Goon Squad and not drink the Hypnotic Juice of the evil Dr. Kwuantom. 

Stand Up and Join The Resistance! Save Planet VirKey!

Join us in the Resistance Parade on Friday night. Meet on Burner Blvd. Look for the green Resistance flags. Get ready to dance, march and sparkle our way to victory in the Sparkle Off. Wear your light up apparel, dress in shiny holograms, and put on your dancing shoes. Please NO glitter.

Together, we can save Planet VirKey.

Love and Prosperity,

Queen Prosperteria

Principles of Planet VirKey’s Burnalians >> Join The Resistance

1. Cosmic Inclusion

All beings in the galaxy are welcome in our community. We embrace the stranger from distant worlds. No preconditions exist to join our galactic collective.

2. Intergalactic Gifting

We are devoted to acts of gift-giving across cosmic distances. Gifts are unconditional with no expectation of exchange or return.

3. Universal Decommodification

To preserve the spirit of gifting, we seek environments free from commercial transactions or advertising. We resist the substitution of consumption for participatory experience.

4. Stellar Self-Reliance

We encourage beings to discover and develop their inner strengths. Rely on your own inner resources on your journey through the cosmos.

5. Celestial Self-Expression

We celebrate the unique talents each being brings from their home world. Self-expression is a gift to be offered freely to others. Respect the rights and perspectives of those you encounter.

6. Galactic Cooperation

We value creative collaboration across the galaxies. We promote social networks, public spaces, art and communication that enables cooperation.

7. Cosmic Responsibility

We believe all beings must care for the welfare of the collective cosmic community. We conduct events lawfully and communicate civic duties.

8. Leaving No Cosmic Trace

We respect the environments of planets we visit. We leave no trace and endeavor to leave places better than we found them.

9. Universal Participation

We embrace a philosophy of radical participation. Personal transformation occurs through direct involvement. All are invited to work and play. We make the universe real through actions that open hearts.

10. Momentary Experience

Direct experience is extremely valuable. We seek to overcome barriers to recognizing our inner selves, others' realities, participation in society and contact with worlds beyond our capabilities. No abstract idea can replace personal experience.

11. Consent

Before any action that involves another person, there is a moment where consent is requested. Whether you are offering a cup or tea or a booty call, you must ask for and get consent before pouring that cup of tea, taking a picture or tapping that you know what.

Join The Resistance to save Planet VirKey from Dr. Kwuantom and his Goon Squad!

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What is Love Burn?

The Love Burn is an annual beachfront camping event developed by Burners for Burners hosted in South Florida.

We welcome creators from the United States and the World to expand the limits of imagination through Interactive Art.


Our mission is to grow a happy, prosperous community that encourages small to large-scale interactive art and music.


Our team is made up of amazing volunteers who contribute before, during and after the event.

Everyone is asked to VOLUNTEER at least 4 hours.

This is NOT a festival.

It is a community gathering of like-minded people.




Bring everything you need for camping the entire duration of your stay. That includes Reusable Cups, Food, Water, Costumes, Self-care items and everything YOU need.

Important Info

No Tickets Sold at Gate. No Refunds.

No Tickets Sold at Gate. No Refunds.

Official Wristbands are required for the Safety of you, the participants. Wristbands are for 1 person and non-transferable.

It takes more than 14,000 volunteer hours to run the event. Please pick your 4 hour shift now.

Love Burn 2023 Daily Recap Videos

We Love You!

As a Volunteer-Based event, Volunteering is Greatly Appreciated. 

All volunteers must have ticket in hand before selecting volunteer shifts.

We are so grateful to everyone volunteering in so many ways for our team of Rangers, Medic, ESD, DPW, FAPS, DMV, FART, Kitchen, Placement, Porto crew aka Shitheads, LNT, Leave No Trace, Gate, Fire Perimeter and many more. 


Over the years, Love Burn has celebrated art of all shapes, sizes, styles and regions of the world.

Our Community seeks art that fulfills our Mission to grow a happy, prosperous community that encourages interactive art.  

  • Interactive:
    Can participants interact with the art?

  • Connect: 
    Is there an active team willing to help create the art?

  • Inspire: 
    Does the art offer innovative concepts inspires others?

Love Burn™️

Love Burn IS Scheduled for

Thursday to Sunday

February 15-18, 2024

All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2014-2024 Love Burn

There are NO REFUNDS on tickets or parking passes for the Love Burn.

Ticket Questions, email

The ticket team responds on work days from 11am to 11pm EST.

Other Questions, email volunteers