2018 Theme…World’s Fair

THEME: The theme for The Love Burn 2018 is the World’s Fair, an imaginary reflection not of the world we live in, but rather the world we wish to live in. 

Official Event Dates: January 26 – 28, 2018

ROUND 1 TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE: http://loveburn2018.bpt.me

Parking passes will be available in November.

World fairs attempt to reflect the varied traditions and technological progress of the world, showcasing the very best with a grand and eloquent optimism. This year however, we are creating a new world, full of the exotic, strange, and weird.  Twisted customs and traditions from our fertile and deviant imaginations, eclectic fashions and headdresses, and delicious regional foods and drinks, all from the imagined locales, countries, and civilizations that encompass the World’s Fair at Love Burn.

We invite you to leave that “rational” world behind. We invite you to come to a world of our collective imaginations, a World’s Fair that encompasses the burner spirit of snark and mirth. Create the country you want to see in the world. Whole theme camps that imagine completely new traditions, fashions, and customs. Art that shows off the burner “optimism” for the future we all share as a community, no matter how bleak or foreboding it may be or seem. Every participant will receive a passport upon entry, to be used at various camps and art installations. Get a visa. Get exiled. Break that country’s laws. Enjoy their customs. Learn their language. Become a citizen. Be a tourist. The world is yours. Read more.

What is a Regional Burn? As much smaller versions of Burning Man, regional burns are creative experiments in community, with an emphasis on local artists, theme camps, and regional styles that reflect the region. These 100% volunteer-driven camping events are not festivals, but rather local gatherings of creative folks who seek a neighborly familiarity and intimacy with others that the larger-scale Burning Man may not provide. It is often reported that upon leaving Burning Man, participants feel possessed of a desire to make their year-round world feel more like life in Black Rock City. Through the Burning Man Regional Network and regional burns, these Burners can stay connected to the flame, and bring it into their local communities. Questions about Burning Man, visit www.BurningMan.org.

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