2017…was amazing!

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South Florida Insider: http://www.sflinsider.com/2017/02/04/love-burn/

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We had a huge amount of items returned to the gate or taken home by a friendly Love Burner who wanted to be proactive. 

If you’ve LOST something, please email volunteers@theloveburn.com. 
If you FOUND something, please email a picture of it to volunteers@theloveburn.com. 

People have reported that some of their items have gone missing. 

If you found something on the ground, especially during pack out, it belongs to someone else, please email us. MOOP clean up of items does not constitute ownership by the person who found it.  Please list it so we can find the owner.

THEME: The 2017 event theme was an homage to vintage 8-bit video and arcade games, plus classic board games, or your own invented games. No more quarters! You are inside the game!!

2017 Venue Map Draft Below

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Play around with your mouse in this 360 degree video or mobile device.

The Love Burn 2016 and 2017 were a fantastic success. Moments were shared. Memories were made. Countless pictures were taken.

The Love Burn 2016 first donation to Permanent Art Garden

The Love Burn 2016 first donation to Permanent Art Garden

Love Burn is an Official Burning Man Regional Event.

We’re on the Burning Man website.
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Once: We made the News in New Times!
Twice: Best Art Event of 2014
Thrice: Love Burn Organizers Return

Sun Sentinel Photo Article on Feb 15, 2015

Sun Sentinel Photo Article on Feb 15, 2015

SUN SENTINEL: Photo Article

ART: The event showcases art installations, art cars, art, performances, and many great workshops. We are an artistic community.  The Historic Virginia Key Beach venue is open year round with great trails for walking or riding your bike around on this beautiful island. Details here.


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The Love Burn Beachfront Camping

The amazing South Florida’s Official Burning Man Regional beachfront camping event brought together an amazing group of participants.

Volunteers are amazing! www.LoveBurn.org/volunteer

Volunteers are amazing! www.LoveBurn.org/volunteer