Workshops 2019

Love Burn 2019 will have lots of great workshops, performances and dress up opportunities to explore. Please look at the list below or as we have discovered at most Burning Man events, you will discover amazing workshops on site.  These are all free workshops offered by participants as their gift to you.

Workshop submissions are also posted by Theme Camps. Please visit the Theme Camp page for their classes, performances and super fun events.  Theme Camp Updates and List

 Workshop Title Workshop Description Date/Time Presenter's Name About the teacher: Students should bring:
Beatles Absinthe Taboo Party

A party serving homemade absinthe

Thursday 6:00Heather Hatter

We'll teach you how to party, LOL - am i submitting this to the right place?

their own cup

Stand Next To Your Fire

An open mic event with fire that dances to your music! We will provide a guitar, a microphone, and inputs for your own instrument. Your sound will be piped through our speaker that is connected to a Ruben's Tube, which is a propane-filed tube with a series of small flames. As you sing/play, the flames will dance to your sounds. If you hit the right frequency, you may even see EQ curves being represented with the flames. Yay cymatics!

Saturday evening, around the same time as the pizza cook.Funk E. Munk

Funk E. Munk (aka Sachin Iceguy) is a musician and improvisor from Washington, D.C. He camps with his crew, the PiePedals, with their wood-fired pizza making hungry burners happy since 2013.

Come bring your songs and musical instruments. Instruments with output jacks will stimulate the fire better than those without, but don't let that stop you from singing your heart out!

Turkish Coffee with Turks

Wake up with some traditional Turkish coffee brewed with authentic love and served by authentic Turks at camp Pie Pedals. We will provide a cup.

Saturday, Jan 26 from 11am - 12 noonTurk

Pie Pedals is a collective of 15-20 kindred spirits who enjoy food, laughter, music, yoga, acro-yoga, and chilling. Primarily hailing from DC, we've been burning since 2012, and our mission is to serve delicious wood-fired pizza out of our two-oven setup at the most unexpected spacetimes. At the Big Burn (in BRC) our setup is portable, with the ovens usually on wheels and towed by bicycle. At regionals, the ovens remain stationary and are set up as an art installation in and of itself, even when not in use, and definitely a spectacle when pizza-making is in full swing.

A need for caffeine.

Be a Sexy Burner Model or Shoot Them!

Wanna be one of those SEXY BURNERS seen in all the juiciest photos? Wanna shoot sexy Burners? Models and photographers unite and join our SEXY BURNER PHOTO SAFARI! We'll gather at the effigy and walk the burn, sexy attire and cameras in tow. With consent, all photos will be shared afterwards.

Saturday Jan 26, 3:00pmKenny (K~Love) Reff

K~Love is a professional photographer and has been hosting the Sexy Burner Photo Safari on playa five years running. People love being sexy and silly, and our impromptu shoot brings out the best in all of us.

Be a model, a photographer or both! You don't need a major camera to have fun with this; phones work well too. Show up with your most sexy attire, your camera and a fun attitude.

Arting Workshop

Come join us for arting, daily from 11-4. We will be painting "neon-glow" sea creatures out of recycling to hang in our Octopuses Garden and creating Taboo wearable crowns out of coat hangers and upcycled materials.

Daily from 11-4Heather Hatter

Nicole Alcaro a Miami native. She is drawn to create in various forms. She started sewing at 16, learned lamp working at 20, worked as a prop assist, set decorator, prop maker and is a bit of a "Jane of all trades". Nicole became aware about recycling/upcycling plastics and glass. "I’m always looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle". She enjoys sharing how to create items from plastic and glass and teaching skills to others. One of her many goals is to have a plastic shredder, injection machine, compression machine and extrusion machine – "all of these would be tools to help break down all types of plastic and use them to make useful objects".

For those interested in learning more – check out this website:

Please bring your open heart and playful, creative spirit.

Feeling Divine Energy that You Are

Each and every one of us is made up of divine energy. Divine energy is the energy that makes up all life, the earth is made up of divine energy, our bodies, our soul, and when we tune in to this - that we are, we tune into the energy that heals. I am here to help inform others on how to tune into the divine energy that they are; without any effort, simply with the art of allowing.

Scheduled by the Love X TalksLemuria

I am that I am. I choose to be called Lemuria, and I have always had a natural awareness of, what some people call reiki, I see it as divine energy that I actually am. I am able to feel energy with any part of my body, but I use my hands as direct points of giving and receiving energy. I am able to pinpoint origins of pain, clear that point, and pour divine healing energy into it. I have had many different short term teachers in the past, but my greatest teacher is my own intuition and my connection to spirit.

Bring themselves! Where clothes that are comfortable. Just be authentic as you are. 🙂

Giving and Receiving

I am experienced in traveling with almost no money at all times. I have realized and found out that this world exists as a system of giving and receiving; every action we make creates a response no matter what. When we unconditionally and unselfishly give what we have we open ourselves up to receive what we need, when we unconditionally and unselfishly receive from people, the earth, or other forces, we open ourselves up to give more, this cycle is infinite.

Scheduled by the Love X TalksLemuria

I am that I am. I choose the name Lemuria because I remember existing during the time of Lemuria, which was one of the first civilizations on the planet. I choose to hold this name because every time I hear the world it reminds me of living in perfect harmony and purity with the animals, the earth, the plants, one another, and all. I know perfect harmony can exist on this planet at anytime, and it is up to the people to decide to create that into reality. Every action I make I do my best to create this world to be as Lemuria was, only it is bran new. I am only one so I can only do so much, but I know if I play my part and do the best I can it is enough. 🙂
My husband and I travel around the country together and apart. When we, or just me,travel money is always coming and going. I have a experienced multiple times where there has been no money, but a deep knowing of abundance! In this knowing of true abundance that comes from within I am always able to give what I have no matter what. When I choose to give what I have, even if I have nothing at the time, no money, no things, just the clothes on my back and the love emanating from without my heart, I am always provided for...always. What I choose to give is kindness to anyone.

Students may come with an open mind and an open heart. May they be dressed comfortably, and possible a pen and notebook and they enjoy writing information down. Truly may they just come as themselves 🙂

Intuitive Movemeant

Movement is the universal language and allows people to fully express themselves freely. Movement teaches us that art comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. In this workshop we will close our eyes and tune into our bodies and flow, meditate, dance! The workshop will begin with a meditation where we tune inwards and open the space for the body to receive the movement it truly needs/wants. We will then move through a yoga flow giving the opportunity to move freely in any poses that feels good in the body. The workshop ends with an intuitive dance where eyes are closed and I hold space for everyone to move however they wish in an open, judgement free space. Movement is my creative expression and it is my passion to be able to share this with everyone and hold space for for someone to tune in, tune out, let go, and M O V E.

This is such a beautiful workshop being able to watch people who aren't comfortable in their bodies-be completely vulnerable by opening up and moving into a space of confidence and self love. Movement inspires me more than anything, including dance, yoga, and flow arts. I love moving my body in nature, especially at the beach or surrounded by a canopy of trees deep in the woods. I also am deeply inspired by the Earth and all the herbs and plant medicine she provides.

Any!Kaleigh Duncan

Kaleigh is a 200RYT, movement teacher, herbalist, Reiki 1, and artist from Florida. She graduated from her 200hr YTT in July of 2016 and is currently in Herbal School at Traditions School of Herbal Studies. She teaches at local studios along with teaching workshops, yoga and movement classes at music festivals all over Florida.
She uses her ballet, yoga, holistic health, herbalism, and energy work background to facilitate a fluid and safe space for her students to let go and feel free in.

Themselves, yoga mat or blanket, open and fluid mind, and a smile!

Wire crowns

Using wire hangers and recycled and found materials, I will show you how to create a beautiful crown to adorn your head.

1/26 @ 2pmNicole Alcaro

This will be held at Shangrila's theme camp, inside the octopus' garden.

I love to sew, craft, sculpt and do lampworking. I love teaching these skills and seeing the creativity that others bring. I also enjoy showing ways we can reduce our impact by reusing plastic and finding ways to use alternative friendlier options.

Only your imagination


I want to teach a 75 min Vinyasa class with some Yin at the end. In my yoga flow, we will connect to the divine through our hearts and allow our physical practice to awaken and transfer energy throughout the body.

Preferably saturday morning around 10 to 12. or anytime that works.Andre

I am originally from Brazil. I have been teaching yoga for little over a year now and I would never imagine It would be something I make a career of. Teaching yoga aligns with my goal in life to spread love and be love. After some time teaching I came to the realization I am here to help other heals and connect to the divine within.

Here is a link to my yoga FB page & IG:
IG: Ohm_State_of_Mind

Thank you!

Yoga Mat and clogged chakras

Electric Orgasm

MEN! Did you know that you can orgasm without ejaculation? Let me share with you how you can activate your inner electricity and MAGNIFY your life.

25/7:20pmAladdin Khazravan

Aladdin Khazravan is a quick study, a human beyond his time. He's come here to awaken and transform the planet. You'll instantly be hypnotized by his magnetism, and you'll walk away with gifts from being in his presence.

Pen and paper

Tips For Better SEX

Details you want to know to have better sex with your partner! This is the Sex Education that was kept OUT of textbooks!

25/7pmAimee Lora

Aimee Lora is a Holistic Sexuality and Sexual Empowerment Educator & Healer. She has a wealth of wisdom to share from her 12 plus years steeped in the sex work industry.

Pen and Paper

Unleash The Power of Manifestation

Come with your wishes and let them be granted, by YOU. Learn practical and powerful tools to shift your life in Magical ways! Manifestation has never been so easy!

26/5pmAladdin Khazravan

Aladdin Khazravan has over 16 years of personal development, including 6 years with Tony Robbins, and a wealth of knowledge including: Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Access Consciousness, Communication, Public Speaking, Authentic Relating and so much more!

A yoga mat, pen and notebook.

Let's Talk About Sex

Let's Talk About Sex is a GAME with rules. We play for the purpose of creating conscious, healthy dialogue around sex, sexuality, and intimacy, allowing each individual to step into their fully empowered sexual self. This is a place to learn, grow, and heal.

26/2pmAimee Lora

Aimee Lora is a Holistic Sexuality and Sexual Empowerment Educator & Healer. She brings over a decade of deep sexuality and intimacy work to the public light with ease and grace. With a background in sexual trauma healing, she supports people to find their unique expression of sexual liberation.

Students should bring notebooks with pen and a yoga mat.

 Workshop Title Workshop Description Date/Time Presenter's Name About the teacher: Students should bring: