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 Theme Camp Name Lead Contact Name Phone Do you have a preferred Location? (beach, grass, near sound stage) Number of Expected Campers in your Theme Camp? What is the approximate area footprint you need for your theme camp, RVs and tents?
1001 Kandy KnightsAtlanis Wenkart(954) 551-8413I believe Glen already decided on the spot for our campAbout 15Surrounding the nomad tent area for the rvs
1111Kristi Bachan(954) 980-4527Beach2550ft x 40ft maybe
AbaloungeDanielle Cain(843) 513-3610Beach or grass. Would like the beach but am afraid it will be windy.10No RVs but may have Trailer or uhaul.
Area 51Sugar Kayne(404) 668-1156We really liked area where moksha was last year, or near the heart sculpture near water and bathrooms.20-30Can we get back to you on this? Large area
Bacon OasisAmy McGrotty(954) 347-1732Similar to last year , if possible. proximity to water for washing kitchen supplies and bathroom was very lovely. Oh just whatever you think. Close to water would be the best for cleaning and coffee that we serve with the bacon.8-10
Baroque n Bourgeoisie (Part of Versailles Village)Holly Hamel Delilah Gonzalez, Victoria Fitzgerald(404) 291-6871With Costume Cabana and Shangrila to form a Village. It would be really nice to have tree to hang our large crown canopy from.25We have 2 very large wedding gazebo tents 20x20, we will need space for 2-3 13x13 pop ups for crafts and featured activities, and a communal kitchen with 2-3 10x10 pop ups. This is just for the Baroque n Bourqeoisie part of the Village.
Big Kid Light ShowAni Gonzalez(786) 873-7134Near sound stage18x8 ft.
Big Puffy YellowDorne Pentes(704) 492-8514Grass...?20-3050 x 100? just guessing- not sure
Black Rock CIty Airbrush"Scorch" AKA Jim Chastain(913) 781-5356Open area with some shade, NOT near a sound camp as we like to talk and interact iwth our customers.840 feet by 40 feet for the entire camp
Boba's Best Spot Bar Registration CorrectedPaco Brown (and Justin Wiederman)(386) 589-5975Best Spot BEACH bar, please10ish25 x 25ish
Boba's Best Spot Beach Bar presents......Paco Brown(386) 589-5975One of 2 on the beach.10Um.....
Breakfast Club Detention CampJason Campbell(904) 708-9835We would love to be in the same spot as last year, adjacent to the burn field and stretching from the train tracks to the pavilion.30100' x 40' as follows: bar 20x20 road front, kitchen 20x20 roadfront, game zone 40x20, tent camping 20x80 behind bar kitchen and games, and 20x40 for RV. I can send the proposed camp map/layout if needed
Camp comaJosh Bishop(615) 587-5202Grass for the see saw540 by 40 for tents and such if the TennesSeeSaw is at camp will need a bigger spot and also parking spot for art car 6 feet by 15 feet . Also if I get the of to the races done will need a spot for that.
Camp Not BitterKara MacFarland(508) 525-7370Beach or Grass10-15100x120
Camp Pretty LightsCasey (Fear Less) Walker(904) 557-5050beach or grass122500 square feet
Camp Pretty LightsCasey Walker(904) 557-5050grass - flat ground needed for art146400 square feet
Camp Yacht RockElizabeth Walton(404) 808-9399NOT near sound stage, beach preferred930ft x 30 ft? maybe more is there is space?
Château de Versailles VillageJohn McNulty(954) 816-9191grass15020,000
Coffee Campsteffin griswoldGrass (I think)1040x60 (2 carports for lounge/coffee)
CymaticaJodi Darren(305) 494-5634Beach - already determined100Glen knows
CymaticaJodi Darren(305) 494-5634150
Daddy WARBUCKS Cigar LoungeRonal Taniwaki(310) 617-6917Grass830x60ft
Dusty TaintJohn McCray(704) 604-0630Grass6 to 850 X 20
EvilaireEric Vilaire(954) 822-1768Either6 to 8500sqft
f*ckfloridaSully Shipldiplson(727) 698-8725Beach30We will need at least 5 square miles. This is negotiable
F.A.P.S.Ian Loughlin(305) 542-9481next to Incendia16
Freaky TikiTyler Black(954) 860-2119wherever you think this is best served10-1550' x 150 i am quessing i don't have expertise in this ares please help me with this.
FrogLayla Bauder(503) 913-7522We need grass for our frogger game.101400 sq ft
Funaholics UnanimousCitron Arbel(704) 996-6222Where ever we can have large vehicles. If it can be in proximity to the beach that would be great as well, since one of our camp mates wants to dig a hot tub into the beach.35 for Funaholics, not sure about other groups yet. Could be between 60-100. Will know more in about a week.70-150' for the front of the house. Not sure about the camping needs yet.
Gold StarMichelle GonneringWith other DC camps20200
Gong TempleMichelle Angel(516) 542-1100near where i can set up The Gongs and also be parked close by as i can load and unload all of the gongs daily.?
GonzolandBen Rudnick(857) 919-5384Near Incendia Stage (I am also helping them)6-1050x50
Hair Ya GoAimee Celenza(954) 650-1233beach15not sure yet
Happy HealersAmy (Yma) Slay(786) 412-2344By the ocean, preferably with a nice smell (far enough from toilets)122000 SqT
Hellz MermaidzRebecca Wyatt(240) 439-9952BEACH (we're mermaids)12
Imaginary FriendsMichael Mooney(828) 216-8814beach3060x90
Journey to the PlanetsSefora Chavarria(305) 846-0425Grass1240' x 30'
Joygasm and the Slutty PaintbrushAndrea Johnson(786) 469-0036grass/shade/away from beach/away from sound camp (if you can)53,000 square feet
Kamp KarmaJames McCubbin(480) 465-1266Grass6-830x25
Kava KampDiane Lysogorski(561) 870-2249beach would be nice3300
Keeping it ClassyHolly Chimicles(754) 244-6230Yes. Down the path where the moon used to be in the trees (glen u know)8I dunno.. 60x60
LemonadeStefanie McNeeleu(813) 956-9079Would like to be near playground/train (and others with kids!!!)10-20 people, not sure yet50x50 minimum
Love and lightChris YEATTS(786) 246-8074no41000 sq
Love Burn Library & SalonLauren Christos(305) 332-4365beach, possibly cottage if available : )4not sure, ???
LOVE Coffee & ColoringEric Rocher(720) 255-9019Away from big sound camps please. We will have a small sound system but do not plan to run it loud or very late.6-8 All 8 of us have tickets but two of our group may not be able to make it. Still unknown.40'x40'
Luxia Lightopia Visual Sound CampMarina "Psyberpixie" Rao(786) 606-4052Green Pavilion - we need to hang a projector and use the floor for the Interactive games to work.6
Mad ScientistsSacha Panic(781) 786-1316Beach4+125sqft
Makers UnionMatt Trask(561) 789-249510between 50x50' and 60x60'
Mancala CampLisamichelle Buckley(310) 612-2334NOT near sound please!330ft x 30ft
Manifestiville eXperience: PresentvilleJeffery Ferguson(954) 909-1500Solved35Map updated
McNasty's Camp ExileEvelyn Villafana(561) 707-4993Grass630' x 30'
Miki Beach campDan ruiz(786) 766-9999no prefered2040 x 60
Mystic FamilyBritton/Mystic Cook(850) 774-6442Yes in the shade , we have elderly people in there 70s who requested the shade5-1050 by 50
Mystic FamilyMystic Britton Cook(850) 774-6442Away from sound stage trees grass7 1050 by 50
Oklahomies FreeRange DiscoPaula aka Fresh Happens(918) 694-8884Treeline by beach but we have some car campers so, wherever.18Rough estimate 80x80
PiePedalsDean Hively(607) 351-3196Hmm... grass perhaps, not near sound stage please.never more than 13-16. usually about that as a collective of DC burners35'x35' ish
PlaisanceAaron Parness(202) 465-2667Historic Green Pavilion where Camp Contact was located last year30-35150'x100
Polyamory and Sex Positive PlaygroundSarah Tingle(954) 646-4471Def not near sound stage. Would like to have a large tree in camp.15-20about 100 feet by 100 feet? never done this before so if that seems huge we can work with less!
RE-campDaniel WalkerBy dumpsters5-820x30
Reggae SharkJapa Volchok(978) 806-5530beach12100x200
Shambhala & Bass StationAnnie Eng(941) 448-0790I have submit proposed floor plans to prosperity. We need some open space as well as shaded areas for camping.40-50Please see my floor plan. Either 180X100 or 220X100, depending on shades
Shameless Sexytime SoireeBecky Rubright(813) 892-6909flat, grass, quieterapproximately 3020x30ft for the camp structure, approx. twice that for campers
Shangri La La VersailleslandHeather Helphrey(561) 537-0909We're part of Versailles Village252000 sq ft
spacebarBen Cannon(941) 822-2866grass, near trees.425x40
Spin RevolutionDorne Pentes(704) 492-8514Not sure--someplace flat where we can hoop!5-104500-6500 sf? If that's too much we can do with less.
TechnoCadeKevin Young(813) 760-7734Flat Ground - Esplanade2540x70
TetrUsPaulina Perepelkin(857) 285-1763Grass, not too close to sound stage, with an ocean view :)25Not sure...
The Landing PadLeslie Rogers(706) 254-8876Our set up will have a 50 x 50 tarp to be tied off to the tree line. We prefer a location that has large trees that can support a 50' x 50' tarp on one side. We will provide a trailer to tie off to on the other side as well as two free standing tents. Please be mindful we will have large sound so we ask that we not be placed too close to another large sound camp. We would like our music to be heard clearly.30 - 60 (~30 from Landing Pad, ~30 from Funaholics)~ 150 ' x 70'
The Tree of All Seeing EyesCami Carr(954) 579-0009We would like to select the same spot that we had last year when we were the tree have one son wins it is the grassy island sort of area between a road and the railroad track off of the main grassy area. We do need most of the island since we have Almost doubled our camper number from last burn4560 x 70
The Waking HeartsTao Zen(786) 805-8731grass1050' x 50' max
Tiger's Tea & Toast & SortuarySpike Okeefe(352) 672-1487Any Grassu area with lots of foot traffic15-2052'x52' includes infrastructure for sanctuary
Twilight TribeRobert Crawford(850) 661-4849grass5-71500-2000
UNDER THE SEAElizabeth Keith(340) 719-2733Beach - Beach - Creating a center courtyard, under a tent between 2-RVs6-Participants, , 2rvs, tent & decorated golf cart40x40
WarlocksStacey Pender (coppertop)(941) 447-0532close to lunacrats or fuck florida. We will have about 15 fire spinners so we should be close to open area and a fuel dump if possible. Many of our camp mates are part of lunacrats as well. so that would be ideal.20700sq ft
WülfpackJay Ross Barwick(407) 616-4581We cannot compete with the big sound camps, but also do not want to bother our neighbors. we would like to be on a major thruway or gathering area to share our music best... in DPW we trust6+, still collecting, but we will be small1200-1500 sq ft
Yacht ClubTerri Fisher(704) 579-1023BEACH! and also close to Orphan Endorphin1530x30
You are BeautifulRory Coyle(407) 312-1078Grass, preferably with trees3020x30 dome plus tents
You are BeautifulRory Coyle(407) 312-1078Grass, preferably with trees3020x30 dome plus tents
 Theme Camp Name Lead Contact Name Phone Do you have a preferred Location? (beach, grass, near sound stage) Number of Expected Campers in your Theme Camp? What is the approximate area footprint you need for your theme camp, RVs and tents?