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Submit Your Theme Camp to Love Burn 2023

Theme Camps are an important part of Love Burn's culture. These creative groups come together to offer an amazing experience.

We welcome theme camps and ask all participants to respect their offerings and treating them with kindness and respect.

When you visit a Theme Camp, they are welcoming you into their personal creations. Keep them clean, be respectful and try to play their games.

PLEASE READ: Airtable is having system glitches with their Form Confirmation Page. That is outside of our control. After you submit your form, please wait 2-5 minutes and check your email. If you received an email confirmation of your submission, then your form worked. Please DO NOT SUBMIT AGAIN. Thanks! Happy submitting.

Looking for Theme Camps that submitted to come to share their love at the past Love Burn 2022?

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Theme Camp Organizers (TCOs)

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You welcome everyone into your camp with fun and games. Your theme camp invites all ages to color, create, play and learn.

You like adventure. You are a grown up who like to believe in magic. You create adult-focused theme camp experiences.

Love Burn IS Scheduled for

Thursday to Sunday

February 16-19, 2023 - Volunteers @

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