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Bacon Oasis

Bacon Oasis is back from it's hiatus last year whilst providing bacon and love and money to people in Sonoma County, Ca. that lost their homes in the 2017 fires.
Bacon Oasis is back to randomly share sticky, sweet, spicy and delicious morsels of pork chakra with sticky, sweet, spicy and delicious Love Burners.

Fort LauderdaleBacon Oasis on FB
Banana Hammocks

Banana Hammocks is a chill space with a dash of craziness. Come lay out in of our many many hammocks while enjoying the views of Virginia Key. Enjoy some amazing music by our DJs or sip on some delicious cocktails from our Banana Bar.

MiamiBananaHammocksMiamiCamp Logo for Phone App and Website
Big Puffy Yellow

What began as a Burning Man Theme Camp in 2001 has grown into a collective of burners, artists, DJs, performers and general badasses who love all things Big, Puffy and Yellow!

Charlotte, Philladelphia & New York Logo for Phone App and Website
Breakfast Club Detention Camp

Breakfast Club Detention Camp brings together everyone, regardless of if they are a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, or a criminal, for breakfast and 80s tunes. It's the camp's 10th anniversary, so come by for a ton of special events, including Everybody's Birthday, The Caftan Showtunes Happy Hour, and the Yacht Rock Parade.

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Bureau of Misinformation: Island Beach

Organizer - Smiley Mark a/k/a Mark Capwell, have been for Love Burn multiple times and participated and volunteered at many South Florida Burner events, etc.

The Bureau of Misinformation has been to burning man 8 years now. We are normally at the 9 o'clock dial. Our South Florida branch which has been doing monthly events at Virginia Key since July at the Wedding Gazebo beach area where the Heart Art piece that was donated to the park. We like to set up this beach area with 4 beach canopies and 8 colorful parachute canopies, just like our monthly Island Beach Day parties. See photos and video below...

We will provide misinformation at our misinformation bar and provide on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday - yoga 10 am to noon and Day parties starting about noon to 6 pm. Live music/DJ, Painting/arts, 2 buffer massage areas and 4 double hammocks.

We already been practicing and participating in the same area about 6 times over about 6 months so setup and breakdown will be easier, and we do not need any power from the Love Burn power grid and do not need any financial assistance, etc. We would like to ask for 8 tickets for artists/dj's only. Thank you for your consideration.

South Florida & few out of State Logo for Phone App and Website
Burning Yacht Club

The Burning Yacht Club offers some tubes and rafts to use on the beach.

The main camp will be decked out like a ship wreck area with a Treasure Chest filled with items to give away. Bring treasures to share as well.

Step aboard our Art Car that is dressed up as a yatch, a.k.a. The Naughty Yachtie!

asheville NC Logo for Phone App and Website
Calamity & Co

Calamity & Co spends months on end creating hand made clothing, channeling Letters from the Universe, and creating unique artwork to gift to any and all at the burn. We make hand carved, block printed cards designed for each burn, hand painted postcards, psychedelic crochet clothing, and spirit animal guide artwork. Mornings are dedicated to rose ceremonies and singing, daytime to gifting our handmade wares, and evening to opening up our camp bar for delicious libations. We will have an open lounge space available for people to just chill out at, including 3 stand hammocks.

Sarasota / Orlando, FLN/A
Camp Confessions

Guilt! Secrets! Lies! Lust! Sins! Truth! Welcome to Camp Confessions - where people bare their souls and share taboos. Pick a “Confessions” card, write an anonymous letter for the World Famous Confessions Box, or step right up to the microphone and unburden yourself to our depraved listeners. Go deep. Go dark. Get real. Our (occasionally) nonjudgmental campers will welcome you with hooting, hollering and a jolly good time!

San Francisco, CAIn progress
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Coco Cabana

Tropical Caribbean Tribal ground discovered by the Cocoistas, on a mission to spread universal frequencies of multidimensional paradise!

Miami Logo for Phone App and Website

CYMATICA is a music and healing camp inspired by the science of SOUND. 2019 will be our 4th year that has built a platform for creative artists to build off of. We have artisan chefs with volunteers to provide three meals a day from Korean cuisine to Spanish infusion. You will never be disappointed in our succulent meals. Not to mention a 24 hour bar with all kinds of interesting cocktails from absinthe and quirky fun games. We are known for our music that includes Miki Beach starting at dawn all day to music at night that will be sure to put you on a journey.

MiamiCampCymaticaCamp Logo for Phone App and Website
Death ray taster tots

Death ray tater tots. Even manical desert islands villains enjoy a tasty snack cooked on their latest diabolical weapon of destruction....


Come get submerged in the depths of that unifying vibration known as sound. Plunge headfirst into deep beats that drench your soul and bubble up inside your spirit. --Come get down with us! Because everyone likes it deep.

FL & all over the countryOn FB: Deep Florida 2019 Love Burn Theme Camp
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Flying Carpet Camp

Flying Carpet Camp, providing mobile art, uv photobooth, lasers, beats, bubbles, and mobile cold and hot coffee and Chai since Love Burn began 6 years ago. No need to come to us, we'll come to you!

Chicago, IL and Winnepeg
Freaky Tiki

Ahoy! We are stranded on the Island of Cocklandia with the cannibal Freaky Tiki Tribe. Cocklandia is just off the coast of south Florida in the salty Semen Sea. The natives are restless and quite perverted! Thanks to the Tiki Gods for the frozen drinks! Freaky Tiki is also the home to a wonderful adult sexual amusement park we call The Seamans Seed. The Seamans Seed is a nonjudgmental place to hook up with that hot stranger you saw last night or meet someone new. You can also just bring your significant other for an exhibitionist romp.
The Freaks are known for their exiting tribal beats and endless parties. Come join our tribe and dance the days away!
We invite you to be stranded on our island and enjoy a cold frozen Margarita, tequila shot or other cold beverage at our Tiki Bar and to get to know the natives. Cocklandians seem to be a very friendly people and very uninhibited. Clothing is always optional, and morals are loose. Living here allows us to enjoy life on beautiful beaches under swaying palm trees away from the stress of mainland life.
Castaways on our island are invited to participate in our Cock Safari! Stop by the Cock Safari photo booth and have a classy portrait taken of your “junk” to be posted on the trophy wall at after the burn.

Fort lauderdale / New Orleans / NYC Logo for Phone App and Website
Kostume Kult

Kostume Kult is a Costume Camp! We will be open every day giving out Costumes to the public! we will have some sound in our area (but we are not a sound camp), and many KKers to interact with as we give away the entire kk experience.

we are friendly to burners of all ages! we are a 18 year old burning man camp, and for the past several years we have been placed on esplanade at the burn, but we have had essentially no presence at regionals, that many of our members attend. We are going to bring our magic with us!

New York. NYkostumekult.comCamp Logo for Phone App and Website

Our camp is returning from a very successful Love Burn last year. we are made up of mostly repeat with about 10 new burners. We have Burning Man contingent from South Florida, Boston and LA as well with numerous years.

Our camp is designed to have a go with the flow mentality. we will offer:
a Bar, a DJ, jiu jitsu mats and yoga mats, along with art and a comfy environment to sit and meet people.

we have a combination of tents and RVs and everyone makes some type of gift to give out to fellow love burners.

we have attended numerous pre-love burn meetings and are very excited about this year.

fort lauderdale and Miaminot yet

Enter the land of Manipu-Nation, where everything you seen can be interacted with in some way! Come paint the strange creature that turns its head to watch you as you walk past, and see it glow under UV light at night. Walk through the tunnel of lights to see where it leads. Spin the wheel of illusion and watch whatever object you look at next twist and distort in front of your eyes. Gaze at the retro reflector and see a bunch of eyes looking back at you. Watch as a 6 dimensional el-wire hypercube lights up one dimension at a time.

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Miki Beach Camp

Miki Beach Camp
Our Mission is Simple: To create a community that inspires the collaboration between house music lovers, DJs and local artists while celebrating the principles of Burning Man.
We will be bringing a well shaded area BBQ / paella and cold beverage to the Beach

NYC/MIAMImikimaumusic.comCamp Logo for Phone App and Website
Mystik Shadows presents Cylipso's Lair ~ Crafting and Tea

Cylipso the sea witch has brought crafty projects for you to make and delicious teas to drink.

Florida and beyondYesCamp Logo for Phone App and Website

Collection of colored burners and others from Miami, NYC, and the West Coast promoting diversity and fun at BM.

One Human Family

One Human Family its camp that will provide Iced or hot Cuban Coffe and we will have sound system where difrent Dj will perform !
We will have free Bracelits One Human Family and Stickers , most of the crew in this camp r experienced Sound Enginers and Bulders !

Key West , Macedonia , Israel
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Orgasmic Cove

The Orgasmic Cove (formerly known as the Country of Orgasm) will be a place to explore our favorite taboo: wild and infinite orgasms. Once again we will have our orgasm tracker, so cum by and tally your orgasms. We desire to far exceed last year's 674 tallied orgasms. Cum by and perform a sexy shadow dance, pick up a bottle of taboo lube, come to a variety of related skill shares. If you have a related skill share you would like to facilitate, we will have a lovely lounge area available. Come by and add yours to the schedule.

Asheville and Charlotte, NCno
San Escobar

San Escobar Info Kiosk with Turbosound/Funktion One system.
San Escobar is one big Treasure Island. Interactive games and island food for guests and participants.

Chicago, Miami Logo for Phone App and Website
Second Wind Pirate Cafe

Second wind cafe will fill that gap right after dinner time, but before party time. That special time when we all need a little pick me up before going out to battle a long night of partying.

Second Wind Cafe will provide coffee, 5-hour energy shots, energy drinks in a relaxing environment. We will be open to all revelers who want to prep for a long night of fiesta, but are not quite ready for the alcohol to begin.

New York City
Shangri-La'Octopuses Garden

We are creating a village.

Shangri-La'Octopuse's Garden will be joined by Shivered Timbers and Zentopia to create an amazing space.

Shivered Timbers is bringing "The Tempest" a life-sized shipwreck, and Shangri-La'Octopuses Garden, is bringing an underwater, black-light lounge and bar with theme-defined drinks and LIVE music (we need a quieter zone, we are not huge sound). Zentopia is bringing a large communal cuddle zone.

We are planning a Beatles Taboo theme party celebrating life "under the sea" including a yellow submarine.

We will have an art table to create underwater sea creatures made from recyclable trash and taboo crowns.

We need a 30 X 30 space for Shangri-LOctopus Garden, a 40 x 60 space for The Tempest and frontage road for an art car coming from Colorado (see photo for art car parking needs).

We have artists hand-drawing our 'logo' for stickers and are planning other theme-related shenanigans.

CAMPERS: We have 3 RVs, 2 pop ups, 2 truck campers, 5 SUV/van campers and 48 tents.

We need approximately 125 x 125 space for everything.

West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale & Colorado
Shitty Half-Century Theme Camp

This camp consists of the Shithead Volunteers, the crew that will support the toilets, porta-potties, and showers at Love Burn 2019.

Fort Lauderdale, Illinois, AustraliaNo
Sirens Salon

Sirens Salon is an oasis where you can get your body better! Made up of three sisters, veteran burners and virgins, we are always welcoming for total inclusion! We do facial treatments, body work and beautification for a lovely Burn experience. Last year we were just north of Center Camp and had a great time with every body!

Osprey and WPB; L.A.; Seattle; BaltimoreWe prefer to fly under the radarsirens.final_.small.pdf
Supertrogalisticfunkadelic dwellaz

Funkadelic cave dwellers that feed off lasers and fire! The rhythms of sound that sends frequencies to our bodies are essential to our survival. We encourage people to come out enjoy our way of life while sipping on our ritualistic exotic concoctions!

miamiNo website yet
The Flaming Conchs

We are from Key West and the Lower Keys and we love creativity, immediacy, radical self expression, inclusiveness, and a good party. Some of us make the annual migration to BRC and we camp there as "The Flaming Conchs". We are excited at the prospect of coming home twice a year and are excited about getting to know more South Florida Burners. We will be bringing some art, some fire dancing, and some Key West drinks and energy.

Key WestWorking on it.
Tree of Wants and Whims: An Elemental Faerie Experience

After being stranded on the Lost Island of Taboo your parched throat forces you off the sunshine baked sand into the lush greenery. You hear the laughter and voices of happy revelers and it leads you to a sparkling mystical tree covered in lanterns, charms, and the glow of faerie magick. Baubles drip from the tree filled with the homes of faeries who lend their power to grant the wishes of those who stumble upon their glittering home.

All around you in a circle are the six environments created by the elemental fae who protect this ageless arboreal wonder. Let them ensnare you and show you their ethereal world in tune with nature and lore.

Fort Lauderdale, Georgia, Germany, Brazil
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Unicorn Squad

Unicorn Squad is a world of sparkles and shiny soft magical things. We will be bringing a cozy cuddles space, unicorn treats, a squirting contest, and all the magical we can store.

Fort LauderdaleUnicornsquad
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