Theme Camp Updates and List

You rock!


 Theme Camp Name Camp Description Where is the majority of your camp coming from? City, state?

As part of the Kindness Rocks Project, we have painted many rocks each with a different flag of a current country in the world. We will be hiding these rocks all over Love Burn in hopes that the finder checks in at #loveburnrocks to claim the country they found! We will also have an interactive map at our theme camp to mark the found countries and for people to check which one they have.

sarasota, fl
(Boba's Best Spot Beach Bar presents).......Concordia

Boba's Best Spot Beach Bar


Welcome to Abalonia (think Atlantis under the water). Enjoy a drink with the Sea Odders (residents of Abalonia). Hang out in the Infamous Abbalounge (think Ariel's scene, but more DIsco Queen).
*Abalounge is a trap and release study*

Charleston SC
Aqua Funk by Mixed Elixir

Aqua Funk will introduce you to a beautiful undersea vision with a healthy amount of funk built in. Come visit our undersea dome, a blacklight paradise with ambient music and a chill vibe. We will have a sea area up front to come flow and relax. Drop in to see if the Hookah Den is open. We will be offering acoustic music as well our Aqua Boogie party Friday 8-11.

Jacksonville, FL

Camp Ballaria is representing the region of Greater Ballaria, which is a diverse area including the resort town of Ballchick, the region East Balls, as well as our recently formed collective of Balls South. While we only have a small representation attending the Loveburn, we are excited to share our love and appreciation of all things Baller. Culturally, we are Ball loving region of the world, with Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, Delawarian and Persian influences. We also like snails.

Join us, comrades, for regular ball appreciation activities. We will have a bar where you can partake in our national drink, Angry Balls. Feel like a true Baller when you visit our seat of power, the capital Sofa. You will be able to recognize our camp by our nationally colored white, green, & red balls hanging about.

Naz drave!

Banana Hammocks

A chill space for anyone and everyone to relax the beauty of Virginia Key. 12 hammocks to relax while you listen to great music and enjoy the view.

Banana themed party and obviously, our uniform will be speedos aka banana hammocks.

This camp is mainly made up LGBTQ+ individuals but our focus is radical inclusion no matter who or what you're attracted to : -)

Miami, FL
Baroque n Bourgeoisie

Bon Jour, Bitches! The Bourgeoisie are sailing on the Hi-Falutin Seas for Love Burn 2018. Enjoy our opulent nautical nonsense, where Marine Antionette will be splishing and splashing in splendor! Mermaids and Pirates, Ahoy! Partake in delightful drinks and refreshments at our High Tea and Parlour Bar, languish in the luxurious Nimbus Lounge... it's pure inflation elation! Primp your burn with a locally sourced, clam-made pearl necklace from the ladies of Baroque n Bourgeoisie! Oooh, la la!

Join our soirée, shenanigans, and decadence!

Paris-the city of LOVE, The Palace of Versailles, royalty, baroque, Rococo, fleur de lis, gilded fanfare, velvet, pearls, peacock feathers, roses, cupcakes, lace, and regalia! We will have live classical music, chandeliers, tasty treats, artsy installments, and an overall exquisite experience.

Viva la France!

Viva Baroque n Bourgeoisie!!!

I have added Glen, Prosperity, and Brian Weiner to our Alchemy Camp page to see our recent offering

Atlanta area, Central Florida
Beach Board Games, Beats and BBQ

This participatory camp invites you beachside to lounge in the sand, float in the surf, catch shade in our Village cabana, play games at the picnic tables, dance to the beats, and grill up at the big BBQ pit. Bring a board game, an instrument, music and something tasty to BBQ. We will co-create a shared experience built on sun, fun, food, frolic and friends.

Daytime vibes with music by DJs and live musicians, sprinkled with other performances from dawn til dusk. Join in Friday Fish Fry, Beach Blanket Bingo Brunch, Saturday Sunset Sing-a-Long, Sunday Bloody Mary Sunrise, and other shenanigans

NYC, Cali
Big Croc Encounters

Our camp will feature daily tours of the wild outback of Virginia Key where tourists will encounter ferocious iguanas and see wild "crocs" in their native habitat! We will also feature a "Croc Interaction Area" where the burner tourist can actually HOLD a CROC and get a photo!!! Our highly educational exhibit will explain the difference in a croc vs a Doc Marten as well as reptile and wildlife lore from Florida and Australia. No burners were harmed in the making of this theme camp!

Tampa Fl
Big Puffy Yellow, Zama & Camp Phuck It

Do you ever wonder, "What's with all of the yellow?" Are you inspired by the eternal
optimism of the golden glow? Do day drinking and House Music call to you? If you answered "maybe" to any of these questions, bring your ass on down to BPY for a meet and greet with Stuart!
What began as a Burning Man Theme Camp in 1999 has grown into a collective of burners, artists, DJs, performers and general bad asses who love all things Big, Puffy and Yellow! Along side, swimming the Caribbean Shores will be our sister camp Zama that started as a Transformus Theme Camp in 2004 and our brothers and sisters from Philadelphia, Camp Phuck It that began in 2012 as part of the infamous PEX Summer Festival.

Charlotte, NC
Bitcoin Camp

Bitcoin Camp seeks to celebrate Bitcoin, friendly trolling, and sarcastic snarkiness. We plan to bring multiple installations including a gallary of dank rare pepe art certified on the Blockchain, a station where people can wtite letters of support to incarcerated Bitcoin heros, giveaways of dank rare Bitcoin assets, a cool badass fire-pit for burning marshmallows, and maybe other stuff as we think of it.

Florida, Wisconsin, new York.
Breakfast Club Detention Camp

Could you describe the ruckus, sir? Those naughty kids who hang out in the back of the school bus have returned! Just like in everyone's favorite '80s teen movie, Breakfast Club Detention Camp proves that we are all brains, athletes, basket cases, princesses, and criminals. And that we really can all get along... over breakfast, mimosas, and 80s music!

Washington, DC
Burners Without Borders Florida

Burners Without Borders Florida is a chapter with a cause. From creating mobile response units for IRMA relief in the Florida Keys to supporting the efforts of the GrassRoots Alliance project to serve over 30,000 meals in Immokalee, Florida the 700-member (and growing) chapter has recently started a participatory theme camp at AfterBurn: Restoration, and has plans to continue into other regional events.

Lakeland, FL
Burning Yacht Club

Total space needed is 40x40
We bring a 20x30 stretch tent for our main area used to relax and get out of the sun.
Need space also for 20 tubes, some paddle boards, boat's. And other floating items.
We set up a gravity fed water fountain with spring water from Asheville NC area.
Late night snacks are common at the Burning Yacht Club!

Camp Cool Down

An Oasis of coolness. 3000 watts of it to be exact. We will be offering a place to cool off and relax during peak sun hours in the shade. Snowcones will help.

fort lauderdale
Camp Fucking Ridiculous

If you don't have a sense of humor, we recommend you book your travel plans elsewhere...
In the nation of Ridiculopolus, our fair President, Adventure Chicken, oversees the 24/7 shenanigans. If you enjoy giant inflatable fantasy creatures, trippy visuals and HOUSE MUSIC provided by DJ Walter White, you've found your tribe.

We will be offering citations for killjoys, dance parties and if the temperature dips, a onesie get-down. Citizens gather around the national fire pit to consume delicious food and happy pills.

So ask yourself, do you think you have what it takes...
to be totally fucking ridiculous?

St Petersberg, FL, Fort Lauderdale,FL and Atlanta GA
Camp Gold Star

What is Camp Gold Star? That's a fantastic question! Not one of those 'There's no such thing as a stupid question' questions. You picked a real winner. Gold Star!

Camp Gold Star exists to recognize you for your accomplishments. At Camp Gold Star, we know that inside that sparkle pony facade is a very special snowflake. And we've got everything you need to feed your body and your ego.

Stop by for your daily dose of over-enthusiastic personal adulation, participation certificates, trophies, hugs, and snark. After dark, enjoy tasty beverages, broth, TLC, and more awards, you entitled little shit!

Washington DC
Camp Meh de la Mer

We are a small camp of do-ers from Coastal Virginia. We build big, climbable art and dabble in fire, sound and lights.

We have a fire bar that serves Mehmosas, Bloody Mehrys, and mediocre home-brewed beer.

We create Mehdalas and lead guided Mehditations.

We think we're pretty Amehzing but the general consensus is that we're just 'Meh'.

Norfolk, VA
Camp Not Bitter

Camp Not Bitter offers a pit stop on your way to the sea. We will have a Sunscreen and Aloe Bar where you can serve yourself SPF 10 up to SPF 100. Morning visitor will also be offered Bacon and Mimosas!

Winter Park, FL
Costume Cabana

Costume Cabana is returning for its 4th year! A costume exchange that encourages gifting and creativity.
Bring your smile and we will dress you in a new fabulous costume for all your travels around the World's Fair! We encourage modifications, and will have a small area with sewing machines and crafting supplies.
Please bring any unwanted costumes and costume accessories to the Costume Cabana throughout the event. We will not be taking donations after Sunday morning.

Country of Orgasm

Welcome to the Country Of Orgasm. We are the keepers of the oceans fluid motions. Long ago we were called to this sacred spot in the universe to bring nourishing Moon Flower Medicine to awaken the senses and celebrate the flowing abundance our planet can have. Love filled the planet and The Goddesses radiating pleasure lasted 420 days of thundering squirting orgasms forming the oceans as we see them today! Dance and play in our secret shadow dancing space.
Our special offering to our Love Burn Lovers is sharing a vessel of Tantra Glide our country's special LOVE lube to amplify your pleasure. Be a part of our yearly "world's largest orgasm" on Saturday. Our country's tradition is to encourage everyone to have as many orgasms as possible on Saturday and send the energy out to heal the world. Imagine that healing energy!!
We will have a skillshare on Saturday beginning at 1:00. The men will gather together to share ideas on better orgasm for him and her, and the womyn will gather to share ideas. Afterwards, everyone will come together to share ideas, and then everyone will go to a place of their choice for creating the world's largest simultaneous orgasm. Please Cum bi and visit!

Asheville, NC
Cuddle Camp

Cuddle camp is a place where people can come to share space, feel free to give off positive energy and bond through cuddling!


For the World's Fair, we offer our Cymatic-Circus... a vibrant land of characters, costumes, drinks and experiences that are driven by the magic of sound. Explore our mood bar, pay homage at our altar, delight in our scrumptious sound, play in our carnival square and ride in our magical bus. We are Cymatica: driven by sound.

Miami, FL
Daddy WARBUCKS Cigar Lounge

Celebrate the heritage that is CUBA! Love Burn Citizens can choose from over (200) cigars, curated and gifted by Captain RON. The Lounge will also feature the "Swinging DICKS" bowling alley, where contestants knock down pins with dildos suspended in pantyhose worn over the head bank robber style.....
Each evening we'll say farewell to the sun with a "VIKING funeral" by burning a boat with a flame thrower!


Come get submerged in the depths of that unifying vibration known as sound. Plunge headfirst into deep beats that set your soul on fire. Come get down with us! Because everyone likes it deep.


Firenado 1.1 will be a 12 ft tall tempered glass encased fire vortex. It will demonstrate fires interaction with the world around us , while being harnessed for our vewing pleasures.

Tampa , Orlando
FoamNation (?)

Foamy Homies blast foam soap from a catwalk above as we dance ourselves clean. The Foam has appeared at Burning Man for 8 years now, under various names, most recently Refoamation and Transfoamation.

Foam Nation invites members to embrace their authenticity in their true skin, and engage with their inner child in a playful safe space promoting self-love, self-care, and care for the collective. Offering a high energy dance environment to dance yourselves dry!

Asheville, NC
Freaky Tiki

Welcome to the home of Freaky Tiki. We are located on the beautiful island nation of Cocklandia. Cocklandia is just off the coast of south Florida in the salty Semen Sea. Our people immigrated mostly from Fort Lauderdale, Miami and New Orleans. Living here allows us to enjoy life on beautiful beaches under swaying palm trees away from the stress of mainland life.
We invite you to visit our island nation to enjoy a cold frozen Margarita, tequila shot or other cold beverage at our Tiki Bar and to get to know the natives. Cocklandians are a very friendly people and very uninhibited. Clothing is always optional and morals are loose.
Freaky Tiki is also the home to a wonderful adult sexual amusement park we call The Seamans Seed. The Seamans Seed is a non judgmental place to hookup with that hot stranger you saw last night or meet someone new. You can also just bring your significant other for an exhibitionist romp.
Tourists visiting our island nation are invited to participate in our Cock Safari! Stop by the Cock Safari photo booth and have a classy portrait taken of your “junk” to be posted on the trophy wall at after the burn.

Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New Orleans
FreeRange DiscoTulsa
FreeRange Disco

Like silent Disco but better!! You can use the headphones anywhere all weekend long! Come see us!


Gonzoland is an alternate reality based on Pre-Sert - yummy things like Ice Cream and Cookies deserve to be in the forefront of your diet, not an afterthought. We like to put a Creme Brulee crust on EVERYTHING.

We are a mobile, ethereal, and unexpected food gifting camp & part time hospitality Green Room.

Find us on your favorite dance floors & wandering - in the spirit of Immediacy we have no schedules and rarely gift at our base of operations - though can frequently be found gifting Ice Cream under the Incendia Fire domes.

Killington, Vermont
Good Burn - Healthy Tonics from around the World

The main focus of The Good Burn is to present to our community healthy tonics and mock-tails to support optimum health. To educate about how best to take care of yourself always and even more so at an event when you might tax your body a little more. We will have a few tonics from around the world to go with the Worlds Fair Theme. Maybe we could have a few games to play to win small jars of Tonic. I will make healthy smooothies with my vita mix. I have info on how to support your body after doing substances that alter serotonin levels. I am really excited to share this with our community.

Heros vs Villians

Come interact with our life size art installations with face cut outs of our Super Heroes vs Villain's great for the whole community to enjoy and take pictures with.

Tampa/St. Augustine Florida

We bring you Kartopia, Global Effigy Crew, and the Illuminati. We will be serving coffee, have an infinity room with lookout deck and the Illumination Lounge.

It's All Made Up (IAMU)

It's All Made Up is a reminder that EVERYTHING is made up, so there is no reason to get wrapped around the axel about anything, that nothing is ever set in stone. It is also a reminder that if you do no like how something is in the world, you should go and make up something better to replace it. It is in this spirit that we have learned how to do everything we do, from transcontinental intermodal shipping, to building large structures with scaffolding, to all sorts of other things. Our main theme is a sort of meta theme, to create circumstances and opportunities where you will surprise yourself with how capable and awesome you are.

Washington DC
juicy rootz

a cosmic collaboration of like minded and positive souled individuals all coming together as one collective heartbeat.

Lemon Space

We are a holistic music preset camp in and we want to do of health conscious drinks, food and talks, foot scrubs, raw foods and juices will be tasted.

Miami FL
Library & Literary Salon

The Library is back! Books, Books, & More Books are yours for the taking. Every genre your love burner hearts can wish for are here for the taking. Poetry, sci fi, popular fiction, the classics, art books, and oh so much more can be yours. Spontaneous orations welcome! Your book will be stamped with a Love Burn Library Logo. Loads o' children's books too, so bring your tots and lounge in our salon while exploring the lands of the literati.

If they can make it, it would be SF and NY

Our idea of heaven on earth is yoga every damn day! Join us for groovy daily yoga classes. We are beginner friendly and super chill! We will have lights, music, fresh flowers and Henna tattoos!

Asheville, NC

Israeli have taken part in the World’s Fair since even before Israel was a state, as the land with the long-standing spiritual traditions, also working on overcoming inherent differences and bringing all people as one under the sky, our camp would like to offer the same message of LOVE in the States, despite the current situation of division and misunderstanding. Therefore our name, because we LOVE-U-SA

New York

We are a group of people from around the globe coming together for one of our favorite events. Most are all burners, some virgins this year. We believe that Love makes the world go round. Our country, LOVELAND, was created to spread Joy, hope and kindness to all of our fellow burners.


Loveland is a place where all people are welcomed with a Hug and a smile. We are a group of Burners that regularly attend Burning Man and last year was our first Love Burn and it was Over the top fantastic.
We want to shine with our games, DJ and drinks.

fort lauderdale, fl
Low Expectations and Bad Decisions

"Hi, We are a small camps of 2 to 4 people, we set up a little bar and do pickle back shots with homemade pickled thing for a day or so till we run out. About 8-10 mason jars of pickled things.”

DC/New Orleans

We are the Lunarcrats! We graciously accept do be part of The Love Burn's Worlds Fair! We have brought with us many of technological advances in Lasers and Soundwaves. Prepare for the spectacle of colors beaming over your burnable art pieces. Come cool down in our refreshing moon pool*. Enjoy a recharge with our National beverage of choice in our bar domes. Witness the heat of 6 large fire poofers. Enjoy the Earth's most popular and to some of you unpopular sounds with nightly theme music. We are Lunarcrats! We are THE party!
(*20'x30' Moon Pool Subject to weather..... If it's cold we will leave it on the ship)

Tampa, FL

Lux Lightopia 2018 will become an underwater oasis with a Lighthouse Beaconing it’s most farthest light beings across the many neighboring nations and lands.
A land where Mermaids, Merman's, Pirates, Sea Creatures, Jelly Fish and shinny objects will mesmerize and lure all nomads and wonderers to stay. Drink Blue Potions at our Bar, play in the sand, dance the night away with DJ’s and experience Visual Wonders Mapped by enchanting VJ’s on the Lux Lighthouse. Fire spinners come by Saturday after the Effigy Burn to spin and light-up the beaches so all sea creatures can find their way back.

Lux Lightopia Treasure Quest : Find our Aquatic Friends ( Pirates, Sea Monsters, Mermaids wearing the Lux Lightopia Medallion) they carry with them a set of Keys to our Treasure Chests, He/She/It may hand you a key, or have you pick a key, bring it back to Lux Lightopia to see if it unlocks one of our treasure chests! or better yet..
if you can, lure them back to camp for an extra special prize!

Miami, Florida
Magic Touch

We are the happy healers from beginning to ending. We employ various therapies such as massage, buffing, Reiki, EFT and more to make your burn better and brighter. Healers as well as regular people are welcome to use our equipment to help others when it isn't otherwise occupied. We are kink friendly. May all your endings be happy ones.

You may have met us in a past life when we went by the name Joygasm. We are expanding in both size and scope of what we offer at Burn events.

Miami, Orlando, and ??
Makers Camp

Makers Camp is a camp for people who make stuff. We will be showing 3D printing, and offer people the opportunity to make their own things. Cool things.

Manipu- Nation

We will be displaying interactive illusions, 3-d imagery and touch art displays.

Jacksonville, FL
Mara & Mo's Test Kitchen

Experience creative culinary creations with Mara & Mo’s pop-up test kitchen. We'll be dishing up organic, locally-sourced delectables to tantalize your taste buds. Think live cooking show where you actually get to taste the food! We love to throwdown in the kitchen. Saucy, spicy, savory, sweet, come to the kitchen for a delicious treat. Feeling hungry? That can of beans won’t do? Head to our kitchen! This time we’re cooking up falafel from scratch hummus too!

Yes the kitchen has deliciousness galore, but perhaps you are looking for a little bit more! Whether you want to talk about urban organic gardening, composting, cooking, food system issues too, we would love to share and exchange ideas with you!

True Mix! DC, Florida, North Carolina, NYC
McNasty's Camp Exile

Dedicated to the rogue rebels, undesirables, sexual deviants, sluts of fortune, and soldiers of misfortune.

Cocoa Beach, FL
MiamiMade-Pending Real Name

We currently have about 25 people, with MiamiMade, still thinking of our theme name, I will have it after the weekend! As mentioned in my email, we can also contribute a stage and can offer healing classes and group mediations among other.

Miki Beach Camp

Miki Beach Camp is described as immersion in Sound / Culture and Art. Good people sharing a common love. Love of House Music.

NYC / miami
Ministry of Butterfly

Mexican. Day of the Dead. Costumes. Butterfly dome filled with art. Butterflies. Skeletons painted with butterfly wings. 30 ft.
A Healing Dome. Two actually. 24 ft. And 20 ft
Art Dome 24 ft. Live art day and night. A dozen plus artist coming. Burners welcome to participate. All
All domes extremely burner interactive.

Asheville. Louisville. Cleveland. Indianapolis. Atlanta. Charolette. Knoxville. Several from Florida.
MOM Camp

We are a 1950’s showcase of the Nuclear Family’s most devinely retro member: MOM, in full technicolor.
The apron and wooden spoon are our motifs of the hour while our ASTRO turf, pink flamingoes, and cookies are our weapons of choice.
In here it’s 1954 and every MOM can host up a humdinger of a party and all while in heels and petticoat.
We hope to immerse our fine neighbors of the beach in total passive aggressive motherly love.

Fort Lauderdale
My Wife's Rack

Darlings, won't you please check out My Wife's Rack? We've been collecting all sorts of fun sexy sparkly shiny sheer bright glamorous colorful flashy gaudy clothing, costumes, accessories, wigs, hats, and more to give away and make the burn a brighter place. Come play dress up with us.
There aren't any tags or sizes on our clothes (unless it's vintage!)--both for decommodification and to make you reconsider how you think about what you put on your body. Do you like it? Try it on!
We have mirrors so you can come check out how fabulous you look. Donations welcome (nothing MOOPy please), and new inventory put out all the time.

Nashville, TN
Mystik Shadows Karizmatic Crystal Ball -Tarot and Ice Tea

Mystik Shadows Karismatic Crystal Ball Tarot and Ice Tea will be hosting high iced tea party and tarot and palm reading from gypsys from mysterious places. A magical Giant Crystal ball will be showing you answers from BEYOND!!!

Mostly Florida probably

Neondia is a land where ordinary visual acuity is expanded into the ultraviolet and technomancy is the law of the land.

Chicago, IL
Next Idea

We are a bunch a people involved in the world of creativity. Some of us have been to Burning Man and some have been to Love Burns before also. We are here to immerse ourselves in the creative community and add to it. We will be hosting a pancake breakfast.

Pie Pedals

Pie Pedals is a collective of 15-20 kindred spirits who enjoy food, laughter, music, yoga, acro-yoga, and chilling. Primarily hailing from DC, we've been burning since 2012, and our mission is to serve delicious wood-fired pizza out of our two-oven setup at the most unexpected spacetimes. At the Big Burn (in BRC) our setup is portable, with the ovens usually on wheels and towed by bicycle. At regionals, the ovens remain stationary and are set up as an art installation in and of itself, even when not in use, and definitely a spectacle when pizza-making is in full swing.

We also like holding space for silly amazing things to happen, by providing a shaded chill space, hosting a few fabulous deep house DJ’s from Miami, providing fun lighting, tiki torches, a fire pit, and a pyramidal art installation. Thus far in 2017 we have rocked it at Love Burn, Nomadico, Wickerman, and Gratitude Migration. We're friends with several DC camps (including IAMU, Camp Contact, Plaisance, and Gold Star), and love to teach acroyoga, yoga, and generally contribute to the vibe of the festival.

Washington, DC metro

Plaisance (a Faux Frenchy Experience) A faux French camp with faux french people serving up faux french delights.

In 2018 we have the following planned, we will have a octagon tent, a fire and Ice bar for corner greeting, drinks, frenchy treats, and sno cone distribution center. We will always have our savior faire on display with Frenchy fries, Frenchy toast, and Frenchy berets.

Our octagon tent will have a chill space and host workshops such as fake french speaking lessons.

Our Fire and Ice Bar will be an artistically designed focal point. We will run the bar for 3-4 hours during the day and the camp youngsters like to open bar late night to refresh weary travelers.
Our focus has always been on being a healing group. We plan to offer massage and buffing to smooth the frenchy into you.

Washington, DC
Playa Nation

Stop by and ask questions about being 'Big Burn' ready. 20+ years Playa citizenship. This is the place to discuss, plan and download about the Playa experience. Radical Self-Reliance!

Lehigh Acres, FL

Super simple. Polish camp with polish food, music and culture. Vodka and pickles.
Sound camp with Polish DJs.

Chicago and Miami
Prancing Pony

As in past years we will set up a small bar to gift White Russians to burners answering some kind of ridiculous trivia questions.

Sorry for the late entry, hoping for an assigned space for our mini camp :)

Homestead, fl
Primitive Future

We would like to participate as an ancient tropical alien theme camp with the Baba Yaga Wagon as a theater/music/yoga/sound healing centerpiece of the camp. Baba Yaga is inspired by the old time medicine shows; a form of entertainment made popular in the 19th century to sell “cure all” products on traveling wagons. But, instead of using those medicine shows to hoodwink people into buying “snake oil”, we are serving up an honest dose of pure art medicine.

Using a wooden wagon that transforms into a theatrical playing space, Baba Yaga will present a variety of original performances. We aim to make art more accessible to those who have yet to connect with the art culture, while building community.


Education on proper recycling and upcycled arts

St. Pete, fl
Robot Cart Project

This is an inspired parody art installation of major burning man sound camps and mutant vehicles from Black Rock City.. Robot Cart is a mobile art cart bringing the beautiful sounds of the playa of the west to the playa of the east. We bring epic DJ sets from Burning Man to other regional burns along with a little parody fun to bring what we love at the big burn to all the little ones.

Asheville, NC
San Escobar

Super simple. San Escobar camp with food, music and culture from San Escobar. Vodka and pickles.
Sound camp with Chicago and Miami DJs.

Chicago and Miami
Screaming J's Sound Oasis

An intimate acoustic sound oasis away from the big boom-boom and zoom-zoom, welcoming all travelers to come swim with us in the essence of life and love! Music made with our hands, hearts, voices and instruments. Friends made with open hearts, minds and ears. Stop by to check out our schedule for shows, open mics and drum circles. Musicians come jam! Look for our Big Blue Bliss Bus.

Asheville, NC
Setu Tribe

Setu Tribe envisions a world where the feminine and masculine come together in a balance of power to cultivate a new paradigm of mutual honor and unity.  We are committed to empowering and supporting each other with movements, stories and rhythms as our outlets for healing and growth.  We are committed to developing deeper awareness and appreciation of our ancestors, Earth and all cultural practices, to honor and preserve them, while fostering the expression of new.   Although our individual beliefs, traditions and heritage vary, the common thread that connects us is Ubuntu, meaning “I Am Because We Are.”  Together, we aim to evolve, to educate, and to move with intention.  UBUNTU.

Philadelphia, PA
Shangri La La LIVE! @ Basurakistan

Shangri La La LIVE @ Basurakistan will have live music performances and a very backwards bar, playing obnoxious brass band music (when live music is not playing) with obnoxious infused-vodkas and the house appetizer of Malort-soaked sausage. We will focus on the Gypsy living that first came to Basurakistan in our dress and actions. We will be obnoxious, fair warning!

We request to be in the same area as we were last year, across the street from Costume Cabana between Basurakistan and Bourgoisie, helping Jack run his bar and handing out stickers "Basurakistan Shangri La La - Love Burn 2018"!

Palm Beach FL & Colorado
Sirens Salon

The Sirens Salon at WonderCamp is our Burning Man Camp at 4:30 and H. Our motto is "If we can't fix it, we'll make it better."

We provide massage, cucumber eye treatments, and general relaxation in our Salon. We also do specialty work like painting nails, hand and foot massage.

We performed over 1000 treatments at BM this year. We love our fellow burners!

Osprey, FL
Swamp Fuckits

Dirty Divey Swampy Strip Club

New Orleans
The Broken Drum

Discworld's favorite pub is casting off for Love Burn 2018!
Come hang out on the back of Great A'Tuin and enjoy a pint or two. We'll have the mashups and boogie downs to get you grooving. The Nimbus inflatable lounge comes alive when the sun sets.

Atlanta GA/Gainesville FL
The Buffer Zone

The world famous The Buffer Zone is an Interactive Art Project Camp. This Year The Buffer Zone will host an Additional project or two.
World's Hair will be a fully working hair salon.
The Spa at The Buffer Zone , will offer spa stuff.
Artistic Tonsorial Saloon , will be the pampering for men project.

The Landing of the Mothership

The Landing of the Mothership is traveling at light speed across intergalactic lines to join you this year at Love Burn. We will be bringing a multitude of items for your earthly enjoyment. We will have a flaming fire bar, open fire circle, several lounge areas, a squishy cuddle zone, performances, and bumping beats all day and night long!

North Carolina (Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville)
The Poly Haven

Once again, the good folks from the Phila. based "Poly Haven" will create space for safe, frank discussions about open relationships, polyamory, communication, boundaries, jealousy, etc, etc, etc. Be sure to attend our discussion workshop(s)or just stop out to see who is around chat.

The Schmear

Representing all things great about New York City, The Schmear will offer up Bagels with all the fixings for Saturday brunch. In traditional brunch fashion, we'll have cocktails, music, and hungover friends to share stories with.

New York City
Unicorn Squad

Unicorn squad will take you to a magical world of fun, relaxation, and snacks. We will have an amazing array of unicorn candies and snacks to offer to everyone and a magical comfortable area to relax in the shade or lounge in the cuddle puddle. We will have bubble machines, giant pool float loungers and adult hippity hops. We will bring exciting fun to be enjoyed by all.

fort lauderdale, fl
Utopian Shameless Sexytime Soviet Republic

Announcing the U.S.S.S.R., the Utopian Shameless Sexytime Soviet Republic.
We are a radical nation of sex freak revolutionaries providing a consensual country in which our comrades are encouraged to flourish in a militant sexytime paradise.
We stand opposed to the greedy capitalist commodification and oppression of our comrades’ naked bodies and free sexual expressions.
We will defend our right to radical sexual expression and liberation through our communal glorification of shameless badassery.
Our borders are heavily defended by sexy, vodka powered missiles and we reserve the right to deny passage within our borders.
We believe in and readily employ corporeal punishment for any infractions of our laws.

Tampa, Fl
Wonky Town

Wonky town is a town that seems upside down. The people are a bit sideways and strange but id say its better than being plain. Tons of colors and tons of fun. This place is all about freedom of expression in a wacky silly way.

East Wenatchee
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