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 Theme Camp Name Camp Description Where is the majority of your camp coming from? City, state? Lead Contact Name Phone
9 Energies

9 Energies offers Natural Energy Identificaton - revealing which of the 9 Natural Energy bodies a person is wearing this lifetime through. We have a 9 colored Archimedes design dome, we are open daily from 10am-4pm for anyone who wants to have the transforming experience of having their Natural Energy identified.

Bozeman, MTSusan Fisher(415) 827-2968
Aqua Funk by Mixed Elixir

Aqua Funk will introduce you to a beautiful undersea vision with a healthy amount of funk built in. Come visit our undersea dome, a blacklight paradise with ambient music and a chill vibe. We will have a sea area up front to come flow and relax. Drop in to see if the Hookah Den is open. We will be offering acoustic music as well our Aqua Boogie party Friday 8-11.

Jacksonville, FLRandy Groesbeck II(904) 571-8289
Bacon and Beats

BACON AND BEATS is a new and improved fusion of Bacon Oasis and Band Camp! We will have bacon and beats for all and special surprise morsels of goodness for the vegetarians and vegans that have given up eating pork chakra. Our wonderful camp will be serving 150 pounds of sweet sticky spicy bacon when we feel like making it and giving it away during the Love Burn. We will also have a wide array of drums and percussion instruments available for all to play whenever they feel the inspiration or visceral need.Not yet

Florida and Ca.Amy McGrotty(954) 347-1732
Cap'n Nemo's Flaming Carnival

The Carnival is an interactive experience – a performance and event-based fire circus! We have fire-based games, like Loki the flaming clown beanbag toss, the High Striker, Flaming Skeeball, Ping Pong of Doom and more. We will be working with, and open to performers of all types – the Carnival provides the venue, opening a space for many more to get involved. In particular, we expect fire spinners and breathers, aerialists, circus performers of all stripes, burlesque, and music.

The Carnival features a midway (an idea from the Chicago 1896 World’s Fair) - a day and night time interactive experience. By day, we’ll have family-friendly games like ring-toss, popcorn, cotton candy, bubbles, face-painting, hula hoops and a fortune booth. At night we’ll bring out our flaming popcorn machine, our interactive fire games (push the button!), or put on a show. Some nights we’ll feature a live DJ or band, and clear the space for a dance party.

All the poofers in the carnival and its games are driven by a secure, interconnected wireless system. This allows us some additional unique possibilities – we can sync all the fire to music for instance. We have a special button, The Button, that makes everything go off at once. We have interactive stands that let people solve a problem, or win a chance to make something special happen. And we’re working towards a crowd-based interactive system that would let a whole audience join in the fun.

** NOTE - While this is indeed our plan, we hope to collaborate with Freakeasy to provide an overall integrated experience as part of our "village."

Chicago, ILNeil Verplank(312) 560-5565
Daddy WARBUCKS Cigar Lounge

Celebrate the heritage that is CUBA! Love Burn Citizens can choose from over (200) cigars, curated and gifted by Captain RON. The Lounge will also feature the "Swinging DICKS" bowling alley, where contestants knock down pins with dildos suspended in pantyhose worn over the head bank robber style.....
Each evening we'll say farewell to the sun with a "VIKING funeral" by burning a boat with a flame thrower!

DenverRonal Taniwaki(310) 617-6917

Come get submerged in the depths of that unifying vibration known as sound. Plunge headfirst into deep beats that set your soul on fire. Come get down with us! Because everyone likes it deep.

FLAmy Hyde(757) 692-1860
Freaky Tiki

Welcome to the home of Freaky Tiki. We are located on the beautiful island nation of Cocklandia. Cocklandia is just off the coast of south Florida in the salty Semen Sea. Our people immigrated mostly from Fort Lauderdale, Miami and New Orleans. Living here allows us to enjoy life on beautiful beaches under swaying palm trees away from the stress of mainland life.
We invite you to visit our island nation to enjoy a cold frozen Margarita, tequila shot or other cold beverage at our Tiki Bar and to get to know the natives. Cocklandians are a very friendly people and very uninhibited. Clothing is always optional and morals are loose.
Freaky Tiki is also the home to a wonderful adult sexual amusement park we call The Seamans Seed. The Seamans Seed is a non judgmental place to hookup with that hot stranger you saw last night or meet someone new. You can also just bring your significant other for an exhibitionist romp.
Tourists visiting our island nation are invited to participate in our Cock Safari! Stop by the Cock Safari photo booth and have a classy portrait taken of your “junk” to be posted on the trophy wall at after the burn.

Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New OrleansTyler / Tim Black / Price(954) 860-2119
Lemon city studios

We are a holistic music preset camp in and we want to do of health conscious drinks, food and talks, foot scrubs, raw foods and juices will be tasted.

Miami FLKimberly Diamant(917) 288-0676
Library & Literary Salon

The Library is back! Books, Books, & More Books are yours for the taking. Every genre your love burner hearts can wish for are here for the taking. Poetry, sci fi, popular fiction, the classics, art books, and oh so much more can be yours. Spontaneous orations welcome! Your book will be stamped with a Love Burn Library Logo. Loads o' children's books too, so bring your tots and lounge in our salon while exploring the lands of the literati.

If they can make it, it would be SF and NYLauren Christos(305) 332-4365
Manipu- Nation

We will be displaying interactive illusions, 3-d imagery and touch art displays.

Jacksonville, FLDianna Watkins(706) 201-8527
McNasty's Camp Exile

Dedicated to the rogue rebels, undesirables, sexual deviants, sluts of fortune, and soldiers of misfortune.

Cocoa Beach, FLEvelyn Villafana(561) 707-4993
Mystik Shadows Moroccan Tea and Smoke House

Mystik Shadows Moroccan Tea and Smoke house will be hosting bellydance, high tea party and smoke of exotic aphrodisiac and calming herbs such as damiana, blue lotus, and wild lactic. We will be a tea house with assorted teas and games. All in a gorgeous Moroccan themes space

Florida probablyHolly Chimicles(754) 244-6230

Neondia is a land where ordinary visual acuity is expanded into the ultraviolet and technomancy is the law of the land.

Chicago, ILBen Heise(312) 593-3405
Next Idea

We are a bunch a people involved in the world of creativity. Some of us have been to Burning Man and some have been to Love Burns before also. We are here to immerse ourselves in the creative community and add to it. We will be hosting a pancake breakfast.

FloridaEileen Doyle(781) 983-5995
Pie Pedals

Pie Pedals is a collective of 15-20 kindred spirits who enjoy food, laughter, music, yoga, acro-yoga, and chilling. Primarily hailing from DC, we've been burning since 2012, and our mission is to serve delicious wood-fired pizza out of our two-oven setup at the most unexpected spacetimes. At the Big Burn (in BRC) our setup is portable, with the ovens usually on wheels and towed by bicycle. At regionals, the ovens remain stationary and are set up as an art installation in and of itself, even when not in use, and definitely a spectacle when pizza-making is in full swing.

We also like holding space for silly amazing things to happen, by providing a shaded chill space, hosting a few fabulous deep house DJ’s from Miami, providing fun lighting, tiki torches, a fire pit, and a pyramidal art installation. Thus far in 2017 we have rocked it at Love Burn, Nomadico, Wickerman, and Gratitude Migration. We're friends with several DC camps (including IAMU, Camp Contact, Plaisance, and Gold Star), and love to teach acroyoga, yoga, and generally contribute to the vibe of the festival.

Washington, DC metroDean Hively(607) 351-3196

Plaisance (a Faux Frenchy Experience) A faux French camp with faux french people serving up faux french delights.

In 2018 we have the following planned, we will have a octagon tent, a fire and Ice bar for corner greeting, drinks, frenchy treats, and sno cone distribution center. We will always have our savior faire on display with Frenchy fries, Frenchy toast, and Frenchy berets.

Our octagon tent will have a chill space and host workshops such as fake french speaking lessons.

Our Fire and Ice Bar will be an artistically designed focal point. We will run the bar for 3-4 hours during the day and the camp youngsters like to open bar late night to refresh weary travelers.
Our focus has always been on being a healing group. We plan to offer massage and buffing to smooth the frenchy into you.

Washington, DCAaron Parness(202) 465-2667
Playa Nation

Stop by and ask questions about being 'Big Burn' ready. 20+ years Playa citizenship. This is the place to discuss, plan and download about the Playa experience. Radical Self-Reliance!

Lehigh Acres, FLRoger Soper(239) 368-0209

Super simple. Polish camp with polish food, music and culture. Vodka and pickles.
Sound camp with Polish DJs.

Chicago and MiamiPeter Michalak(773) 732-8944
Primitive Future

We would like to participate as an ancient tropical alien theme camp with the Baba Yaga Wagon as a theater/music/yoga/sound healing centerpiece of the camp. Baba Yaga is inspired by the old time medicine shows; a form of entertainment made popular in the 19th century to sell “cure all” products on traveling wagons. But, instead of using those medicine shows to hoodwink people into buying “snake oil”, we are serving up an honest dose of pure art medicine.

Using a wooden wagon that transforms into a theatrical playing space, Baba Yaga will present a variety of original performances. We aim to make art more accessible to those who have yet to connect with the art culture, while building community.

MiamiCristina Garcia(786) 306-0035
San Escobar

Super simple. San Escobar camp with food, music and culture from San Escobar. Vodka and pickles.
Sound camp with Chicago and Miami DJs.

Chicago and MiamiPeter Wymoczyl(773) 732-8944
The Robot Cart Project

This is an inspired parody art installation of major burning man sound camps and mutant vehicles from Black Rock City.. Robot Cart is a mobile art cart bringing the beautiful sounds of the playa of the west to the playa of the east. We bring epic DJ sets from Burning Man to other regional burns along with a little parody fun to bring what we love at the big burn to all the little ones.

Asheville, NCHillary Small(828) 582-1620
 Theme Camp Name Camp Description Where is the majority of your camp coming from? City, state? Lead Contact Name Phone