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 Theme Camp Name Camp Description Where is the majority of your camp coming from? City, state?
Bacon and Beats

BACON AND BEATS is a new and improved fusion of Bacon Oasis and Band Camp! We will have bacon and beats for all and special surprise morsels of goodness for the vegetarians and vegans that have given up eating pork chakra. Our wonderful camp will be serving 150 pounds of sweet sticky spicy bacon when we feel like making it and giving it away during the Love Burn. We will also have a wide array of drums and percussion instruments available for all to play whenever they feel the inspiration or visceral need.Not yet

Florida and Ca.
Cap'n Nemo's Flaming Carnival

The Carnival is an interactive experience – a performance and event-based fire circus! We have fire-based games, like Loki the flaming clown beanbag toss, the High Striker, Flaming Skeeball, Ping Pong of Doom and more. We will be working with, and open to performers of all types – the Carnival provides the venue, opening a space for many more to get involved. In particular, we expect fire spinners and breathers, aerialists, circus performers of all stripes, burlesque, and music.

The Carnival features a midway (an idea from the Chicago 1896 World’s Fair) - a day and night time interactive experience. By day, we’ll have family-friendly games like ring-toss, popcorn, cotton candy, bubbles, face-painting, hula hoops and a fortune booth. At night we’ll bring out our flaming popcorn machine, our interactive fire games (push the button!), or put on a show. Some nights we’ll feature a live DJ or band, and clear the space for a dance party.

All the poofers in the carnival and its games are driven by a secure, interconnected wireless system. This allows us some additional unique possibilities – we can sync all the fire to music for instance. We have a special button, The Button, that makes everything go off at once. We have interactive stands that let people solve a problem, or win a chance to make something special happen. And we’re working towards a crowd-based interactive system that would let a whole audience join in the fun.

** NOTE - While this is indeed our plan, we hope to collaborate with Freakeasy to provide an overall integrated experience as part of our "village."

Chicago, IL
Library & Literary Salon

The Library is back! Books, Books, & More Books are yours for the taking. Every genre your love burner hearts can wish for are here for the taking. Poetry, sci fi, popular fiction, the classics, art books, and oh so much more can be yours. Spontaneous orations welcome! Your book will be stamped with a Love Burn Library Logo. Loads o' children's books too, so bring your tots and lounge in our salon while exploring the lands of the literati.

If they can make it, it would be SF and NY
McNasty's Camp Exile

Dedicated to the rogue rebels, undesirables, sexual deviants, sluts of fortune, and soldiers of misfortune.

Cocoa Beach, FL
Mystik Shadows Moroccan Tea and Smoke House

Mystik Shadows Moroccan Tea and Smoke house will be hosting bellydance, high tea party and smoke of exotic aphrodisiac and calming herbs such as damiana, blue lotus, and wild lactic. We will be a tea house with assorted teas and games. All in a gorgeous Moroccan themes space

Florida probably
Next Idea

We are a bunch a people involved in the world of creativity. Some of us have been to Burning Man and some have been to Love Burns before also. We are here to immerse ourselves in the creative community and add to it. We will be hosting a pancake breakfast.


Super simple. Polish camp with polish food, music and culture. Vodka and pickles.
Sound camp with Polish DJs.

Chicago and Miami
San Escobar

Super simple. San Escobar camp with food, music and culture from San Escobar. Vodka and pickles.
Sound camp with Chicago and Miami DJs.

Chicago and Miami
The Robot Cart Project

This is an inspired parody art installation of major burning man sound camps and mutant vehicles from Black Rock City.. Robot Cart is a mobile art cart bringing the beautiful sounds of the playa of the west to the playa of the east. We bring epic DJ sets from Burning Man to other regional burns along with a little parody fun to bring what we love at the big burn to all the little ones.

Asheville, NC
 Theme Camp Name Camp Description Where is the majority of your camp coming from? City, state?