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 Theme Camp Name Lead Contact Name Camp Description City, State?
1001 Kandy KnightsAtlanis Wenkart

1001 Kandy Knights.. The artist camp formerly known as 1001 Arabian Nights, Returns with a whole new theme, with a Kandy Twist, to match the 2017 Vintage Games.

Come Play our won’t be “Bored Games” Enjoy Crackgammon, Candylandia, ladders up your chutes, Wreckers, Black Diamond, Crushing Nail, Hit the Candy, and much more!!

Come chill in our stretch lounge and get creative at our Kandi bracelet station. In the evenings come dance with us to live music in our Kandy Disco! Disco! Good! Good! Then play with the Psuper Phruity Psychedelic Magic Psandbox. We are all Kandy Krazy at 1001 Kandy Knights.

Miami florida
1111Kristi Bachan

We are a community of people that want to spread the love, and create awareness. We are continuing the vibe from our 1111 Festival to Love Burn! At our camp, we will have yoga, meditation, sound healing, art, performances, awesome beats by our amazing DJ friends, and we invite you to take a journey through our 1111 treasure may find a beautiful gift, or a new friend, or you may find yourself...
We will be collecting board and video games as donations to a local orphanage. Stop by our bar and indulge in our special 1111 magic potion (21+)

Miami, FL
AbaloungeDanielle Cain

We are the C -odders. Odd folks from C town. We are bringing the Abalounge. We have never been to Love Burn and think the shell would be great on the beach but am afraid it maybe too windy?

Charleston SC
Area 51Sugar Kayne

Prepare for your Alien abduction....

Atlanta ga
Bacon OasisAmy McGrotty

A few piggies that bring the Bacon Oasis to BRC will once again bring sticky, chewy, sweet and spicy pork chakra to The Love Burn so that you may stay energized, sticky and sweet for your burn and games.
We will randomly serve the sweet chewy morsels so the winners are the ones that are there when we are serving.

California and Florida
Baroque n Bourgeoisie (Part of Versailles Village)Holly Hamel Delilah Gonzalez, Victoria Fitzgerald

We premiered at AfterBurn 2015 and we've joined up with Costume Cabana and Shangrila la Land to create the most magnificent spectacle called none other than Versailles Village!
Step back in time to join our soirée, shenanigans, and opulence.
Think Paris, Versailles, Marie AntoinIette, Louis the Sun King, Baroque Period, Rococo, fleur de lis, gold, velvet, pearls, cupcakes and lace! We hope to have live classical music, chandeliers, tasty treats, a masquerade march, posh crafts, a pomp and puff parlor, and an overall decadent experience! Oooh la la!

Central Florida and Metro Atlanta, Georgia
Big Kid Light ShowAni Gonzalez

Big Kid Light Show is an on-site experimental light performance by Ani Gonzalez. A cultivation that began around her home with sunbeams and komorebi phenomena, now takes upon the different characteristics of sequential plasticity in media with liquid light shows and collages using analog and digital projectors.

Miami, FL
Big Puffy YellowDorne Pentes

We are PUFFERS! BPY has been kickin' it at TFUS, BM, and other burns for a good long time and now we're bringing the yellow love to LoveBurn! Drop by for a hangout or some great hooping lessons! We LOVE flow toys.

Charlotte, NC
Black Rock CIty Airbrush"Scorch" AKA Jim Chastain

Black Rock City Airbrush is back from the playa and ready to assist the Florida Burners with all their body painting needs! You say it we spray it!
Interactive body painting and crowd entertainment! Learn to airbrush, paint a T shirt, hear bad jokes and thrill as our highly intoxicated and somewhat talented airbrush artists paint, clean airbrushes, give tours of iguana habitat and discuss important relevant topics such as the endangered American Crocodile, finding Bigfoot and the rash of train robberies on Virginia Key!

Tampa Florida
Boba's Best Spot Bar Registration CorrectedPaco Brown (and Justin Wiederman)

BBB Bar ...established 1842. Best (and worst) drinks, best (and worst) music, best (and worst) bartenders.....but oh there will be games and mischief. Come throw your ideas for next time at The Snark Tank, play a game of chance with high stakes.....and enjoy the best spot to drink top shelf malort while you.....burn, Do not forget your cup. (Proprietor (Boba) reserves the right to f all these ideas off.) More details of events to come.

Fort Lauderdale
Boba's Best Spot Beach Bar presents......Paco Brown

Best Spot....for drinks, conversation, sunrises, music, games, new friends...old friends.....

Seth Florida
Breakfast Club Detention CampJason Campbell

Those naughty kids who hang out in the back of the school bus have returned! Just like in everyone's favorite 80's teen movie, Breakfast Club Detention Camp proves that in our own way, we are all nerds, jocks, princesses, and basket cases, and that we really can all get along. Over breakfast! Come by after 10am for breakfast noms while DJ Total spins your favorite 80's tunes. For you particularly naughty kids, we will be offering bloody marys and mimosas at the bar and consensual spankings for those who need a little extra morning motivation. But wait, the fun doesn't stop there! Come experience the best detention you ever served with board games during the day, Atari style games on the big screen at night, and of course, daily happy hours.

Washington DC with TCO in JAX
Camp comaJosh Bishop

A camp for the people who help with our art projects and art car.

Camp Not BitterKara MacFarland

Camp Not Bitter is a New England-area based camp that looks to bring our oh-so-cheery attitude to the warm sand of Florida. We're not bitter in the slightest that our home base will be covered under a blanket of frozen death while we get to warm up on the beach. Enjoy our All-You-Can-Burn sunblock and aloe bar, our oversized lawn games and our charming personalities while we heckle innocent passerby.

Boston, MA
Camp Pretty LightsCasey (Fear Less) Walker

Camp Pretty Lights is an established theme camp from the GA Burn community, with up to 40 members consistently bringing a chill social space to Alchemy and Euphoria burns since 2009. We are excited to bring a smaller version of the larger camp to Love Burn this year! Our camp is founded on INCLUSION as a core principle. We are a diverse group of burners fueled by diverse interests in a variety of arts. At CPL, we welcome everyone to come by, enjoy some conversation, share some music, dance and enjoy yourself!

Atlanta, GA area
Camp Pretty LightsCasey Walker

Camp Pretty Lights focuses on the use of lights and sound to create a friendly and welcoming ambiance to meet new people and be inspired. CPL has been a consistent camp within the GA Burn community since 2009. This will be our first year at Love Burn!

Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL
Camp Yacht RockElizabeth Walton

We are a small group of burners who appreciate the smooth sounds of the 1970's and early 80's. Yes, we like Pina Coladas. We also like getting caught between the moon and New York City. We Ride Like the Wind to the Ventura Highway on a Horse with No Name and sail the Southern Cross, just you wait and see.

With captain's hats and flamingos galore we will set a course for smooth music AND smooth facial hair.

Atlanta Georgia
Château de Versailles VillageJohn McNulty

Château de Versailles is a village comprising of such camps as Versailles, Costume Cabana, Shangri-La, and a few others. We will be doing various crafts hours, cocktail hours, fancy decadent balls, and the like.

Coffee Campsteffin griswold

Coffee Camp has long been a theme camp at our local MN regional. We get up in the morning and make decent coffee and then gift the shit out of it! This year we are bringing our wheel of mystery! Want coffee, gotta spin the wheel. Sometimes its good... Sometimes its bad... Rewards and punishments change hourly.

This is an extension of the fire tree art project. We have enough MN peeps coming down to staff both the art project and our morning coffee gifting addiction!!!

Minneapolis, MN
CymaticaJodi Darren

Cymatics is the study of how sound affects matter. We curate a vibrational frequency that connects bodies, minds and souls.

CymaticaJodi Darren

CYMATICA is a music camp inspired by the science of SOUND. We curate a delicious deep house DJ's and offer sound healing and more in our healing domes. Stop by our beachside living room to soothe your soul.

Daddy WARBUCKS Cigar LoungeRonal Taniwaki

Come and enjoy a fine smoke from the curated collection of Captain Ron. Black Rock Citizens, can choose from a selection of over (500) cigars, ranging in sizes from small cigarillos to massive double coronas. Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan, and yes even Cubans grace the Pirate chest humidor.

From (A)shton to (Z)ino for the Aficionados, to White Owls and Dutch Masters for the old schoolers, WARBUCKS is your haven.

Denver CO
Dusty TaintJohn McCray

The Dusty Taint Camp is born in the style of a 1940’s “Negro Juke Joint” featuring music, games and drinking and a welcoming social atmosphere. A nexus where people passing by and coming to the area can join us for a “Sunset Toast”, as the day ends.., when the sky takes on that magical shade of orange. Socialize, drink and get to know your fellow burners in a multi-cultural and sensual adult space following an amazing day on the playa.

La, Nc and Fl
EvilaireEric Vilaire

A compilation of sound, light, and visuals

f*ckfloridaSully Shipldiplson

#f*ckflorida is a collective of artists, naturalists, gypsies, radicals, agoraphobics, socialists, backscratchers and weirdos from up and down the limp, phallic shaped state of Florida. We have worked our entire adult lives striving to lose all credibility and respect of the Burning Man Organization. With each endeavor, we hope that one day, we will achieve our ultimate goal of meeting our hero Larry Harvey.

Florida. All over
F.A.P.S.Ian Loughlin

FAPS stands for Fire Arts Planning & Safety. We will be in charge of the fire performers for conclave each night. We will also be hosting workshops in flow arts, juggling, and fire safety.

South & Central Florida
Freaky TikiTyler Black

We will create an eclectic, fun lounge atmosphere with a bar and fun props and lighting with ambient sound. We will have a giant screen with video games to play. Inflatable furniture and rugs will create comfort and the focal point will be a our giant tike Gods with glowing red eyes and smoke bellowing mouths. We will also so have an adult area for exploring in the back of the bar... just a fun spot called the Joy StickPlay area. Bar will serve a tropical punch concoction. Fun colorful visualy stunning gathering point for all!

Florida and New orleans we are part of the Confederacy of dunces we were on the Esplanade this year next tot he Roller rink this will give you an idea that we are serious Burnners ;-)
FrogLayla Bauder

New camp formed of some Slutgarden burners that live in florida, texas, oregon and California coming to Miami to bring froggy business to the party. We offer live frogger game, under construction and a lily pad lounge for chillin out with friends from across the pond.

Funaholics UnanimousCitron Arbel

This will be a collaboration of Landing Pad, Funaholics Unanimous, and Fire Triangle. We are still determining the Village name. Additional information will follow.

What is Funaholics Unanimous:

A support group for all those that are ready to admit that the fun addiction is real. A place where the silly meets the inspired. For all those that truly love the gift of life.

Funaholics Unanimous is an organization that transcends the need to have a specific identity. It is an ever changing work of art created when random travelers, for a moment in time, bring joy to each others lives.

With love and gratitude we move our experience of life in the direction of more fun for all!

Asheville / Charlotte / Nashville / Knoxville / Raleigh / Atlanta / Miami


Gold StarMichelle Gonnering

What is Camp Gold Star, you ask? Well, that's a fantastic question! And not just one of those 'There's no such thing as a stupid question.' questions. No! You've stumbled upon a real winner; good job! Oh, you didn't ask? Well...

Buck up, Kiddo. The folks at Camp Gold Star know that somewhere deep inside that sparkle pony facade is a very special snowflake, and we've got what you need to feed your body and your ego.

Stop by before the burn for your daily dose of overenthusiastic personal adulation, participation certificates, trophies, hugs, and all the snark you can handle.

Stop by after the burn for tasty beverages, orange slices, and even more TLC. You may even be named “#1 All-Time Greatest, Most Amazing Person Ever!”

Washington DC
Gong TempleMichelle Angel

I am looking to be placed in a theme camp. i will be offering Gong Vibrations at The Gong Temple. I prefer no alcohol.
I am hoping to get in with early entry on Wed. 2.1.27.. I also am requesting to have a structure to cover The Gong Temple. I also request that the gong temple can be right next to the White Cargo van/rv/ and trailer. I also need permission to have my service dog with me, as I have a letter from my Doc.
I Look forward to sharing The Gong Temple with everyone! If possible I could use a large dome and set up in there... Thank you, I'm super excited to be going to my first burn...

GonzolandBen Rudnick

Gonzoland is where the Gonzo can be found with friends providing gifts of food, shade, workshops and silliness

Hair Ya GoAimee Celenza

Come on down to the Polygon Salon! Have your hair looking like something out of a video game! Our top hair experts will hook you up with styles that will bring out your inner gamer! Walk-Ins welcome, appointments preferred.

Broward County area
Happy HealersAmy (Yma) Slay

A Universal Native Tribal Vibe United Healers
4 Teepees will offer lounge displaying Art and crafts, sound healing / quiet space, tantric temple, yoga area for all ages.

Hellz MermaidzRebecca Wyatt

Hellz Mermaids are a rowdy gang of mermaids bringing bad ideas and lots of mermaid games to Love Burn. Join us for "hold my drink" happy hours where naughty mermaids and the infamous #FloridaWoman bring out the worst in you. Music, booze, and instigation - what else do you need?

Washignton, DC
Imaginary FriendsMichael Mooney

We will have a 30x30 tent that will be decorated with black lights and art and a uv altar and I have an art car based on an atv that utilizes a barbie Jeep and uv lights and a bunch of trailers that are arty and glowy and stuff. The art car will sometimes move and sometimes hang out at camp. Its fun to look at, has several thousand uv leds on it and is more like a train with a led vehicle and 3 cars.

Asheville, NC
Journey to the PlanetsSefora Chavarria

Come find yourself on a strange planet where you can equip yourself with tools to help you refuel your cosmic energy, and blast off into space! Your ultimate goal is to gather ancient knowledge that has been lost through space and time and unlock the secrets to the universe.

Miami, Fl
Joygasm and the Slutty PaintbrushAndrea Johnson

Joygasm and the Slutty Paintbrush is a healing camp filled with massages, inversion tables, buffers, and body/face painting, and a nice place to chill and hang out.

homestead, fl
Kamp KarmaJames McCubbin

We're a group of gypsy burners from the frozen north of Calgary, Alberta.

We will have a chill camp with some relaxing tunes to flow and hang out with. We also plan to bring one of Canada's great contributions to the culinary world, the Breakfast Bloody Caesar as a Brunch drink for all those hungry/thirsty burners needing Sunday refreshments.

Calgary, Alberta
Kava KampDiane Lysogorski

Jeff, Diane and Chris

Boca Raton
Keeping it ClassyHolly Chimicles

We are a group of friends who just want space to camp together.. come visit us and go visit my lifesize Super Mario project :)

LemonadeStefanie McNeeleu

Providing tunes and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the weekend... also noms and alcoholic beverages at select times

Tampa, Fl
Love and lightChris YEATTS

We are doing a healing area with over $10,000 of healing equipment and trained healers to be working the event. It will be a tent where you can come in and become healed from any thing you may be going through.. A service to others, for the benefit of others. We plan on bringing a massage table, wellness pro 2010, pandora star light, and a bio matt. Possibly other healing gadgets and brain scanning devices. I am working on the details now.

MIami, broward,
Love Burn Library & SalonLauren Christos

The Love Burn Library & Salon is a place to peruse books that are free for the taking. Only rule is ". . . you can check them out but you can't bring them back!" Now in the third year of celebrating books, the library & salon will offer all forms of literary genres for extemporaneous and planned readings as well as the open exchange of ideas - cultural, social, and political - as found in traditional salons. Discussions may include: the Ten Principles, erotic poetry, witty aphorisms, pop sonnets, unified theory of the universe, and whatever else one can dream up. Impromptu games and activities will take place at the will of the guests. Come be a part of Library & Salon !

LOVE Coffee & ColoringEric Rocher

LOVE C&C offers hot coffee and a small lounge space. Sit for a spell if you want. We have a fine collection of coloring books and coloring supplies.

Saint Louis, MO
Luxia Lightopia Visual Sound CampMarina "Psyberpixie" Rao

Visual Projections, DJ's, VJ's and Interactive Video Games. We will have a 16 foot Pyramid as the Chill zone for all to enjoy and experience surround Visuals while inside the pyramid. Interactive multi-player video games on floor. Our Sound System, DJ's and LED Lighting accents in the pavilion will keep the vibe going every night.

Miami, Florida
Mad ScientistsSacha Panic

Don’t know your neurons from your neutrons? Stop by the lab and let our random sample of scientists, engineers, artists, and makers assess your statistical significance. Relax to the sounds of spaced-out music, and try not to pay attention to the giant electrodes. Safe for scientists and the sci-curious.

Boston, MA
Makers UnionMatt Trask

Makers Union is a collaboration of South Florida Makerspaces. Come hang with us while design the World's Largest 3D Printer. Think three trees, some motors, some batteries, some cables, some wireless Arduinos. Oh, did we say Arduinos? Mostly we'll be hanging out at the Makers Table with more Arduino stuff than you know. Come play and learn with us.

Boca Raton and Ft Lauderdale
Mancala CampLisamichelle Buckley

Learn to play and make your own Mancala game to take with you!

Sarasota, Fl
Manifestiville eXperience: PresentvilleJeffery Ferguson

Manifestival Love eXperience:

Check in at MANIFESTIVAL Sacred SPACEstation and enjoy the pique eXperience of the NeverNever bored game while we embark upon the LIVING THEATER, pick up your leather tag Player PEACE, Project your INTENTIONS, pickup a card and join “X the Game” as well as engage with us in Augmented and Virtual Reality Adventures! Dabble for drinks, dessert and delightful bits of food and bytes of technology... from Bitcoin/Blockchain/Crypto to Casual Gaming we welcome you to eXorb yOUR highest potential while LEVELING UP in the game of life!

We are a set of TECHNOPLYERS, parlaying a setting of UTOPIA, parachuting in from above, here in the now... as we brewing up GAMESTORM’ing through innerview CharacterBuilding! Bellowing on about a MISSION to GAMIFY LIFE, we WELCOME you HOME! eXperience NEW WAYS of connecting on DEEPER LEVELS. Post apocalyptic failure out of sight, our targets are on the fairytale of tech, transhumanism, and transformation… An opportunity to ACT out what the future's going to bee! Tap into the hive mind and manifest the NEXT STEP, record and/or project your TED TALK!

Our goal is to open a TIMELESS PORTAL through a interstellar/internet/noosphere TIME CAPSULE, while we ILLUMINATE our Pains, Pleasures and Projections through the Reflections and Challenges of LIFE CIRCLES! A journey of PLAYIFICATION including Random Acts of Kindness and/or Kink, Loving Outbursts, and MAGICAL Moonsphere Manifestations, lots of MAGIC to be had, eXpounding beyond the boundaries of the Love Burns collective consciousness, we are here to bridge the SOCIAL and DIGITAL DIVIDES in ARGH realities through a SPINTERACTIVE VR MIAMI Illuminated Third-eye eXperience. Delving through the ART of CONNECTION, join us down the HAPPY TRAILS rabbit holes and find yourself playing the Presentville sacred treasure hunt with a select set of DEVI’s who are delightfully SEEDing and over-SEER’ing our community and its surroundings!

We welcome the burning down of man and purging of trojan horses… Cicada’s amongst us, we have trust in offering the RED/BLUE pill matrix eXtractions…. Inquire about and becoming an Ambassador =)

Illuminated Third-Eye Projections: Moon Sphere Manifestations
Demythification of the blockchain and bitcoin: It came from planet bass!
VR-Miami-360: The Bronz Productions, 360 video and Virtual Reality
SPINTERACTIVE: Hololens with Alexandre
Happy Trails: Animation with Andy
ARTofCONNECTION: Explore communication, Social IQ, Equal Energetic exchange (Givers Takers Matchers), Social Entrepreneurship, and approaching with Energetic Play
Sacred SPACEStation: Vattsu & Feng Shui, cleanse w/ dieta & superfood, body work, spoken word incantations, intentional goal setting, sacraments and rebirth. Reading material, yoga bands, mats, rollers, hydration station.
Presentville: A treasure hunt in the sacred world =
eXperience Technologies: eXpress and eXcellerate in The GAME that brings it all together to gather our forces with eXorb =
Magic are the words of the colorful birds,
When they sing and flock to gather,
To be one in flight and one of a feather,
Surrendering simply to synchronicity,
Rendering their destiny to future winds
Of change and common gains unknown ...

World Wide, Nationwide and Florida
McNasty's Camp ExileEvelyn Villafana

Dedicated to the rogue rebels, undesirables, sexual deviants, sluts of fortune, and soldiers of misfortune.

Join us for fun, frivolity, and mayhem. Good vibes abound as our DJ Rod Nasty rocks your world.

Cocoa Beach, Florida
Miki Beach campDan ruiz

Small theme camp with 20 people looking forward to have a art piece to burn on friday , we will interact with the crowd be there to help the community

miami/ nyc
Mystic FamilyBritton/Mystic Cook

3 easy ups,4-5 tents , a mystical theme very unique.

Florida and DC
Mystic FamilyMystic Britton Cook

The camp is a artistic camp with beautiful batiks tapestrys. With 3 easy ups it's going to be a brunch kitchen serving French toast, and pancakes. And lots of LED lights at night buddah
statues. Like a Shrine.

DC Cal Fla
Oklahomies FreeRange DiscoPaula aka Fresh Happens

We do silent disco but it's free range, we broadcast from different theme camps.

Tulsa Oklahoma
PiePedalsDean Hively

PiePedals is an offshoot of the Pedal Pies burning man theme camp, with a mission to serve delicious wood fired pizza in the most unexpected places. We gift pizza with a lot of flair. And we like holding space for silly amazing things to happen. We'll set up a monkeyhut chill space, a speaker, fun lighting, tiki torches, some art, and pizza ovens. Our campmate Arthur is bringing a crazy 10000 LED cube he soldered together, and he is also a great fire spinner. Elise and I perform as Acrolesque, and like to teach acroyoga, and my co-camp lead, Smiley is a long time burner troublemaker who loves loveburn and used to live in Miami. We've got lots of friends in the DC crew, and I believe we're all shipping in a container from DC.
Will have a crazy 10000 LED cube soldered together by our campmate arthur, who is also a beautiful fire spinner. We have a speaker, groovy lighting, monkeyhut chill space, pizza oven show and pizza gifting.
Recently we rocked it at Nomadico. We'll be bringing a monkeyhut chill space, good lighting, pizza ovens, maybe some acroyoga classes or performances.

We're friends with all DC camps, and love to teach acro, and generally pitch in around the festival. um, plus chill and have fun, or course...

P.S. Last year some of us camped with Camp Very Nice and helped Quantum set up his buffing station in our space because he was so busy... we loved doing that and we would gladly do it again this year if it helps you guys in any way... YOUR BUFFING STATION ROCKS AND IT'S AN HONOR TO HELP YOU OUT :)

DC not washington
PlaisanceAaron Parness

Join Plaisance as we create a multidimensional wonderland for your pleasure. In collaboration with Camp Contact and other Washington DC based camps, we welcome you to indulge your inner child through movement and play. Find revelry in our interactive art sculptures: Incendio Terra and Die waldgiest. Chill in our lounge. Find connection and healing through yoga and dance. Jump into our innovative recreations of favorite games! A spectrum of experience awaits...Can you come out and play?

For infrastructure: We'd like to use the Pavilion as a shelf for kitchen and dining similar to last year. To house our activities, we'll bring a 20'x20' Octagon tent structure and a parachute suspended it's middle from the crane and stake out the periphery with 5-6 foot tall poles to support the edges to provide a 30' diameter shelter.

As last camp contact did last year we we be hosting the DC Snow birds transport trailer and support.

Washington, DC
Polyamory and Sex Positive PlaygroundSarah Tingle

We will be having workshops and demos about all things fun and sexy. We will discuss sex-positivity, enthusiastic consent, adding kink to your sex life, open communication in relationships, polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, body positivity, sexual safety, and a BUNCH of other loving and sexy topics!

RE-campDaniel Walker

RE-camp " Everything RE" (Reduce,Reuse,Recycle,Recover)
And Recycledelic Upcycled arts.
Two Workshops open discussion of:
7 principles of " Leave no trace" Outdoor Ethics (Festival Language) and
6 R's of sustainability how we can Reduce our impact in our lives and communities.

St. Petersburg florida
Reggae SharkJapa Volchok

Reggae Shark is a group of Miami, NYC, and CA burners who have been attending the main burn for 10 years and the Love burn for 2. Our camp is looking to engage with the community and provide a fun space to be creative and make your game mascot as mini figure, a mask or just sketch it for your wall!

Miami, NYC
Shambhala & Bass StationAnnie Eng

Shambhala & Bass Station is a mystical kingdom of collective of artists, musicians, circus performers, Djs, yogis, shamans, gypsies, and enlighten beings. During the day,

Shambhala offer yoga, Tai-chi, Qi-Gong, and self defense class from professional instructors. Aerial silk and hoop performers will perform throughout the day.

Come visit the Gong temple for some sound healing session. Play all your favorite old school arcade games on the big screen. Choose from 100's of games built before 1995, like Frogger, Donkey Kong, PacMan, Galaga, Qbert, DigDug, Tempest, Defender, Contra, Joust, 720°, Robotron, Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 3.

In the afternoon and evening, Bass Station will be spinning tunes with projection of psychedelic visuals on screens.

Come dance and party!

All from Central to South FL
Shameless Sexytime SoireeBecky Rubright

The Shameless Sexytime Soiree is an 18 and over adult playground for sexual expression and exploration. We've created a warm and inviting environment, complete with beds, couches, a stripper pole, a sex swing, and some other goodies for you and your partner(s) to play with and on. We focus on providing you with a safe and friendly place to do whatever you wish, as long as you follow the rules of consent and communication!

all over Florida.
Shangri La La VersailleslandHeather Helphrey

Shangri La La Versailles brings the decadence of old world opulence and the ancient gaming wonder of Atari together! Join us for gaming on a giant movie screen, eat cake and drink Champagne! Don't forget your powdered wig, or you'll be sent to the guillotine!

spacebarBen Cannon

Welcoming all life forms (even robots) from every galaxy of this and all other universes, “spacebar” is a relaxed location for open thought and discovery. With a chill lounge feel and a comfortable environment we strive to offer an inviting and restfully place to relax during your travels through the milky way galaxy. Stop by and enjoy a chilled cosmic concoction and meet other space travels for some mind expanding conversation and fun!

Spin RevolutionDorne Pentes

We are a flow arts camp! We spin hoops, poi, staff, flow wands.We will give back to our community by teaching hooping and flow arts, gifting hoops, and hosting spin jams. We are happy, healthy, loving, friendly folks.

Charlotte, NC
TechnoCadeKevin Young

Join us for a throw back Arcade adventure. Veg out with our multiple game stations set up with the Game-Tender. No need to swipe left or right. Every night there will be a fresh to the max dance party played by our skillful DJs playing the beats to move your feet in our GRÜVER LANDER booth. Challenge your mates on our radical 8 foot tall arcade cab with over 3000 vintage and new games. Enjoy a Bitchn' Bevy at our refueling station. Like, oh my god this camp is brought to you by the same tubular Dude's and Dudette's who brought you Foreverland Castle last year. We're so stoked we are wiggin' out to bring you this righteous time! All your base are belong to us. Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON DUDES!

Tampa, FL
TetrUsPaulina Perepelkin

Camp Tetrus: go tetrUs yourself! Our main game will be to give away 3d printed tetris pieces (3d printed), and ask the people with a piece to go find others to form a tetris line (4 people). Once they find their complimentary tetris pieces, they will come back to our camp for a prize! (tbd), as well as to hang out and enjoy a proper adult beverage. We'll have additional games in the camp, as well as a bar.

Boston, Massachusetts (really, Cambridge & Somerville)
The Landing PadLeslie Rogers

The Landing Pad is an expression of warmth, beauty, and playfulness. We provide a haven that welcomes everyone to connect, relax, uplift, and get down. A world of soaring canopies, and plush comfortable couches and beds where you can rest and regenerate after raging on our dance floor, or gently prepare yourself for the brightness of day after a night spent under the stars. Dance with divine beings, epic altars, and the deep rhythms our Asheville DJs and Producers provide. For rest, sensuality, performance arts and prayerful exchange the Landing Pad offers well-tended, generous and visionary amenities…

Join us for a synergy of baddass booty shaking and conscious chill, elevate your spirit and ground down in the warm embrace of your friends and family...and we’re all family here!

Asheville, NC
The Tree of All Seeing EyesCami Carr

Arcampus based on a fortune tellers idea like the side quests in many RPG video games. The center of a camper van augmented our tree filled with I art objects lights lantern chandeliers and sculpture. We intend to hold fortunetelling events and quest events in order for people to urban gifts and tokens from the Tree. We will be serving drinks and food during schedule times which will be listed on the blackboard in front of our tree. We are in the process of having a camp pin made for all of our campers to hand out to the burners of the love burn. The theme of our camp is eyes and eyeballs and we have a lot of fun things in the works for this Burn!!!!

Fort Lauderdale, Georgia and Colorado
The Waking HeartsTao Zen

Our ZenVan will be mostly stationed by our theme camp. It is a focal point of the day and night for stragglers looking for magical experiences.

We are bringing a mix of artists that will be collaborating in something we call the HEART SHOP. It's an art shop but with HEART! (For LoveBurn, we will be trading art). We will be doing activations at our camp, pop-up performances, and pop-up spots to chill.

Miami, Florida
Tiger's Tea & Toast & SortuarySpike Okeefe

Tiger’s Tea & Toast and Animal Sanctuary (also known as Sortuary) is a dedicated chill space that is staffed with caring people who are there to assist fellow burners who may need a space to relax, have a conversation or to just take a quick break to sort themselves out. The space is volunteer staffed to help participants with their needs and is always supported by the coordinators Spike and Goldie 24hrs a day. SOOOooo, Come to the Sortuary when you’re feeling out of sorts, or maybe, had too many of all kinds of sorts or just want to hang out with some other sorts…we have experienced, caring, fun and awesome people to spend time with while the sorts get sorted out. The Sortuary is open 24/7 for your sorting enjoyment. Sortuary is a great place to hang out when you aren’t needing support too, so stop by and say hi, hang out for a bit and have a fun time sorting yourselves at the Sortuary. Tiger’s Tea & Toast is serving nightly from around dusk til around dawn. Bring your own hot cups please.

Central Florida
Twilight TribeRobert Crawford

We're a camp full of djs with a passion for big sound. We play all kinds of music, and welcome guest djs.
Our space will be furnished with a huge cozy cuddle puddle, tons of lights and Lasers. Plus lots of comfy seating to take a load off.

Tallahassee Fl
UNDER THE SEAElizabeth Keith

We are spirit people from the sea (first time burners) who will be playing games, building sand sculptures and forming new friends with fellow artists. We will also be using recycled martials to create talisman. An object which is believed to contain certain magical properties to bring good luck to the creator. All supplies provided for the first 100-people... the guppies swimming through uncharted waters of creativity.

Fort Lauderdale, Flroida
WarlocksStacey Pender (coppertop)

Warlocks invites you to stop by our camp and enjoy some good ol entertainment. We are a phamily from the Tampa/St Pete area that love to burn together. Our tribe consist of a multitude of fire props, breathers, jugglers, body painters, artist and of course a magician. We love to perform and invite you to come play with us. Let one of us know if youd like to learn about one of our props we'd love to give you a lesson or four. Remember safety third!

tampa/st pete
WülfpackJay Ross Barwick

A small and merry band of DJs and Music lovers whose musical interests span the wide gaps between Chill Out, Deep Tech, Tech House, and Techno. Music from 4p-10p, with appropriate sunset vibe and integrated lighting effects. We just want to share what we love with who we love!

Orlando/Miami, FL
Yacht ClubTerri Fisher

The Yacht Club is a daytime focused theme camp that thrives off of bringing water toys to the Love Burn. We bring toys abandoned at burns past,

Asheville, NC
You are BeautifulRory Coyle

You Are Beautiful Camp recognizes the divine beauty in all of us, shared through a smile, a conversation, music, dance, laughter, and play. Come enjoy a beautiful moment with us, and help us perceive even clearer how amazing you are. Remember: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

This camp is a safe space to unfold your true beauty and to be loved and accepted. We feature whimsical art, relaxation, connection, and playful jubilance!

Georgia, Savannah and atlanta
You are BeautifulRory Coyle

You Are Beautiful Camp recognizes the divine beauty in all of us, shared through a smile, a conversation, music, dance, laughter, and play. Come enjoy a beautiful moment with us, and help us perceive even clearer how amazing you are. Remember: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

This camp is a safe space to unfold your true beauty and to be loved and accepted. We feature whimsical art, relaxation, connection, and playful jubilance!

Georgia, Savannah and atlanta
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