Survival Guide

The Love Burn Survival Guide

Here is a short “Pack It” lists of handy items you might need for The Love Burn experience. While these lists are in no way exhaustive, or tailored to your specific needs, you may find them handy to use as general guidelines for what to pack. Please excuse (enjoy) any sarcasm. We are just trying to make this a little more fun.


o Your Official Ticket and Legal ID (no, really, someone always forgets. Pack it and take a picture of it with your phone. Actually take a picture of your ID and make it your phone Lock Screen (you’d be surprised how many phones we find). The ticket bar code should match your name and ID. If not, call Brown Paper Tickets at 800-838-3006 anytime 24/7. Need a ticket: Parking passes are

o If bringing someone under 18 with you, their ticket and Legal ID (Birth Certificate preferred) naming you as their parent or legal guardian.

o Sign up to volunteer at least 4 hours.  Seriously, this event only happens becuase YOU volunteer for the event (not just your camp). Go now to

o Bring something to sleep in: tent, camper or RV
o Shade Structure for your group or theme camp
o Tarp, optional for floor of tent or shade structure
o Extra full-size tent stakes like rebar (not the little wussy ones. giant, 9-inch nails with green plastic tabs – strong winds are common daily)
o Mallet or hammer (for the tent stakes or rebar)
o Blankets or sleeping bag. seriously
o COSTUMES – World’s Fair Theme or your Theme Camp or anything fun (no nudity per park rules)
o Clean underwear (helps if you pack in a zip baggie to keep them extra clean)
o Cooler for your food and drinks
o CASH for parking (about $30-32 per car and $60 for RVs or trailers)
o CASH for Ice, small bills please
o Camp chairs
o Bedding (foam pad/cot, pillows, sheets/blankets, air mattresses)
o Duct tape (or tape of your choice for life’s little tears)
o Pocket knife
o Work gloves
o Trash and recycle bags
o Water to drink
o Food to eat
o Electrolytes (you are responsible for your hydration, drink water and try sea salt water, Emergen-C packets or some athlete drinks in your cooler)
o Sunscreen
o Bug Repellant (serious mosquitoes, sand fleas and no-see-ums in Florida!)
o Head lamps with batteries! (Newbies, take note. You will be wandering around at night in dark places. Don’t step in a hole. Or on a person.)
o Light up wire – seriously, use EL Wire or LED lights to decorate your outfits. We can’t see you in the dark.
o Flashlight, light sources, tent light with batteries for digging through stuff in your tent
o Any product that treats itchy bug bites, seriously, if you are sweet, then bring some itch relief cream
o Baby wipes (clean up nice when you’re hot and sweaty and don’t want to take a shower or jump in the water. They make life so much nicer.)
o TP for the potty
o Paper towels (and a trash receptacle or bag to throw away said paper towel)
o Portable ashtrays (altoids tin) or switch to an electronic cigarette or hookah stick, more environmentally friendly to the people around you.
o Vitamins and your medicine (we are not your mom or doctor)
o Batteries for devices (bring more than enough)
o Reusable Cup(s) for hot and cold drinks
o Plate and bowl — the collapsible ones are great
o Utensils – something like a metal spork if you don’t want to to carry a lot
o Can opener + bottle opener
o Water bottles w/carabiner to clip onto your clothes/backpack
o EARPLUGS (for visits to the dance camps, foam ones for sleeping)
o Sleep mask (optional)
o Handkerchiefs and washcloths (cleaning, wearing on your head, keeping you cool)
o A soapy sponge in a Ziploc bag for dish-washing (again, your mom is not here to help or maybe she is)
o BUG SPRAY (Repeat: bring bug spray and sunscreen)
o Plastic bins (work great for organizing your stuff, costumes, etc. and will keep your stuff dry in a likely rainstorm)
o Sunglasses (bring extra. you will most likely lose, break, or decorate your pair at a theme camp.)
o Hats (prevent sunburn and look cool)
o First-aid kit (bandaids and other things – radical self reliance)
o Swimwear (for wading in the ocean)
o Extra towels (Don’t panic… and always bring a towel. it might rain. tents leak. dry yourself off after swimming or a shower. you can put out a fire with a cotton one. they’re great.)
o Lighters (you may lose one or more)
o Little gifts for new friends
o Blinky stuff (don’t be a darkwad)
o Warm coat – furry or otherwise (with your name in it somewhere, please!)
o Toothbrush and hairbrush (if you have teeth and hair)
o Poncho (or jacket that’s good in the rain)
o Basic tools (wrench, screwdrivers, scissors/shears – radical self reliance)
o Backpack/camelbak optional, it’s not that huge of a venue, you really might just need a refillable cup.
o And some other stuff, but I can’t think of it right now. You make your list, okay?

Nice luxuries:
o Cell phone to stay connected with Event Guide Phone App
o Tent fan (battery- powered, keeps some air flowing)
o Outdoor-rated extension cord (to power things from distant generators)
o Parasol/umbrella (fashion accessory doubles as portable shade for long walks)
o iPod/mp3 player & earbuds (sometimes you need to hear your own music to relax)
o Safety pins (for when your costume malfunctions on burn night and the strap on your backpack simultaneously breaks)

Bring a legal form of ID for your child – copy of birth certificate, insurance card.
Prepare to be with your child during the entire event by practicing Responsible Parenting.
Find friends in advance to join you and to share the parenting duties with you so you get much needed alone time with your baby maker.

No pets, with the exception of service dogs with proper paperwork. The venue does not allow animals.

MARK YOUR STUFF – Label any significant possessions (including BIKES, CAMERAS, BACKPACKS, jackets) with your name, phone number, email address, and for added perks, your camp location. Or staple a business card to them.  We don’t want your stuff. You want your stuff. Label everything. Please put a business card or make a bunch of papers with your name on it and put in the pocket of the coat you tend to leave places when you fall asleep.

LOST AND FOUND – Greeters or QuarterMaster Station (TBD) will host a Lost and Found box. Bring any found phones, coats, items, etc. to Greeters Station or give a Ranger on Duty. On your way leaving the event, be sure to tell the Greeters Station what you have lost. If it is not found immediately, a LOST AND FOUND Sheet will be filled out by you with your missing item info.  We will try to list it on the Phone App, so notify someone asap.

GATE HOURS – Subject to change. Link is here.

See you at The Love Burn.

More questions, email Be patient, we only have so many people handling emails and things. Love you.