Music & Sound Policy

We LOVE Good Music at the right time.

Bring your best music. Then play it at appropriate times and volumes for the audience.

Amplified sound is an integral part of The Love Burn. Artistic expression through the medium of sound is highly encouraged and appreciated by the community and organization.

SILENT DISCO: Late night music may be switched to Silent Disco provided by the Silent Disco Sound Camp. In order to get a pair of headsets, you must hand over a legal ID. You will get the ID back when you return the headsets. Carry your ID around with you during the event.

BE CONSIDERATE TO OTHERS: There are hours for quiet time, workshops and yoga classes, just as there are hours for peaceful music, and hours for party music. Play appropriately or the Ranger on duty or the Sound Marshall will have the right to ask you to stop playing, switch to Silent Disco Transmission and/or reduce your volume.

OVERALL SOUND POLICY: Please NO beat thumping, loud music when there is no one dancing to it or there is no one around, people are probably sleeping and too polite to ask you to quiet down. If it’s during prime party time, then it may be okay, but if someone has to get up from bed to ask you to quiet down, then you are probably not disturbing one person but at least a dozen who are too polite to get up. If someone asks you to play quieter and you are not surrounded by a group of people enjoying your music, then you can listen to the music on your own headphones or be added to The Silent Disco transmitter. Be respectful.

Sound Marshals: The Love Burn volunteers who are trained to understand sound propagation and who are entrusted to monitor amplified sound levels, ensure participants are not violating the Sound Policy, educate participants about why certain sound maximums are necessary at any given time, and enforce the Sound Policy as necessary. Sound Marshals are individuals who are sound experts and are the first stop for sound related questions. If you cannot find a Sound Marshal, find a Ranger who will help you either find one or answer your question or concern.


    • DJs and other noise creating artists are an essential part of our community.
    • Many sound artists spend countless hours preparing for their limited time on stage. Please respect their art whether you appreciate it or not.
    • Bring ear plugs. There may be no quiet places at The Love Burn.
    • If you are having sound related problems, please talk to your neighbors emitting the sound and attempt to resolve the issue amicably with the sound producer. If necessary, involve a Ranger in the process.
    • If you have a problem with sound levels, do not go directly to the DJ who is performing to attempt to resolve the issue. They probably cannot hear you, but more importantly, they are performing. You would NOT interrupt an actor in the middle of a play; please do NOT interrupt a DJ in the middle of his/her set. Instead, locate the on-duty Sound Marshall or Ranger to discuss your concerns.
  • Discuss and listen. Express your concerns. Be respectful.


    • In the event that there is a formal complaint lodged by a local resident, police or other city or county official, event-wide sound will be dampened within 10 minutes.
    • To maximize response speed, The Love Burn Rangers will assist the Sound Marshals and the Rangers in communicating the situation to all sound producing entities.
    • Should a complaint or emergency situation occur, all sound-emitting entities are required to immediately adjust their sound output as determined by the Sound Marshal(s), Ranger(s), or leader(s) of The Love Burn Inc.
    • Acceptable sound levels during emergency sound abatement will be much lower than during the event, and may be as extreme as silence in bass frequency ranges (“cut subs”), reduced to Silent Disco headsets only, or possibly quieted on all frequencies (“cut sound”).
  • When emergency sound abatement procedures are concluded, sound and music will likely need to be adjusted lower to prevent such an event from happening again.

To submit your interest in performing at The Love Burn, please fill out the form at