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MUSICIANS who said they are coming to Love Burn! There are many more, but these gave us their info.

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Edgy and impossible-to-ignore Hip-Hop artist Chelzzz is setting the vibe at Love Burn with her recipe: heavy trap beats, bars for days and a voice that can't be replicated. Come catch a vibe!

Dennis Anderson

Banana Hammocks Stage

DJ CARE - Carrie Barroll (Pavitt)

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Straight outta' Miami with deep Seattle roots DJ CARE has an eclectic style with a laser-like focus on playing the best music for the vibe at hand. Electro, house, breaks, downtempo, hip-hop, ambient, dub, world beat, and so much more. She goes deep into the soul of the party injecting luscious sound into the hearts of all participants creating unforgettable experiences with love and CARE.

Luca Graziani

Just the best vibes on the playa!

Sahara Dawn

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***Sahara Dawn***
"Entheogenik Productions"

Sahara Dawn has been a composer and performer ever since being first inspired by Sufi & Persian poetry and her family's traditional music as a young girl in Tehran, Iran. After exploring the underground scene at home and putting herself at constant risk by performing and throwing underground desert shows in stunning spots around Iran. She formed her first underground metal and prog psychedelic rock band and recorded her first Ep after years and finally moved to London to further study and develop her passion for music. She played bass and toured with her post-punk band Mekanoset, Electric Litany and two others with marked success. With a hunger for more and fascinated by both the parallelism and divergence of music & cultures around the world, she traveled and played across the globe in places London, Germany, France, India, Greece and Turkey. There she sook out the furthest reaches of human expression, in forms such as trip-hop, psy-base, world beat, glitch, drum and bass, sacred intonations and avant-garde. Since moving to the USA Sahara has performed with renowned artists such as Desert Dwellers, Amani friend, Kaminanda, Govinda, Kalya Scintilla, Eve Olution, Random Rab, Whitebear. She intricately weaves sonic energies of antiquity and the future; bringing people together through the freeing discovery of new movement and transcendental divine connection.

Timothy Getz

When all else fails bring the heat... This is a statement that is sure to make sense after an hour long set of some of the finest, high energy booty music, the break beat world has to offer. Timothy Getz's sound is one that is sure to capture your attention and keep you moving with the kind of tunes that have soul and depth.

Since making his presence into the EDM scene in early 2007 he has spent time in nearly every city in the mid west spreading his love for the music and studying what it is that creates "mass movement", Sure crowd control and an enlighten sense of well being for every soul in the room. In his mind this is a Dj's purpose.

Hey Musicians, Djs, Bands, Performers, Sound producers. We welcome music as part of your gift to the community.  Everyone needs a ticket to enter event. We do not hire musicians since we are NOT a music festival but a Burn.

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Ideally, you are already with a Theme Camp and sound stage or outgoing enough to seek out opportunities before the event with camp leaders.  Rock on! Must already have ticket to event.

2019 Music Form

  • As a volunteer-run event, tickets are used to pay for all event infrastructure, generators, fencing and much more. EVERYONE volunteers and everyone is required to get a ticket to The Love Burn before the event (and before they are sold out). Advanced registration and tickets are required to attend or volunteer at The Love Burn.
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