Make a Great Love X Talk

Theme: “Love is…”


About Our Theme:

Maybe you met the love of your life at 8 or 38 years old. And you’re still together.

Maybe your partner of 10 years announced he wanted to transition into a female and/or date men.

Maybe after becoming parents your marriage got worse – or much better.

From dating to marriage to kids and divorce, we all have an experience.

What We Are Looking For:

Love. The word has many meanings. For some, it brings up images of marriage and kids. For others, it conjures up feelings of inadequacy, missed expectations and heartbreak. The point is, we’ve all had love in our lives, but very few would consider themselves experts on the topic. But, we each have unique expertise from having loved to share.

Ideas for your talk:

  • Babyproofing Your Marriage
  • Goal Setting Your Relationship
  • Beyond the wedding bells
  • When Shit hits the fan
  • My partner is not into me anymore
  • Giving/getting better orgasms
  • When Money Runs Out
  • Life as a Single Parent
  • Help, I’ve fallen and I need help up
  • My husband wants to date guys
  • Helping partners survive loss
  • Marriage as a Master Mind
  • When a friend becomes a widow
  • Dealing with post-partum/PTSD/midlife crisis/layoffs/etc.
  • Always the bridesmaid
  • Being Everybody’s Favorite Uncle
  • I’m The Rebound Guy/Girl
  • Finding your partner online/apps
  • What if your partner has a serious mental or medical issue
  • Choosing NOT to have children
  • And more…share your ideas

LoveX is looking for our participants to be speakers and performers. Share your perspectives on love and relationships. We all know they do not always function perfectly.

How does love fit into your life? How has it changed you or made you who you are?

We want to know what’s unique or surprising about your experience with love.

We are looking for both speakers, as well as performers. If you wish to expand on our theme using music, dance, magic or some other performance art that will captivate your audience, we welcome you to join us at LoveX.

Length of Talk/Performance:

Each talk should be between 3 and 18 minutes long. Performances should be 1 to 5 minutes long. By keeping all talks and performances to this short timeframe, the audience can maintain complete attention on the presenter and your message.

Suggested Rules to Follow:

  • Stay on topic.
  • No selling from the stage.
  • No political agendas.
  • Must involve a relationship.
  • Must have some details that enhance talk.
  • Suggest involving conversations about sex, orgasms and techniques.

If you would like to be considered to speak or perform at the LoveX event, please fill out the Speaker form. You can find the form on the website under the link; “Registration Forms”. The LoveX internal committee will make final decisions on all ideas/speakers. 

Speakers/Performers Please Note:

  • Please ensure that your proposed talk or performance clearly demonstrates a connection with the Love theme. Applications that do not meet these criteria will not be considered for this event.
  • Please review the form to determine the information that we require as part of the submission process.