Love Burn Power Request Form

2019 Power Infrastructure Requests

For Love Burners trying to get turned on... This is the submission form for power needs at Love Burn 2019. All requests for power must be submitted before January 10 2019. Not all requests will be fulfilled. The Love Burn, Scope Event Services LLC and Herc Rentals are not responsible for the maintenance and use of any electronic equipment on the temporary power grid. All participants in The Love Burn 2019 take full responsibility for the safety and care of their equipment during the event. Individuals making requests agree to use components which are safe and will not harm others due to negligence. Any damages to a campers property or injury which result as misuse or negligence are not the liability or Love Burn LLC, Scope Event Services LLC or Herc Rentals. By completing this form the camp affiliated with the requests agrees to the above.