Golf Car

2019 DMV Golf Car Registration
Bringing a Golf Car with NO major modifications other than lights and decoration? Fill out this form. Otherwise, fill out the other form for Mutant Vehicles.

You must apply online by January 13th. No mailed-in applications will be accepted. Applications will not be accepted at the event and any vehicles not pre-registered will be impounded for the duration of the event.
Your Golf Car will be inspected upon entry to the event, and if not already lit up and decorated, you must leave the it in the DMV impound lot until you can return to deck it out and receive your official tag. 

The Golf Car has to have decorations. Here are some ideas. They must also be lit. Please include picture or sketch of your planned golf car.
golf cart decorating ideas Inspirational Golf cart Christmas parade Golf carts Pinterest Golf Car Santa Golf Car Leprechaun Golf Car Flag



Golf car construction Golf Car Gingerbread snowflakes Captiva christmas golf cart

2019 DMV Golf Car Registration

Bringing a Golf Cart with NO special anything added to it but lights and decorations. Fill out this form. nnOtherwise, fill out the other form.
  • DMV Guide is online at
  • List your theme camp name. If no Theme Camp, list Open Camping.
  • Describe your Golf Car or Electric Scooter. Anything other than a Golf Car, motorized bicycle or small scooter, must register on Other Form.
  • Is your vehicle gas or electric? How will you be charging or refilling it?
  • Please include a picture of your golf cart.