Love Burn 2019



IF YOU HAVE A TICKET CODE- please PRINT your ticket, parking pass and waiver out, also screenshot the barcode and save your electronic ticket in your email. If you bring your code to the gate and don’t have your ticket ready it causes a major backup at the gate sometimes delaying entry up to 1 hour.

ALL VOLUNTEERS please meet for your shift at the Greeter Gate (in previous years this was the main gate) If you have NOT signed up for a volunteer shift, Fire Perimeter is in need of bodies, no perimeter team = no effigy burns so please sign up! Electronic volunteer signup is closed but you can sign up onsite at the volunteer meeting point (Greeter Gate).

You have 2 HOURS TO UNPACK YOUR CAR AND MOVE it to the parking lot on 1820 Arthur Lamb Road. We have a tow truck onsite and if you are towed WITHOUT a parking pass in your window your car will be towed to the City of Miami impound lot so make sure your car has a parking pass before entering.

Ice sales – ICE will be available from 11:30am to 6:30pm, CASH ONLY- $4 per 10lb bag.

If you are camping in a TRAILER, please drop the trailer and park your vehicle in the parking lot.

If you are planning on CAR CAMPING, you will need to get approval on site from the placement leads or appropriate personnel.

If your camp HAS NOT BEEN PHYSICALLY PLACED ON SITE or if you are open camping, please wait at Greeter Gate for a Placement volunteer, we would hate to have you unpack in the WRONG location and have to move you!

Safe travels and see you all soon! 

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where can I buy my ticket to The Love Burn 2019?

Tickets can be activated via Brown Paper Tickets (BPT). https://loveburn2019.brownpapertickets.com You must have a ticket receipt from BPT.
DON’T GET SCAMMED. You may also call Brown Paper Tickets at 800-838-3006.

  • Where can I buy my Parking Pass to The Love Burn 2019?

Visit https://parking2019.brownpapertickets.com for Car and RV Parking Passes.

  • How can I get a discount ticket?

Visit www.theloveburn.com/discounts and submit your application.  Discount ticket submissions are available until January 15th.

  • Can I get a refund after ticket purchase or transfer my ticket?

NO!  Tickets are non-refundable.  However, you may transfer your ticket to another individual by calling Brown Paper Tickets 800-838-3006.  Ticket must match the acquiring person’s legal ID.

  • I want to buy a ticket from someone. How can I check if it is valid?

If you are buying a ticket from someone but do not know them, it is a good idea to CALL Brown Paper Tickets FIRST at 800-838-3006. You can tell them the person’s legal name and they are authorized to tell you if that person has a ticket or parking pass in their name.

  • Do I need to bring my printed ticket and printed waiver?

YES!  You will need to bring your printed ticket and printed waiver for registration.  SAVE YOURSELF TIME by printing your waiver, as you will be asked to sign the hard copy for our records.  If you do not bring the printed waiver you will have to fill out the waiver on-site by hand. There are no printers or printing services on-site.  Waiver is on the website at TheLoveBurn.com.

  • Can I purchase a 1-day ticket or come visit my friend that did purchase a ticket?

NO!  There are no one day passes and there are no “visiting friends”.  EVERYONE needs to present a valid ticket, signed waiver, and have a wristband on at all times.  Anyone caught with a false wristband is considered trespassing. If your wristband is caught on another person, you may be prosecuted for trespassing as well. Your wristband will have a number attached to your name and waiver.  Get a ticket for every person, otherwise, you and/or they will be considered trespassing and be held to the fullest extent of the law.


  • I would like to volunteer, who do I contact or how do I go about this?

Submit your application via www.theloveburn.com/volunteerapplication. Read next point…

  • If I am volunteering, do I still need to purchase a ticket?

YES!  The Love Burn is a volunteer run event.  Everyone is encouraged to volunteer.

  • Can I get in for free?

No. Everyone participating at The Love Burn must purchase a ticket.  Anyone caught trespassing will be held to the fullest extent of the law.  Ticket holders must have a wristband while at the event, otherwise they could be considered trespassing.

  • Can I purchase a last minute ticket the day of the event at ticket window or online?

NO!  Ticket Sales are closing January 15.  There is NO WILL CALL and there are no sales at the event.  You snooze you lose, maybe next year!

Cell Phones are Allowed at Love Burn. Don’t believe everything you read on Facebook. #FakeNews

Before you photograph anyone, please ask them first. People come to Burns to get away from the Default World. That may mean that they want no one else to know about their Burner name or their fun camping on the beach. If you take a photo of someone, ask first. And show them the picture. Thanks!

LOVE BURN APP IS NOW LIVE – Get your event guide.
on GOOGLE PLAY and Apple: Search for Love Burn 




  • What are the gate hours?

Please check TheLoveBurn.com website for most recently updated information.  You may begin to arrive on Thursday, 10:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. The official entry day and times is Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. All ticket holders welcome!  2 hours will be alloted in order to unload your car and move your vehicle to the designated parking area. Parking passes required per vehicle at https://parking2019.brownpapertickets.com.

  • Where is the new entrance and where do I tell my Uber, Lyft or friend to drop me off?

New entrance is on 1820 ARTHUR LAMB JR RD, MIAMI, FL 33149. This is where you will need to enter and be dropped off.  Keep this in mind, otherwise you will be going in circles! Inform your Uber and/or Lyft driver that you are going to the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park 4020 Virginia Beach Dr, Miami, FL 33149, BUT mention the entrance is on Arthur Lamb Rd.


  • Can I sleep in my van and/or car?

Yes, if space allows.  Car camping is limited. If you are car camping, you may not set up a tent as well. Your sleeping quarters are either the tent or the vehicle, not both. We need the camping space for everyone to enjoy.

  • If I am not with a Theme Camp, can I pitch a tent somewhere in the area?

Depends. If you try to set up camp where a Theme Camp is setting up, you will most likely be moved. Be sure to check with placement to be put in Open Camping or risk having to set up twice.

  • I did not register a Theme Camp, where will I be placed?

Theme Camp registration is now closed.  If you did not register with a Theme Camp, you will be placed in Open Camping upon registration, in whatever space placement team can find for you.

  • Do I need to purchase a Parking Pass for both my RV and truck/car?

Depends.  If you are pulling the RV with a vehicle (like 5 wheel or trailer) you will only need to purchase an RV Parking Pass.  Should space allow, your pulling vehicle may remain in the camping spot with you. Otherwise, you will be asked to move your pulling vehicle to a designated area with a special pass to park there.

  • Can I dock my boat and camp on my boat?

YES! You still need an event ticket and wear a wristband. Keep in mind there is a 100 yard No Motor Zone of environmental protection.  This means when you bring in the dinghy you will have to row in the last 100 yards and row out again the first 100 yards. If you are anchoring you need to bring an anchor capable of holding strong in sand with enough anchor rode on board for a minimum 7:1 scope of charted depth otherwise your boat may float away!  There are mooring balls located right at the Marina on the other side of the bridge that would be the safest option. You could use a dinghy to get to Love Burn Island as long as you do not use a motor with in the first 100 yards of island and you lock the dinghy to a tree so that nobody takes it!  This is our recommendation and understanding of how the boating rules apply on the island. For further information, you may call the venue directly (Historic Virginia Key Beach) or look at their website https://virginiakeybeachpark.net.

  • Do I still need a waiver, registration and wristband if I am camping / arriving on boat?

YES!  All Love Burn participants collaborating on the island require a ticket, waiver and have a wristband to get in the event.  No exceptions!


  • What is appropriate as far as dress code?

Costumes are strongly encouraged. Love Burners dress in fun, fabulous beach-friendly ware. Closed-toe shoes strongly encouraged at all times. The event is being held in City property therefore, nudity is allowed only in designated areas and you must remain in said area.  Clothing is optional in certain sections of the venue from Friday to Sunday. If someone from the park management, in a Love Burn shirt or with a lanyard asks you to put clothing on, please be polite and get dressed as soon as possible. They probably have reasons to ask you that extend far beyond the time it takes to put on a fun costume.

  • Will there be access to toilets, BBQ, beach, et. al.?

YES, there will be toilets, locker room style showers and sinks, as well as beach access.  Bring drinking water, food, medicine and everything you may need. There are minimal permanent barbecue grills at the park. Come prepared.

  • Am I allowed to bring alcohol?

YES, bring any food, beverage and gifts you may like and some to share 🙂

  • Can I buy food or other supplies I forgot on-site?

NO!  There are no vendors or selling of services and/or merchandise allowed. Come prepared, pack your essentials and food and/or snacks.

  • Can I bring my pet?

NO!  Per venue rules, there are no pets allowed.  Service animals must be on a leash at all times, with Rabies vaccination tag visible on the collar or harness.  You will be asked to present a rabies vaccination and service certificate. If you do not have a valid rabies vaccination certificate, we have the right to refuse the animal entry.

Learn the 10 Principles of Burning Man

Love Burn celebrates the 10 Principles of Burning Man. Read them. https://theloveburn.com/principles/

  • Further Questions:

Email Volunteers@TheLoveBurn.com. Emails received after January 25 may not be responded to until February 2nd due to running the event.