Gate Entry, Parking, & Park Amenities – SUBJECT TO CHANGE

)*( Gate Hours

Subject to Change at any time.  Eastern Time Zone. All ages event with active parenting for youth under 18.


NEW: GATE ENTRANCE WILL BE ON ARTHUR LAMB ROAD (where cars were parked last year). See details on Map page

Save time at the gate by Typing your info and PRINTING your Waiver.  Bring your printed ticket, printed waiver and legal ID and get into the event faster.  COMING SOON.

BRING your Legal ID, WAIVER and printed “Brown Paper Ticket” barcode.


If you do not have your printed ticket, you may show your ticket receipt from your Phone with Brown Paper Ticket unique ticket code.

WAIVER: Must be typed or written legibly. Typing preferred. COMING SOON.

LEGAL ID: Have your legal State Identification Card or Passport ready to hand to the gate greeter.


When you arrive at the gate, you and your companions will be asked to show their legal photo ID, signed waiver with an emergency contact listed, and ticket from Brown Paper Tickets for The Love Burn 2019 to enter the event. The waiver acknowledges you take responsibility for any and all of your activities during the event.  You agree that you will abide by all local, state, and federal laws in order to enter and stay at the event.  You will participate as an active MEMBER of The Love Burn and will abide by the 10 Principles.


The park is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. If you want to come to the venue before Love Burn, the beach is a beautiful park. Camping is only allowed during Love Burn.

Pre-approved Early Entry Only.
10 A.M.: Early entry for Art Build and Love Burn Structure Volunteers.
DAY BUILD: Park is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. If you are local and want to help build during the day, please come by with work clothes ready to help. (Tickets and day parking rates are still required to enter our event area. You will have to sign waiver and get a build wristband.)

Wednesday is Theme Camp Build Day.
You will be expected to work with The Love Burn team, art project and/or a Theme Camp on building if you arrive before Thursday.
10 A.M. – 11:59 P.M.: Early entry for Theme Camps and Build Volunteers (notify us if you would like to be a volunteer for build day). Fill out EARLY ENTRY FORM.
Gate locked at Midnight or possibly earlier. (Phone number will be posted for later entry with a valid and convincing excuse or wait until the next morning).

THURSDAY at 10am is the beginning of event participant entrance.

THURSDAY 10 A.M. – 11:59 P.M. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ENTER ON THURSDAY AFTER 10am: Come as early as 10am and set up camp.  You will have 2 hours to unload your car and move vehicle to designated parking area.

FRIDAY 9:00 A.M. – 11:59 P.M. – Event Entry. All ticket holders welcome.
Gate locked at Midnight. (Phone number will be posted on gate for later entry with a valid and extremely convincing reason or wait until next morning).
You will have 2 hours to unload your car and move vehicle to designated parking area.

SATURDAY 9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. All invitation holders welcome.
Gate locked at 8pm for Effigy Burn.
After 6pm on Saturday:  Exit only.
Limited entry from 6pm to Midnight on Saturday for those with special pre-approved circumstances like the fire department.

Participants only! No spectators please. Everyone, that means you, volunteers at least 4 hours during event. Go to Volunteer Headquarters to help or register now.

SUNDAY 9:00 A.M. – 11:59 P.M. Chill by the ocean and enjoy the art.
No new entries after 6pm on Saturday. Exit only.

MONDAY EXIT ONLY by 2pm. All participants must have their belongings packed up and out on Monday. If your stuff is not off property by 4pm on Monday, you may be tarred and feathered and have to clean up that MOOP too. We love you but you got to go home.

SEND US PICTURES: Please post your best pictures to with amazing pictures you want to share.


Carpool and save money on your parking. The Historic Virginia Key Beach Park has offered us a reduced rate on parking of $40 per vehicle for the entire weekend. RVs were $60 in advance, $80 on site. The vehicle gets “in and out” access during gate hours of sunrise to gate hours in case you run out of something vital. THERE ARE NO FOOD VENDORS.  Come prepared, and DO NOT be a Sparkle Pony (or Sparkle Jackson.) You really won’t want to leave The Love Burn.


Generator Power is onsite starting January 21, but Monday, January 28th, all power will be removed early morning so if you are planning on staying till Monday afternoon, please plan on having NO POWER. RVs must be self-reliant using their own generators. Thanks and safe travels 💛


This is a CAMPING event. Bring your tent (with long tent stakes, i.e. rebar, it’s windy) or RV, shade structure, food, drinks, water, lights (don’t be a Darkwad), costumes, swimsuits, water toys, theme camp stuff, gifts and your essentials.  Come prepared. The weather should be nice but you never know what Mother Nature will do. READ THE SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR PACKING HINTS.

This is a Pack It In, Pack It Out event. You are responsible for taking your trash with you when you leave.

ICE will be available to purchase at the event with proceeds going to cover costs of ice and ice cooler. NO VENDING at The Love Burn.


Bring your water toys. Bring your swimsuit and your flotation devices. No Lifeguard will be on duty. There is a strong wind and current that runs along that section of water. Swim in pairs or groups to watch each other.

Bring your yachtYACHT FRIENDLY

Bring your yacht, your chef and enough food and drinks for all of us.  🙂 We may charge an exorbitant docking fee based on length (and possibly width) of your yacht to be determined by some obnoxious megaphone carrier (we love sarcasm).

Ballers welcome. We’ll make your boat look good enough to be featured in Vanity Fair or Maxim.

Bucket Lists. Is Burning Man on your Bucket List but has not worked out for you yet? That is okay. We will show you how an Official Regional Burning Man event works on the playa…but we add palm trees, endless ocean views, cell phone coverage, running water, tropical breezes, pizza delivery, and a few things you cannot find in the amazing desert event.

Virginia Key Beach Park offers a carousel, mini-train rides, playgrounds and lots of beach.  Bring your inner tubes, paddle boards, kayaks and other equipment for the water.

Ride on the Horse Carousel at Virginia Key Beach Park.
Ride on the Horse Carousel at Virginia Key Beach Park.
Go for a ride on the Mini Train just like on TV Show "Silver Spoons".
Go for a ride on the Mini Train.