Early Entry Requests

Need EARLY ENTRY for you or your team members to build art or theme camp structures?  

Tell us here to insure they can get into the event early. Everyone arriving early is there to work. We are a Volunteer-run event. Early entry is not for your entire camp, ONLY for builders and key parties essential to setup. ONLY FILL OUT THIS FORM IF YOU ARE ON BUILD TEAM FOR TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY.

Complete gate hours are on Gate Info page.

Early Entry


2017 Early Entry List

Enter the names of your Theme Camp Crew or Art Build Team that need to arrive early to The Love Burn.
  • Name your project. Art build crew, theme camp build, early ranger, DPW, or event build team.
  • Full NameEmailPhoneExpected Entry Date 
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    Only enter names and emails of your EARLY ENTRY Theme Camp Crew or Art Build Team that need to arrive on either Tuesday after 10am, or before before 4pm on Thursday at The Love Burn. Everyone must be off property by Monday, Feb 1st at 2pm. Everyone who arrives early, must help build, greet or volunteer. Click + sign to add more people.
  • Tell us or ask us anything you need to know for early arrival. Yes, your team can come and go off premises on Wednesday and Thursday. Official event start time is Thursday at 4pm. Anyone arriving Wednesday must be building art, DPW, Placement, structure or feeding crew.
  • Will your team want to camp overnight before the official opening date of February 2nd? If yes, how many people. We are limited in number of people allowed to sleep on property before event.