DPW and Quartermaster

DPWDPW Build Team: Love a hammer. Dream of forklifts? Can’t live without a tool belt? Then you may be perfect for the Department of Public Works. The finest build team around. Dept. of Public Works is the group that plans, surveys, builds, and takes down the basic infrastructure of our temporary community in beautiful Miami, Florida.  Lead by EZ who makes everything easier. SIGN UP HERE >>

Department of Public Works (DPW) Duties:
DPW is asked to arrive no later than Wednesday. You may arrive as early as Monday but need final approval from EZ.  DPW Breakdown team can leave as late as Wednesday.
  • General duties include setting up Love Burn infrastructure
  • Parking
  • Organizational support
  • Theme camp and artist support
  • Power grid installation and support
  • Effigy support
  • Effigy LNT
  • Fill potholes and other safety fixes as needed
  • Do whatever Quantum Glen and Prosperity ask of our rockstar builders
  • ****Heavy machinery operators needed*****
If you have any questions feel free to contact our Rockstar Leader EZ by email or phone.  ~EZ~ earlford241@gmail.com.

DPW Quartermaster: Equipment manager position. You have the important duty of managing distribution of tools, heavy equipment, radios, etc. by keeping track of which department has what in use.