Discounted Tickets

Not everyone who is a Love Burner is rich in money, but we all deserve to participate in the real life 2019 event. (If you are a mill/billionaire, help a future Love Burner out by visiting our Donation page.)

Need a discount?

Thanks to our generous donors who give a little something extra when they buy/bought their tickets, we can offer some discount tickets at half price through our 2019 Low Income Ticket Program. These tickets are reserved for participants on a limited income who cannot otherwise afford the regular priced ticket. These tickets are non-transferrable and available by application only.

Here’s what you need to know so you can be prepared to apply.

The program will close as soon as we have enough applicants. Submit your application as soon as possible. One per person.

  • Do not fill out this application on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet).

If you have already purchased a ticket to The Love Burn in any sale, you are not eligible for a Low Income ticket.

If you are approved for a Low Income ticket and purchase a Love Burn ticket in any later sale, your Low Income award will be revoked, even if the ticket was purchased for someone else or you let someone else use your credit card.

Applications are one per person. No couple or group applications. Feel free to reference each other in your applications if you wish.

Applications are one per email address. Applications with duplicate email addresses will not be considered.  You may not submit an application on someone else’s behalf unless the applicant has a disability that prevents them from submitting it themselves.

You must use your legal name on your application. If you are awarded a ticket you will be required to show legal photo ID in order to utilize your ticket at the event.

You must provide proof of your income and expenses; applications without documentation will not be considered.

We will not request additional documentation or clarification, please ensure your application is complete prior to submittal.

Tickets purchased through the Low Income Ticket Program are completely non-transferrable.

Car passes are not discounted. The per car parking fee is collected directly via the park at the event gate on the day you enter the event.

2019 Low Income Ticket

Discounted tickets to event. Please apply only once. Ticket codes are released once per week. Form will be removed once all discount tickets are sold.
  • Only one discounted ticket per person. You cannot buy a ticket for someone else.
  • Please explain what you want to contribute to The Love Burn and what you feel you will get out of participating in this event?
  • We are a volunteer-run event. How do you plan to volunteer at Love Burn? To receive your discounted ticket, you are required to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours during the event. There are many great volunteer roles. Your hours will be tracked and if you do not complete your 4 hours, then you will not be able to get a discounted ticket in the future.
  • We are an official regional Burning Man event. As such, we participate actively in applying the 10 Principles. If you do not know the principles, you can find them at
  • Who told you about The Love Burn? What do you know about Burning Man?
  • You must upload one proof of income & expenses for your submission to be complete. Examples: - Your plan of how to make America great again (hint: must be longer than President's plan) - Your current W2, - Current pay stub with your name on it, - Disability or unemployment benefits statement, - Current student loan statement, mortgage statement, etc. - If no income, credit card notice, empty wallet, or cancelled bank account statement. File Formats accepted: .jpg or .pdf, single page only for each, 1 MB or less each (please black out any account or social security numbers but leave your name visible). You can always take a picture of your documents using a digital camera, or smart phone if you don’t have access to a scanner.
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png, gif.