Art Proposals & Placement Requests

Love Burn 2017 is almost here.

Most big art and grants have been selected, however, there is still room for more art. Need placement? Tell us about your project.

READY: Have MOST of your information ready for consideration of receiving an Art Grant or Art Placement at The Love Burn 2017 or even LB 2018? Skip the Short Form below and go straight to the Long Form.

Get Inspired from Love Burn 2016 Sunday night Temple burn – Story of Us.

2017 ART Grant and Placement – Short Form.

Submit your request to be considered for art grants and placement at Love Burn 2017 or for the future of 2018.

Please be sure to mention how much ($, time, resources, shipping) your group intends to support the project personally or through fundraising efforts.

By participating in this event, you agree to hold Love Burn, Inc. its agents, members, managers, directors, and other personnel harmless for any liability related to participation and related to the receipt or donation of any funds at, through, or in any way associated with this event.  You will secure insurance as requested.

2017 Love Burn Art Grant/Placement Form - Short Form

Short Form - Planning to bring interactive art to The Love Burn and want to be considered for grants, placement or some physical help to set up or break down your art?
  • What is the proposed title of your art project?
  • Your legal name and your group name
  • Email address that works best for you
  • Phone calls will only be made on an as needed basis - we will primarily communicate with you through email.
  • Describe your vision. WHAT do you want to do? How will you accomplish it? WHY do you want to do it? Please provide a SHORT synopsis, budget overview, and manpower or financial assistance requested. Also, what is the approximate Size of your project for placement? You will be asked to submit a more detailed budget and overview as the event gets closer.
  • Recommended. Not required in this short form.
  • Is there anything else you want to say about your project? (Here's a good place to make a call-out for participation, link to photos, or website link to further info).