Teach a class


In the default world, you are an expert at something. At our event, you are invited to share that expertise with a small but amazing group of people.

Want to lead karaoke, host a play, teach a workshop, share sewing techniques, feed people with your magically delicious recipes, make silly sunglasses, lead playdo classes, show off your art, or teach yoga? You are welcome to share your knowledge.

You can either teach at the event or tell us about a class you are teaching in South Florida or online.

Safety Third @ Makers Square.                      Safety First @ The Love Burn

Safety Third @ Makers Square. Safety First @ The Love Burn



If you have not been to Makers Square yet, then check out their class schedule at www.MakersSquare.com. They teach classes like working with EL Wire, beer making, sewing, mead making (that’s like wine), pottery, art and much more.


The theme of the event is Superheroes and Villains. Lead a superhero dance-off, a villainous-theme contest or teach an awesome class.

Send your information to prosperity@theloveburn.com, so we can add you to our event booklet. Want to volunteer to create the event booklet? Tell us.