The Talent Show

Cool, crazy, outlandish, fun and off-the-wall campers are invited to be cast in the upcoming Talent Show at The Love Burn. Bring your skits!

Casting Call for The Love Burn

Casting Call for The Love Burn. Who will be the final cast in Season 1? You decide!


You are welcome to bring GONGS, rating cards (1 to 10), Wow! signs, Applause signs, Cue Cards and more. Megaphones will be limited during the voting to the overly obnoxious judges. You can be both a judge and an actor, just not at the same time.


First Casting Call. You Vote!

First Casting Call. You Vote! You act! You judge! Win-win-win.

Yes, we will be having a sort of Talent Show…or more like a Talentless Show. No, seriously, we are re-making cheesy TV theme shows we all watched while growing up, mainly during the 1980’s and early 90’s.

The quirky re-make at The Love Burn!

The quirky re-make possibility of I Dream of Jeannie at The Love Burn!

Talk to friends. Pick a show. Cast your characters.

Come ready to star in a lead role in your favorite 80’s sitcom.

Karate Kid Remake Idea

Karate Kid Remake Idea

You may want to try your hand at straight “ad lib” or your friends may want to write a script, practice and rehearse. It’s a talent show, so bring your talent…or lack thereof.

Kosher Spoons Remake Idea

Kosher Spoons Remake Idea

Star Trek Remake Idea

Star Trek Remake Idea

Show Idea Suggestions:

    • Gilligan’s Island – The natives teach Gilligan how to spin fire.
    • I Dream of Jeannie – Jeannie accidentally turns Major Nelson into a woman for a day.
    • Bewitched – Samantha’s mother turns Darren into a lap dog.
    • I Love Lucy – Lucy tries to build a light up art bike for Burning Man.
    • Dennis the Menace – Grumpy neighbor sets up a hidden electric fence to keep Dennis off his lawn.
    • Married with Children – Bud goes to South Beach Florida.
    • Family Matters – Steve Urkel attempts to become a Miami Rapper.
    • Perfect Strangers – Submit your idea of Balki and his quirky roommate.
    • Bosom Buddies – Submit your idea for Tom Hanks’ early career role.
Miami Vice Remake Idea

Miami Vice Remake Idea

Don’t miss out.
Bring your “A Game” or your act as “The A Team” to the Talentless Show.

Submit your silly, fabulous and outlandish photos and ideas below or email them to

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  1. Don McCormick

    Florida burners!!!! On the water no less. Sounds great. Don’t know if we can make it but would love to try…. great way to start 2014! Best of luck to all.
    Don & Sue
    Lucky Lake Campground

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